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THOUGHT: Where is the Bluetooth Car Kit with Bluetooth A2DP support?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 29.10.05 - 17:54:36 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 26241x
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Maybe there is one but if so, I haven't seen it so far. Why does I look for such a Bluetooth car kit and why is is so interesting? Pretty easy - in this case you can use your mobile phone to playback your music files through your car HiFi system.
As you can read in my Samsung SGH-i300 review, the Samsung, as well as other modern mobile phones finally supports the A2DP Bluetooth stereo profile. The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) is designed to transfer a stereo audio stream like music from an MP3 player to a headset or car radio. It includes mandatory support for low complexity subband codec (SBC) and supports optionally: MPEG-1,2 Audio, MPEG-2,4 AAC and ATRAC (from Wikipedia).

As I've mentioned in the review, at the moment I'm suing the i300 together with a Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Headset while walking or biking while in the, car I'm using a Parrot Bluetooth car kit.

Now, if I imagine that such a car kit would also supports A2DP, I could continue listening the same music from my mobile phone while driving, in best case with a seamless handover from the stereo headset to the car kit and back.
Currently I'm using my 40 GB iPod with iTrip to send the music from my iPod to the car stereo but such a car kit could easily replace my iPod even if it has 13 times more storage capacity. A single source would be be too good.

Maybe there is such a car kit already and I'm not aware of it? If so, please let me know. What do you think about such a Bleutooth headset/car kit/mobile phone combination?

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Elliot Samuda on 31.10.05 - 21:25:40

here is the Bluetooth Car Kit With Bluetooth A2DP Support smile

Posted by Arne Hess on 31.10.05 - 23:47:28

Elliot Samuda wrote:

here is the Bluetooth Car Kit With Bluetooth A2DP Support smile

yeah, i've seen this solution too but i was only looking for a new car kit, not a complete new car just to get my mp3s played. wink

Posted by RobertWebbe on 17.11.05 - 21:26:25

Check these out: … t_id=10477

Posted by Gaurav Misra on 22.12.05 - 19:36:38

None those products currently support the A2DP profile, they are however flashable and could in the future be flashed to support the profile but it is not a gurantee.

I search the net for such a product everyday, and I plan to use it with my iPod which has an a2dp enabled bluetooth adapter to transmit the stereo music to my Motorola HT820 Stereo headset. Now I just need it to tranmit the same thing over my car stereo.

Posted by Jason Lee on 07.01.06 - 11:36:48

Here is a new Pioneer head unit that appears to list a2dp. This is the only source I could find.. but its new news... … _650.shtml

Its now on my wish list for 2006..

Posted by ekel75 on 07.01.06 - 18:40:22

hey there's more and cheaper than the pioneer one:

Yamakawa M2180 (built in mic) price unknown probably under 200€
(german only, there's an english version, but the link to the M2180 doesn't work yet)
the M2180 is supposed to  be in the online store by the end of next week.

and one from Roadstar about 170€ over here … ;id_fam=95

there's also another one, as soon as I find it, I could post it.
email me, if you want to know.


Posted by RobertWebbe on 31.01.06 - 11:51:10


I don't see any A2DP support on these two models...

By the way, I have installed the Pioneer DEH-P70BT in my car. The handsfree quality is terrible, it sounds like a cheap thing you stick into the cigarettelighter. sad In the conversation you hear the GSM or UMTS radio very loud. I think they have a problem with the shielding somewhere. It is very disapointing... I hope that they fixed it in the new model, the DEH-P9800BT.

Posted by Snodgrass on 14.02.06 - 23:41:45

Motorola is coming out with a Wireless Audio Car Adapter that will allow Bluetooth Audio Streaming and Handsfree operations.  I saw a demonstration at CES this year. They were also at MIDEM in Canne with this.  It supports their iRadio service and it is supposed to be coming out in the 2nd quarter.

Alpine is also coming out with a Bluetooth adapter.  It looks just like the Motorola box (color is different). Could they be working together???  Alpine box is only good for Alpine head units and it would be great if it incorporates streaming. There is nothing on their website about this however. … =kca-100bt

E. Valjean

Posted by claus on 05.05.06 - 07:34:56

the Alpine unit does support A2DP as stated in the owners manual.  In fact, it will treat it as a changer when you stream your music and you can control the play back from the Alpine H/U if your A2DP device supports the commands the Alpine sent via bluetooth.

Posted by aimopaukku on 20.07.06 - 10:18:40

Nokia Multimedia Car Kit CK-20W

"Previously, drivers who wanted to retrofit their cars with music, navigation or communication had to install each system separately. Now, the new Nokia Multimedia Car Kit CK-20W bundles all these applications in a single solution. It can be used with a compatible mobile phone as a personal in-car music player music box or in connection with the Nokia Navigation Pack LD-2 for convenient navigation. The comfortable operating unit puts phone, music and navigation functions at the user's fingertips.

Music stored on a compatible mobile phone can be played over the vehicle speakers in stereo quality using a cable connection or via Bluetooth streaming, based on the Bluetooth A2DP Profile. This turns the mobile phone into an in-car music player, with functions like start/stop, previous/next track readily accessible on the operating unit of the handsfree system. Owners of mobile MP3 players like the Apple iPod can also connect their player to the Nokia Multimedia Car Kit CK-20W using the cable that comes with the car kit or via Bluetooth -if supported by the respective player.

The Nokia Multimedia Car Kit CK-20W always gives priority to voice communications. The operating concept ensures, for example, that music playback is automatically muted when a call comes in or a navigation voice prompt is played.

Posted by RobertWebbe on 25.07.06 - 23:09:36

And now the Nokia phones which do support A2DP....  big_smile

Posted by aimopaukku on 26.07.06 - 20:00:27

Nokia 8800 abd othert with 3rd party software. wink

Posted by RobertWebbe on 27.07.06 - 12:31:09

The only 3th party software I know is the MSI BluePlayer. But that one works only with i.Tech devices. Or do you know another one aimopaukku? smile

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