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TIP: Change the T9 Input language to another than the UI language
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 09.04.03 - 13:23:06 CET under 11 - Tips and Tutorials - Viewed 29636x
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Okay, now you have your Windows Powered Smartphone 2002 and the UI is English, German, French, or Italian - right? But maybe you want to use a different T9 input language for SMS or MSN IM then the UI language of your Smartphone?

I for instance, use English user interfaces since my first cell phone in 1993 but write most of my SMS messages in German - except I write a SMS message to some English speaking folks for sure. While I was able to select the T9 input language on the modern cell phones like the Sony Ericsson T68, the T9 input method is hard-coded to the UI language on the Smartphone 2002.

However, with a small Registry hack, you can change this!

  • Download a Registry editor like PHM's free Smartphone Registry Editor

  • Open it and look for "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Input/LDBs"

  • This gives you the values like below, depending on the languages available on your Smartphone:

  • Now copy the key, of the language you want to use and overwrite the original key of the UI you want to use, like "t9german.dll to t9englis.dll" or "t9french.dll to t9german.dll"

  • Close the Registry editor and turn off/on your phone to softreset it.

That's it, now the Smartphone user interface has a different language then your T9 input language:

The above Home screen is English, like the whole menu is English now, while the T9 input is German.

Thanks to a very special friend for pointing me into this direction! :D Great, now I really feel comfortable!

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Stephan Schmidt on 09.04.03 - 14:04:50

Thats great! Thanks Arne!!!

Posted by Roms on 23.04.03 - 12:25:33

Yes but you need to reset your SPV each time you wanna change the SMS language... ??

Posted by Arne Hess on 23.04.03 - 13:39:58

Yes, you need to do this, that's the downside of this hack.

However, its intention wasn't to do it for every SMS but selecting a different T9 language then the GUI language of the phone is!

Posted by drmaslow on 24.04.03 - 02:07:35

and where can i find a t9 language that is not installed? for example i want the greek t9 sad

Posted by Arne Hess on 24.04.03 - 02:12:34

@drmaslow: Two problems, you even can't copy existing T9 dlls from one device to another like Italian from the Swiss SPV to the Danish SPV. As Greek isn't a supported language for the Smartphone today, you have no chance to get it (today).

Posted by drmaslow on 25.04.03 - 19:20:11

thanx Arne for your reply, but if the greek language is not supported why when i receive an sms i can see greek language ? sad

Posted by Arne Hess on 26.04.03 - 19:46:22

@drmaslow: I think this is because the general Unicode support of the Smartphone but fact is that Greek as input method or menu/UI language isn't supported today.

Posted by Be4Real on 09.05.03 - 19:41:19

Yes this all is quite great!... but I still have got a problem!

I'm from Switzerland... wanna use the English T9 and I did it like you told me.

It works... but this way I'm loosing my letters Ää Üü Öö Éé and so on!

hmmmm... I loos them as well when I’m writing in the normal mode (abc)

It's just stupid that there isn't the possibility to change the T9 as a option...

Can you help me?

greets from Switzerland...


Posted by Arne Hess on 09.05.03 - 19:58:04

@Be4Real: No, there is nothing to help you. For any reason English T9 doesn't support German umlauts, even not in the "abc" mode. The only chance to get this fixed is having a English UI with German "T9" because even if you don't use T9 but abc mode, you get the umlauts back. Don't ask me for the reason why Microsoft kicked out umlauts and accents in English T9 but it's fact - unfortunately... :-(

However, you can also use Marc Zimmermann "T9 Config Utility" http://.../ to switch the language without changing the registry by hand. However, also with this tool you have to do a soft-reset.

Download it here http://.../ or here http://.../

Posted by Andy Watts on 27.05.03 - 12:25:09

Is it possible to edit the contents of the .dll files?  Evertime I turn my phone off, the words that I have saved are lost.  This is the most annoying feature of the phone especially as I'm always miles from the nearest charger when it decides it has no juice left.

Posted by Joker on 09.06.03 - 20:20:38

Hey guys...Any news about the T9Greek.dll??? There are hundreds of people here in Greece looking for such a thing.

Isn't there stil anything we can do???

Posted by Hyuk Brads on 20.06.03 - 20:54:52


Does anybody know where of if there is a T9 for Dutch?

Posted by Chris b.a.r.f. on 22.06.03 - 10:12:59

Andy: The words that your SPV _should_ learn are supposedly stored in IPSMApplication DataSystemmst9.udb - and to a certain extent they are. I have a similar problem to yours in that my T9 is utter, utter crud and blankly refuses to learn anything, even after a hard-reset. I'm trying to find a solution....

Posted by edwardan on 05.08.03 - 21:15:27

hi! im from norway. how can i get the norwegian language on my smartphone

Posted by Zissis on 06.08.03 - 14:12:50

Mate, if u want greek t9 u can go to a repait center and ask them to change the dictionary on ur phone so that u have greek, english and some others. Thats how i got mine done! Costs about £18 thats 25-30 euros i think!

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