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THOUGHT: Why does my car kit still not support A2DP where it would offer so many new use cases
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 17.03.06 - 17:07:50 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 19087x
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Now, after I got the Bluetooth contacts sync between my car kit and my Windows Mobile devices fixed, I wish my car kit would also support the Bluetooth A2DP profile - as I dreamed about before already - and not because of music playback only but for another interesting reason.
Since the CeBIT, I'm using a pre-production Xda neo (thanks to O2 for the support) and Destinator 6 (thanks to Destinator Technologies for providing the Beta) and as good as Destinator 6 works, compared to all the previous versions and competitor products, Pocket PC navigation always has one serious problem, compared to an inbuilt car navigation system: the audio output is always too silent, especially if you listen your music "a little bit louder".
Now imagine you could connect your Pocket PC (and yes, the Xda neo I got for testing has A2DP) via A2DP with your Bluetooth car kit. It means you could easily listen your music from your car stereo system and as soon as the navigation application tells you a command, the radio, tape or CD is muted, you here the command and after it continues; basically similar to what good car kits provide with the radio mute function for radio mute enabled car stereo systems. Wouldn't it be sweet to hear the navigation commands through the inbuilt car speakers instead using the, well - how to say - weak Pocket PC speakers? In this case you wouldn't miss a command anymore.
In best case, you could even use the car kit to playback the music from your device - again via A2DP - but I have the fear I won't see it supported for my current car kit anymore but maybe the next one? Or is there any chance that Parrot upgrades the supported Bluetooth profiles to support A2DP and maybe even AVRC?

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Shatner on 17.03.06 - 21:39:52

Great idea, but it already exists as Motorola iRadio. They have an A2DP adapter for your existing car stereo and then your mobile phone streams audio over BT right to the car. They offer 435 radio channels for it, too. Nice video on the site explains it...

Posted by Edmund Sackbauer on 19.03.06 - 14:24:43

I have another solution. I bought a Brodit car cradle for my MDA compact. Then I glued a 2.5 mm jack to it, that is connected to the Aux-In of my car radio. Many car radios can use the cd changer connectors also. There are several adapters out on ebay.
I use my MDA compact with 4 GB MMC card as MP3 player with MortPlayer, which has excellent skins for using in the car. I even can run navigation and MP3 playback at the same time! Navigation commands are mixed into the music. Even traffic information works.

Posted by Arne Hess on 20.03.06 - 10:54:48

Edmund, good idea to connect it to an unused CD changer but in my case it means I have to disconnect my CD changer what I don't want to do at all.
Unfortunately my car radio doesn't has an Aux-in and therefore I don't have any options left to get my Pocket PC or Smartphone connected to my car Hi-Fi others than wireless: FM (since the Bundesnetzagentur alllows the use of personal FM transmitters now), Bluetooth or an adapter tape which has a 3.5 mm plug.

Posted by dave on 28.03.06 - 13:58:38

i think this is what you are looking for; … easeDetail
fron Sony, handles calls contacts and plays back music.

Posted by rprince on 31.03.06 - 19:41:35

Where do I get this A2DP Car Stereo adapter from Motorola?

Posted by TomTheGeek on 06.04.06 - 18:01:17

Search eBay for "Scosche UBCK". quackquack2001 is currently selling them for $45 shipped, these go for $200 at Best Buy. I picked one up and it works great.

Posted by savvas on 08.05.06 - 09:26:53

Use one clarion radio frequency modulator. It's easy.
No need of aux. see:

Posted by Baz on 23.07.06 - 22:08:34

I think A2DP is only just starting - I have seen new SW reference designs coming into the embedded car solutions for this winter, meaning just as you now park your phone on the seat for handsfree kit profile, you can also get SIM server and A2DP profiles so you can access the sim and hear your music from the possibly 8GB flash on your phone! Check the number of Audio profiles in the Samsung X820 - 10 incl the remote stuff!! That is where the A2DP is headed

By next spring we should see multicast A2DP (and not just over proprietry ASIC) meaning we can all hear music over A2DP headsets from the same source: 2.0 EDR should handle at least three streams to three stereo headsets - kind of like a virtual nighclub feel - (gets over that sharing of left and right ear phones on the iPod in the subway ;O)

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