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TIP: How to store Inbox attachments into your Storage Card (iPAQ 2210 and others)
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Thursday, 22.04.04 - 08:35:36 CET under 11 - Tips and Tutorials - Viewed 25584x
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I've used this quite often and with so many attachments that I receive and download, I should have the right amount of space for it. I'm sure that my Pocket PC's built-in memory will never be able to handle the size of attachments I receive from time to time.

For most of us this process may be a simple one. In the Pocket PC's Inbox, go to Tools and then Options. As you enter the tabbed window called Storage, you will see a check box that says "Store attachments on storage card". For most Pocket PCs this works like a charm and attachments are stored into the Storage Card instead of the main memory.

But for some devices, it will seem that this option only allows the user to save attachments in the only Storage Card that particular Pocket PC recognizes which is no other than the File Store.

Thanks for fellow MVPs David Hettel and Bev Howard for pointing me into the right direction, I was able to sort out the problem with the h2210 Inbox Attachment association with Storage Cards.

Apparently, with the HP iPAQ 2210s, particularly the ones with the updated ROM (v1.10), the Inbox does not see the CF and SD Cards as they do not bear the name Storage Card. It seems that the Inbox has forgotten to consider the SD or CF cards as Storage Cards. I know for a fact that even though they  were called CF and SD cards in the previous ROM version, I was able to move my attachments to these cards with far less problems than now. This can be fixed with a little registry hack, but will also give the user extra work as all applications stored in the CF or SD card will have to be reinstalled.

With dual slot devices, I suggest that only one card is renamed in order to retain a unique card name for each card. Renaming both will have issues as to which card is inserted first and naming of cards with similar names will result in the File Explorer reading them as Storage Card and Storage Card 2.

With a registry editor, you will have to go to the entry listed below:

If you want to use the MMC for attachments:


Change the value in Folder from SD Card to Storage Card

Save the change, exit the registry editor and perform a soft reset.

In Inbox>Tools>Options>Storage tab you should now see the Storage Card size reflecting the free memory of the MMC.

If you want to use the SD Card for attachments:


Change the value in Folder from SD Card to Storage Card

Save the change, exit the registry editor and perform a soft reset.

In Inbox>Tools>Options>Storage tab you should now see the Storage Card size reflecting the free memory of the SD Card.

If you want to use the CF Card for attachments:


Change the value in Folder from CF Card to Storage Card

Save the change, exit the registry editor and perform a soft reset.

In Inbox>Tools>Options>Storage tab you should now see the Storage Card size reflecting the free memory of the CF Card.

Once this is done, all applications will have to be reinstalled into the newly named Storage Card. Because of this renaming, file associations to applications in these cards are now broken. DLLs, files, registry entries, and the like will have to be re-associated to the applications in the Storage Card by either doing it manually through a registry editor or by simply reinstalling them. I suggest that reinstalling them is a better move.

Until an official fix is offered, this I think will be your best option.

Mabuhay!!! ~ Carlo


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Posted by Luigi M Delicano on 22.04.04 - 12:03:58

Hi Carlo,

I have another solution that i wanna post here, if i may, that doesn't involve costly and time-consuming reinstallations.

By setting the following registry key, you can point the attachment location to anywhere you desire.

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftMAPIAttachPath = <new location>

e.g. <new location> = SD CardMy DocumentsInboxMail Attachments

It works for both send and receive.

smile Luigi

Posted by Arne Hess on 22.04.04 - 14:01:02

Thank you for that informatin Luigi.  That is definitely another avenue which can be taken but extra care must be taken as you are "hard coding" it into the registry and thus not allowing the Inbox to select an alternative storage area.

With the method of redirecting the attachment path into the SD card, it gives the Inbox no other option to use an alternative path.  Which means... the SD card has to be in the Pocket PC 100% of the time and should not be resetted without the SD Card in it as doing so will create an SD Card folder in the RAM which will result in the SD Card being renamed upon insertion as SD Card 2.

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo

Posted by Ctitanic on 30.04.04 - 02:42:34

The latest version of Tweaks2k2 use the method described by Luigi allowing users to select any of the Storage devices being used at the moment in the PPC.

Posted by Arne Hess on 30.04.04 - 04:40:07

@Ctitanic: We did encounter several drawbacks using that method though.

If the SD card is pulled out and a soft reset is done, it creates a new SD Card folder in the main memory which then causes the Pocket PC to rename the real SD Card upon insertion as SD Card 2.

