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TIP: Configure Sunnysoft Mail Center from your PC
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 02.09.03 - 17:20:22 CET under 11 - Tips and Tutorials - Viewed 11294x
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As good T9 and the Smartphone keyboard works as frustrating is entering stuff like E-Mail accounts or Favorites with the Smartphone keyboard.
While I've already showed some time ago how to copy your IE Favorites to your Smartphone here is the easiest way to configure SunnySoft Mail Center on your PC.

  • First of all install Mail Center on your Smartphone, configure it proper and create one E-Mail account using your Smartphone.
  • Make sure your Smartphone is ActiveSync connected.
  • Now use your Windows Explorer on your PC and navigate to "IPSMApplication DataMailCenter" on your Smartphone. There you will find 3 files but you need "accounts.sml" only.
  • Copy it to your Desktop PC and open it with Notepad
  • Here you will find your recently configured E-Mail account.
  • Now copy all values between and including:  <account type="internet-mail"> and </account> as often as you need it and change the values to the new E-Mail account settings. The password is encrypted and can not/shouldn't be changed with Notepad. You need to change it later with Mail Center on your Smartphone.
  • That's it! Copy it back to your Smartphone into "IPSMApplication DataMailCenter" and launch Mail Center again.
  • Open Menu -> Account -> 7 Edit Accounts and change the password for your new accounts.
  • Done, now you are ready to use Mail Center with your new E-Mail accounts!

Yesterday evening I've configured 10 E-Mail accounts with this method and it wasn't half the pain like doing it on the phone itself, especially because 5 accounts used the same E-Mail servers so it was simple copy & paste! :-)

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Sems on 16.10.03 - 03:23:23

Hey Arne,

You can also use the Microsoft Remote Display Control and enter them from the PC smile

Posted by Arne Hess on 16.10.03 - 09:26:28

Sure, you are right - I could and I've already explained how to do it here: However, the Desktop solution is much more comfortable - I think.

Posted by joey on 17.10.03 - 10:55:51

Install Mail Server? where can i get the installer and how?


Posted by Arne Hess on 17.10.03 - 11:09:22

Which Mail Server do you mean?

If you mean Mail Center you can download it from here:

However, seems to be currently down. Maybe you should try it later again.
Cheers ~ Arne

Posted by alex on 18.10.03 - 03:55:13

why should i need to have an exchange server? i just use a personal pc. how could i synchronize my emails to my computer without having the ms exchange server?

Posted by Arne Hess on 18.10.03 - 10:58:29

@alex: Mail Center is for accessing more POP3 accounts then only one. Not Exchange!

If you want to sync between your PC (Outlook) and your Smartphone simply use ActiveSync!

Posted by joey on 20.10.03 - 10:27:53

Im still having a problem on setting my POP3. I want to use my company email account. I've set it to POP3 and enter our pop3 and smtp address and the same thing with username and password. am I correct if my network i use is 'The Internet'? But still im comming up with this problem: &quot;Timed out waiting for a response from the server, try again.&quot;. Can you please help me on this. Thanks.

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