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TIP: Charge the RoyalTek RTB-1000 GPS receiver with the Xda II charger
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 21.02.05 - 21:03:45 CET under 11 - Tips and Tutorials - Viewed 17832x
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While mobility is a great thing, all our gadgets run with batteries and requires a recharge - sooner or later. Having a single charger for every device with you might be for you as inconvenient as it is for me. However, sometimes one and one fits - in this case the RoyalTek RTB-1000 Bluetooth GPS receiver and the Xda II (aka HTC Himalaya) charger which works perfectly.

Most RTB 1000 sales packages exclude the AC adapter but includes the car charger only. :-(

Nevertheless, ff you want to save your money and want to save weight, the HTC Himalaya charger also charges the RTB-1000 and therefore you don't have to buy the separate available AC adapter, nor you have to carry two chargers. :-)

Not sure if other (Pocket PC) chargers does it also but at least the Xda II charger does it fine - I'm using it for some time with my RTB-1000 now and haven't noticed any damages yet.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Helio Diamant on 22.02.05 - 06:34:41


Actually almost all the BT GPSs in the market can be charged with PPC chargers. This goes for the RBT-1000 from Royaltek, for the BT-308 and BT318 from Globalsat, for the Mobile Crossing Bluetooth GPS, the Socket GPS (at least the old one), the device from Holux and the Belkin GPS.

I hope they keep this compatibility, since many times in the car you need to "switch" the charger from the GPS to the PPC to keep both charged, or use a Y-type cable for having one power source charging both devices.

Posted by jayson on 22.02.05 - 08:58:34

That's why I opted for a CF-Type GPS receiver so that I won't have to worry about two batteries.  Downside is that all my future PPC's should have a CF slot (currently there's no PPC Phone with a CF slot except for the Eten P700).

Posted by Helio Diamant on 23.02.05 - 06:38:13

[2] This is right, but on the other hand your device looses a lot more battery when navigating if not connected. The CF GPS drinks a lot of juice from the battery compared to Bluetooth

Posted by Adamz on 23.02.05 - 21:42:27

[1] Yeah, all of my Bluetooth GPS devices have the same charger that the iPAQ H3600 originally had.  Of course, now that I'm using a JAM with Mini-USB.. I'd kinda rather have a USB charging capability. Though the wired USB adapter will suffice for now.

Posted by Arne Hess on 24.02.05 - 16:23:03

[1] Helio, thanks for the update. Wasn't aware that it works with most of the GPS receiver.
[2] I agree with Helio, it drains the device battery way too much. That's what I had before with my CF GPS receiver I used with my Casio Pocket PC.
[4] True and USB seems to become the common standard for Pocket PCs and Smartphones...

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