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THOUGHT: Windows XP Service Pack 2 improved my ActiveSync Bluetooth experience
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 15.09.04 - 22:53:10 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 19245x
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Do you remember my previous thought from December last year about Sony's weak (or should I better say non existing) Bluetooth implementation which made it impossible to use my Sony Vaio PCG-TR1MP to sync my Pocket PCs and Smartphones through ActiveSync via Bluetooth?

"While my Notebook works as a beauty to make a GPRS dial-up connection through my PPCW.Net i-Mate Smartphone2 (aka Orange SPV E200/HTC Voyager) this Bluetooth Sony software on the Notebook doesn't want to work as a serial connection with ActiveSync. While I first thought I'm to dumb, a Google search offered me some hints and the most important result is I'm not alone - as I found out at Geekzone."

Well, I've never managed to get it synchronized via Bluetooth thanks to Sony's BlueSpace NE until Microsoft released the Windows XP Service Pack 2 a couple of weeks ago!

When I rebuilt my Notebook last time (I decided to update to SP2 from the scratch with a clean Windows XP installation), I've decided to install a couple of Sony drivers only - to support all the Notebook hardware - but not the Sony utilities like the Bluetooth manager. Right after the installation, I've upgraded to the Service Pack 2 because I knew it is supporting Bluetooth natively now! After a couple of system reboots, etc - I was surprised to see Bluetooth supported, right away in the system Control Panel:

No more Sony utility in the system tray but the Microsoft Bluetooth support and Sony's wireless access selector only:

I was even more surprised how good (compared to the Pocket PC and Smartphone implementation) Bluetooth worked on my Notebook and how many profiles it supports (for instance I'm typing this article with my Logitech diNovo Bluetooth keyboard without having the Logitech drivers installed on my Notebook). Also it supports the LAN profile (Personal Area Network) as well as many others - including serial connections.

So the problem, I've figured out before with Sony's BlueSpace NE and its non existing support for Microsoft ActiveSync was about providing a proper serial connection. There was no way to convince BlueSpace NE to connect with ActiveSync. Now, with Microsoft's Bluetooth implementation, it looks a little bit different since it gives every serial enabled Bluetooth device its own COM port:

As you see above, COM6 is reserved for the HTC_Blue_Angel and if you compare this with ActiveSync now, you see ActiveSync is using COM6 for serial connections as well:

The result is the following: Simply initiate a Bluetooth ActiveSync connection from your Pocket PC (here the HTC Blue Angel with Widcomm Bluetooth stack) and you got it:

And it works the same way with the Motorola MPx220 I've recently tested1!

Final Conclusion

If you have a Bluetooth enabled Sony Notebook which is using BlueSpace NE as well, if you are annoyed from Sonly weak Bluetooth implementation, if you are bored from Sony's non-existing support which isn't able to provide you a solution to use your Windows Mobile devices wireless through Bluetooth with your (expensive) Notebook, than you should consider to have a "format c:" (don't forget to backup your files first ;-)), reinstall Windows XP (but not from the recovery CD), install all drivers but not the utilities, continue with installing the Service Pack 2 and you should be back in business as well!

For me it worked with a couple of Windows Mobile devices, Pocket PCs as well as Smartphones and now my Sony Vaio became truely wireless and mobile since I can leave the cables at home now.

Thank you Microsoft for (finally) supporting Bluetooth natively in the OS and well done - your Bluetooth implementation. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer but than you do it (mostly) right! :-)

A job well done and hey - Sony, leave BlueSpace NE out of your Notebooks and use the Microsoft Bluetooth stack from now! ;-)

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by JaToAc on 16.09.04 - 15:10:23

is there a way with th sp2 bt service to connect to bt devices without entering a bluetooth key? i'm using the acer bt modem and this don't uses a bt key for authentication...

Posted by farnold on 19.09.04 - 10:11:02

Silly guys ask silly questions... I have to admit I missed something there. Where do I get the Widcomm BT stack and why should I be having it on my XDA II?

Posted by Allan on 29.09.04 - 02:47:38

Well, I couldnt believe it. I actually got the bluetooth adapter on my Sony Vaio sync with my 4150 via activesync without having to do a complete rebuild.  The help in this forum has really given me great help in trying to overcome this problem. The way that I was able to make it sync up was... I uninstalled Bluespace NE (good riddence) and the virtual com port driver. Then I went to the system manager and unistalled all the bluetooth components. After I restarted the computer, windows found thje new bluetooth hardware. I clicked on the bluetooth icon in my toolbar then went and existing bluetooth connection. I then went to the com port tab and added a new port with the other device initiating comms with laoptop and Com 5 was established. I changed the connection settings in active sync to Com 5 and sure enough I got it to work. I hope this helps anyone who is still having this problem. I didnt know this was going to work until I did it, or I would have given more details on what I had done.

Posted by Compulim @ kasuei on 05.10.04 - 10:28:39

I am a Sony fans as well. Bluespace NE is neat but it just don't work with ActiveSync before XP SP2.

I didn't rebuilt the machine and surprisingly, XP SP2 Bluetooth can cooperate with Bluespace NE seamlessly. I got two incoming COM ports, one is from Bluespace NE and another from XP SP2. When I setup the ActiveSync BT connection on my 4150, I selected the COM port that is from XP SP2 and that's it. Simple and don't need to rebuilt or remove anythings from my notebook.

Of course, if I shutdown Bluespace NE, the COM port vanished away.

Bluespace NE is very handy while XP SP2 is great for advanced users. Why not run them both and combine their pros into one powerful tools?

Posted by nick on 05.02.05 - 00:22:14

Can anyone help, I have an i-mate palm running Pocket PC that is paired with my new Vaio. So far so good, the bluetooth devices window recognises the Phone and shows the services available on COM prts 5 and 6..........when I go back to the main window the connected messgae flashes up and then disppears

How can I reserve the COM port to keep it open and connected

Posted by Thomas on 08.03.05 - 19:23:30

Anybody knows if it is possible to connect my bluetooth headset (plantronics M3000) with XP2 to the vaio PCG-Z1SP? Somewhere I have heard that SP2 does not support headset profile. Any solution to this?

Posted by Frank on 16.03.05 - 21:19:59

[6] I have a Sony PCG-Z1VAP with integrated Bluetooth support and XP SP2. While I can discover my Logitech Bluetooth Freedom headset, there are no services listed. It looks like the same problem, no headset profile in SP2.

Posted by Sil on 03.06.05 - 05:13:08

I am also trying to find out how to connect my bluetooth headset (IOGEAR) to my VAIO PCG-Z1WA. I was able to get the computer to see the device, but it can't find any services. Any ideas?

Posted by Walter on 15.08.05 - 15:01:30

Logitech say on their website, but not on their Mobile Freedom bluetooth headset package, that it does not work with XP SP2.  You find this out after the guys in the shop and the package does their best to not say it.  The XP SP2 Bluetooth stack does not have the headphone services, according to a couple of hours research and rereading the Logitech site.

Posted by MP on 13.10.05 - 11:38:57

yeah. i have the same problem with my treo 650 bluetooth headset.. my desktop can locate the headset but no services so i can't really use it. but..

here's a Temporary but GOOD solution.

try installing bluesoleil software or ur bluetooth adapter's driver/software bundle. bluesoleil worked for me. i can stream mp3s to the treo 650 headset and use it as a mic but i would like to use windows xp's own software or drivers so i wouldn't have to open a third party software just to use the headset properly.

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