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THOUGHT: Why a Pocket PC doesn't replace a Notebook so far?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 03.04.03 - 11:10:38 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 5505x
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When we had the MDC during the past days here in Paris, I was wondering how many folks used a Notebook, compared to the MDC last year in London. Like last year, also this year Microsoft offered a free high-speed W-LAN network to the attendees as well as you was able to get a W-LAN enabled Pocket PC loaned for free and while last year in London everybody used the Pocket PC this year “nobody” used the Pocket PC but Laptops/Notebooks/Tablet PCs.

So I wonder what went wrong here. Was is because all the folks at the MDC were developers and there are no developing tools available on the Pocket PC or is it because Pocket PCs missed something?

I mean when I watched the screens of the guys they mostly ran IE, Outlook or Terminal Service Client, which is also available on the Pocket PC so where the hack is the reason to use a Notebook instead a Pocket PC?

Well, to add my personal experience here, here are some reasons why I also used my Sony C1 Notebook instead my Pocket PC on the conference. Mostly – for me – it's because of the screen resolution, not because the screen size. I don't feel comfortable with 240 x 320 anymore, I want to get at least 320 x 480 or even better 480 x 640 and I want it in a Landscape mode. While there is always a room for improving the applications like Inbox or PIE, the screen resolution becomes the most annoying for me since this is the only thing I can not change by myself. I can buy cool 3rd party applications to fit my needs, I can buy external keyboards that my Pocket PC even feels like a Notebook but I only can rotate the screen from Portrait to Landscape (mostly with a soft reset) but can not really increase the screen resolution without changing the TFT display.

So this might be for me the greatest limitation of using a Pocket PC as a true Notebook replacement.

What do you think, do you were on MDC also and did you use a wireless Pocket PC or a wireless Notebook? Do you also carry a Notebook with you if you travel and why don't you use your Pocket PC only? Add your thoughts.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Harald on 03.04.03 - 12:44:05

Good comment ;-)

Actually I made the same experience and so I did use my JVC Mininotebook during the conference.

I also want to see an encrease scree resolution.



Posted by Arne Hess on 03.04.03 - 15:21:31

I guess there are some applications where using the Pocket PC would actually make more sense.

I mean, you don't get a lot of people running their Tablet PCs/Laptops/ Notebooks while walking around.  I mean you can, but it isn't as comfortable as whipping out a Pocket PC to check email wile moving from one building to another...

But a reason which remains so true is that viewing a 320x240 screen is no where as good as viewing an 800x600 or 1024x768 screen.

Well, there are some solutions to it but they don't come really cheap.

Anyway, I bet more people would be using their Pocket PCs if they could view it via a (virtual retinal display) VRD setup and if Pocket IE actually supported IE5 features.


Posted by pavan on 11.07.03 - 06:22:51

i noticed the answer to your problems there is a way to view the pocket pc in landscape mode and change the resolution to 1024 x 768 (XGA resolution) . this amasing software dosent nead anny hardware updates and only costs 9.99 usd the site is http://.../

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