Second situation was downloading email with attachments with the card removed. The Pocket PC did not create a new Attachments folder in the Pocket PC, instead, it downloaded the email completely with the attachment not being visible... No way of retrieving it except by clearing out the Inbox and doing the complete download process again.

Since this bypasses the Inbox controls of sending files to the attachments folder monitored by Inbox, the Inbox option to move attachments to a storage card must not be used.

In our User Group mailing list, this was presented as an alternative to the procedure I indicated, but it was posted with a warning that the SD Card must not be removed at all and that a soft reset must not be performed without the SD Card inserted.

Upside to this procedure...

If a lot of applications are already installed, it requires minimal work to get things running.

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo

Posted by Luigi M Delicano on 03.05.04 - 08:55:21

Hey Carlo. Thanks for pointing out the "side effects" of my little discovery. smile

Another "dangerous" side effect i've uncovered. When i've updated this registry setting and then did a soft reset, i retrieved my emails (with attachments) on a clean Inbox. It worked.

Later, i tried to retrieve my emails again. It successfully retrieved the new emails (with attachments). But something happened. The previous emails were suddenly taken off the list. Hmmm...

Tried retrieving later and same thing happened.

Bad. Maybe there's another registry setting associated with the one i posted that i missed or what. CTitanic, did this happen to you too?

Anyway, i'll find out later if this is directly related to that registry setting or if it is something else.

sad Luigi

Posted by Simon H on 13.08.04 - 17:27:51

Is there a way of doing this on a Smartphone?

Posted by Nick Coote on 25.08.04 - 15:45:45

Thanks Carlo - I've been trying to direct attachments to my SD card for a while now, and the renaming trick did the job. NOTE: For people with non-English versions of Pocket PC, "storage card" may be called something else in your local language. This hack on my French iPAQ didn't work, but it worked OK when I changed the registry for the SD card to "carte de stockage". I don't have any problems when removing/reinserting the card, other than the attachments are lost if you connect to e-mail with the SD card missing.

Posted by anthony on 22.11.04 - 04:57:36

:roll:can someone tell me the model number of the SD Storage cards i can get for the hp 2215?

i would like 256mb or 512 mb

Posted by Jacklyn on 25.01.05 - 04:47:10

[1] By setting the following the registry key, can I hardcode into my coding so that all my storage will set to the SD card?

Posted by Clark Skiidmore on 12.02.05 - 00:53:04

[4] Hi Carlo.  Today I found your advice using a very detailed google
search.  Renaming the "SD Card" to "Storage Card" was the perfect
solution to a nagging problem I have experienced with my IPAQ H2215.
I have a 4GB microdrive with many programs and media that I really do
not want to reinstall (About 1.4 GB used so far - reinstalling would be a
time consuming nightmare).  My attachments currently are about 15MB so IFS at 3.8 MB just won't hack it.  The beauty of the H2215 with it dual slots is I simply renamed the SD stock and I just need to make sure it
is always in the slot.  (It usually is) and I will just use it for attachment
storage and other temporary media storage.  All with no reinstallation
since my SD card is empty.  A perfect solution.  Thanks for your advice.



Posted by Richard Winston on 21.02.05 - 07:25:50

Thank You Thank You

Posted by Damian on 24.03.05 - 18:38:43

Hi Guys,

I new if I searched enough someone else must have wanted to save attachments to the SD card, not just the internal storage card.  Trouble is I'm not as up to speed with the 'hacking' as you guys.

What is a registry editor and where can I get one?  Is it advisable for a 'novice' to be playing with the registry?



Posted by Arne Hess on 24.03.05 - 18:57:36

[12] If you are not sure what a registry editor is, what it does or where to get it, better stay away from changing anything in the Registry! Otherwise you can seriously damage your device!
Neither PPCW.Net nor Carlo is responsible here for any damages. Maybe you are located close to a Windows Mobile User Group you can visit where I'm sure you will get the appropriate help!

Posted by ruisspereira on 22.08.05 - 17:18:59

How to store Inbox attachments into your Storage Card on a Smartphone ? (Motorola MPX220)



Posted by Topio on 10.11.05 - 04:28:40

This page is very beautifully designed but the Formated
chareacters in the comments posted make it  unreadable sometimes,
I have experienced this problem
with both IE and Firefox

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