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TIP: Know your Motorola MPx220 hardware version
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 31.10.04 - 18:37:37 CET under 11 - Tips and Tutorials - Viewed 18287x
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Attention ebayer's - if you want to buy a Motorola MPx220, be aware the device you are are bidding for is the latest hardware.
As mentioned before, Motorola made some hardware changes for the final version (which is on sale from Cingular and soon from other carriers as well) and to get the best stand-by results as well as all the other benefits, you need the the final hardware because the release ROMs are optimized for that hardware, not for the previously used engineering samples.
Unfortunately, many devices - which were released for developing purpose only - made its way to ebay and if you will buy such a device, it will never work as good as the the final version is/will work.

Now the question is how to get the information which hardware is used? The is a hidden code which provides you some information about your hardware and software (nothing secret at all but good to know):

Enter *#**837# [Green Send Key] to get the information:

If the Motorola MPx220 reports HW Ver.:0006 or better, it's the latest hardware and you are on the save side. If it is something smaller, it's an engineering sample.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Eric Lawson on 31.10.04 - 19:32:39

Whats the difference, the ones for sale through Cingular "Best Buy" are terrible anyway. I was going to buy one till I had a friend get one first and I would kind of like to be able to hear the person on the other end of a call or take a picture that dosent look like something a 4 year old drew.

Posted by Arne Hess on 31.10.04 - 19:43:21

The current ROM has a problem with the volume of both - the speaker and the microphone. However, Motorola is fully aware of this problem and the good news is, that this should be fixed with a ROM update!
So if you have this volume problems with the MPx220 (and I know about the problem as well because my MPx220 is too silent as well) you should get it fixed by Motorola, later this year.
Also the camera seems to have space for improvement; however here I don't have any detailed information yet.
While the current MPx220 is too silent, I still love it and still believe into getting a fix soon.

Posted by Eric Lawson on 01.11.04 - 14:14:46

Hmmm, buy a broken phone now to use later when Moto gets around to fixing it. That makes sense, where do I sign?  :evil:

Posted by McHale on 01.11.04 - 17:19:57

many of us have the MPx220 and have NO volume issues at all.  Turns out some of the people with problems didn't have the ear piece situated correctly.

I love mine.  Have absolutely zero problems with it.


Posted by gsr264 on 01.11.04 - 17:54:14

Big fan of mine too

Posted by Arne Hess on 01.11.04 - 18:24:28

[4] [5] Hey, good news! And maybe it proofs that it isn't a "technical" problem but that your ears are cleaned... ;-) lol
But seriously, what I've noticed is that it works good/reasonable in regular office/home environments but it is definitely not loud enough on streets, etc. Haven't you noticed the same?

Posted by SHoTTa35 on 01.11.04 - 20:00:46

I want one so bad!

Posted by McHale on 01.11.04 - 21:47:49

Honestly, I've used it in shopping malls as well as outside near traffic and the hustle and bustle of Chicago streets.  I found no issues with volume (well, where it wasn't as good as any other phone in the same situation).

I stated in modaco that on regular settings (not on speakerphone which some people are suggesting), it was too loud out of the box.  I am on about 3/4 volume.

Compared to the following:  Nokia 6340i (I *STILL* love this phone), Nokia 6800 (which sounded the worst of any phone I've ever used), Nokia 6820, Motorola Timeport P7389, the MPx220 was on par sound wise if not a little clearer and louder.  Also, the reception was better with the MPx220 due to the external antenna which also helps in clarity.  I use all of these phones regularly.

I live in a VERY rural area where I need to drive out of town and over a hill to get any reception.  The MPx220 gets by far the best and in fact, works marginally in my home where none of my other GSM phones get any signal at all.


Posted by kelum on 02.11.04 - 19:22:15

"The current ROM has a problem with the volume of both - the speaker and the microphone. However, Motorola is fully aware of this problem and the good news is, that this should be fixed with a ROM update!"

Arne, are you absolutely sure about this, that it will be fixed with an update?

Posted by Eric Lawson on 03.11.04 - 04:18:22

Don't get me wrong, I really wanted one of these units also. Had money in hand but I just got a 5600 and it is a dream with no fixes in time required. i hope Moto figures it out for everybody else soon.

Posted by Bob on 03.11.04 - 23:29:41

Is there a fix to make a Bluetooth Headset work directly with Voice Command? My Moto headset worked directly with VC on my V710. With the Mpx220 I have to initiate and talk through the phone first.

Posted by Xevious on 10.11.04 - 06:26:17

I have a pair of these s#i+$ and I love/hate them. On one the earpiece is totally worthless, all calls have to be on speaker to ever hear and on both having Bluetooth on when taking pix makes them totally curupt when saved... Everything else about them is just great tho.

Posted by Nick N. on 27.11.04 - 07:26:45

[2] I have a mpx220 and not very happy.  I returned the first one hoping this one would be better.  Same problems (low volume, unexpected crashes, bluetooth problems with Activesync) and recently the MP3 player would cut out in the middle of the song and skip 2 or 3 songs forward.  What a mess.  Plus I tried 2 different mini-SDs so that can't be the problem.  I like the phone and Motorola but this is getting a little tiresome.  I recommend you wait on this phone since Motorola and Microsoft don't seem to have any fixes yet.

Posted by JMW on 01.12.04 - 05:28:15

Has anyone had reception problems with it on the Cingular network?  There are many calls I make where it appears to be connected and the call timer is running but I can't hear anything.  Other times I hear fine.  Does it sound like a network problem or a hardware problem?

Posted by Mark Bales on 29.12.04 - 06:32:22

[2] In case you gents aren't already aware, the current manufacturer's firmware version is 1.3.  If you have 0.325 or 0.343, you have an older one.  If you have Cingular service and are having volume problems, you can call Cingular's XBM (eXchange By Mail) service at 800-801-1101 and they should exchange it.  I'm expecting my new one tomorrow.

    In exchange, can anyone tell me now to voice-program my new HFW8000?  I *really* like the phone, and think the handsfree kit will make it just about perfect, but I can't get the keypad tones to make it through to the handsfree unit for programming.  Any tips greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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