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THOUGHT: Where is the E-Mail Push for MSN Hotmail Plus?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 25.07.06 - 14:04:26 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 21200x
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Under the subject "Microsoft, please add push functionality to Hotmail for Microsoft mobile devices!" Robert Webbe (you know - the guy who knows everything about Bluetooth A2DP and AVRC) sent me an interesting E-Mail yesterday and the topic he raised is absolutely worth to discuss.
Why is msn not offering MSFP functionalities for its MSN Hotmail Plus service which costs yearly 19,99 Euro already!
I mean, for sure you get for your 20 Euro 2 GB storage space, you can send and receive E-Mails with up to 20 MB attachments and you are not bothered by any ad-banners but - and this might make the Hotmail Plus so worth for some - you can also access your Hotmail account via Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.
Well, if you read Outlook and Outlook Express, it might be worth to think about support for Pocket Outlook as well and not just POP3 or IMAP4 access but the full E-Mail push functionality, Microsoft's own Exchange 2003 SP2 server offers for Windows Mobile Smartphones and Pocket PC Phone Editions.

The only reason I can think about, why MSN Hotmail Plus isn't supporting push E-Mail, is that Hotmail is for sure (I think) not working with standard Exchange 2003 servers but something different, even bigger and better scaleable. But anyway, even if Hotmail isn't using Exchange 2003, it would be a cool feature to have Microsoft's Messaging Feature Pack (without Security but why not with security like remote wipe as well) supported for premium MSN accounts too.

Something I have to dig into and I have to ask my contacts at Microsoft, if MSN has any plans to support push E-Mail for Hotmail as well.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Matthew J. Bial on 25.07.06 - 20:11:24

I'm dieing for this...proper push email from my good old hotmail address.  Could this possibly be included in the new Windows Live Mobile for PPC?

Posted by RobertWebbe on 25.07.06 - 23:29:06

I got this idea while I was playing with the BlackBerry client of the new Sony Ericsson M600i. More and more (non-business) consumers are asking for pushmail on a 'normal' phone. The BlackBerry RIM is not a option here in The Netherlands because it is too expensive (20 euro a month, excl VAT) and mostely it is POP3 pull and then pushed to the mobile.

Many people do have a hotmail account and I think this is THE ultimate oppertunity for Microsoft to have a unique selling point for the Microsoft Mobile devices!

Pushmail is emailing in way it is ment to be. I use a Qtek 8500 on the moment and it is connected to our corporate Exchange server and this is working like magic. Sometimes my mobile devices notificates me earlier than my laptop which is connected by wire on the LAN.

I really hope Microsoft will understand this. Else I hope that Bill Gates will read this in 2010 and say "Mmmm, he was right..."

Posted by Xphonegeek on 26.07.06 - 14:17:33

If my memory serves me, I read recently, that the M$ hotmail infrastructure runs on unix platforms!! hmmmmmm

Posted by Adam Lein on 28.07.06 - 23:14:19

Didn't "Pocket MSN for Windows Mobile" did this for Hotmail a couple years ago? … mp;id=2392

You could turn on instant email which would activate a Hotmail send/recieve through an SMS message as configured from The newer version included in later ROMs doesn't have that feature. It's not the kind of Exchange 2003 SP2 push email that we have now, but it was still push email.

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