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THOUGHT: Where is Palm's announced Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the Treo 750?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 04.07.07 - 18:10:37 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 13374x
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Following my earlier rant about HTC's Windows Mobile 6 upgrade availability I got a good amount of E-Mails where you guys asked where Palm's Treo 750 Windows Mobile 6 upgrade is and to be honest - I have no clue. One thing is for sure - it exists and during the 3GSM World Congress it was announced by Microsoft as well as later by Palm to be available later this year.
Well, half of the year is gone already and still now word from Palm if it will be released and when. Sure, the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade would add some great value to the Treo 750 which is a great messaging device and since Windows Mobile 6 includes support for HTML mail as well as Windows Live Messenger - it could be the perfect combination:

On the photo above a Palm Treo 750 running Windows Mobile 6. I made this photo during the 3GSM World Congress. While the ROM version wasn't the final Palm ROM, it was the final Microsoft code (aka Golden Code/RTM) so it's up to Palm now to release it. I will try my best to get an official feedback from Palm, if we can expect a ROM upgrade or not.
Until we've heard anything, keep the fingers crossed.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by HipHopHamburg on 04.07.07 - 18:27:34

Hi Arne! Thank you for your follow-up! As a long time Palm PDA user who bought (his first Windows Mobile device) the Treo 750v from Vodafone after I read your review, I'm eagerly awaiting the ROM update!!!
The Treo is a great smartphone but because our company is updating Exchange to 2007, Windows Mobile 6 is even more important for me now to use all the Exchange features with Windows Mobile. Unfortunately Vodafone wasn't able to help me so far, have called their business hotline a couple of times but without a positive feedback so far.

Let's hope it won't take too long anymore!

Cheers from Hamburg

Posted by Iván Rodríguez on 04.07.07 - 22:33:31

Hello Arne.


Where is the Samsung i600 Windows Mobile 6 update?????

Have a nice day smile

Posted by bnycastro on 05.07.07 - 14:09:01

These are my sentiments exactly! the 750v didn't even get the promised HSDPA update yet! emails to palm APAC are answered with please keep on checking the site for updates.

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