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TIP: Network Sniffing with HP iPAQ H5400 and pocketWiNc
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 27.03.03 - 16:10:56 CET under 11 - Tips and Tutorials - Viewed 15055x
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Cirond Technologies released pocketWiNc beta version 1.1 for Pocket PC 2002 which also works with the HP iPAQ H5400 now, if you don't forget to modify your iPAQ Registry.

pocketWiNc automatically detects WiFi networks and lets you rapidly determine whether you can access the Internet. Once you are connected, download e-mail or browse the web with just a tap on the screen! :D

As well as making it easy to connect to WiFi networks, WiNc provides client-side support for Cirond’s WiLan Manager and also helps network administrators inspect, manage and tune WiFi networks for optimum performance. WiNc™ is based on Cirond’s Universal Client technology, is available for Pocket PC 2002 and CE.Net, and is compatible with the 80211.a, 802.11b, and 80211.g standards.


  • Supports all major PC card, Compact Flash cards, and Pocket PCs with on-board WiFi adapters.

  • Automatic detection of Internet availability.

  • Instant ad-hoc network set-up anywhere, anytime, to enable connection to other Pocket PCs and laptops using WiNc, for exchanging files and wireless Pocket PC synchronization.

  • One-touch start-up for Web browser and e-mail inbox.

  • Supports portrait and landscape screen modes.

  • Preferred Network profiles to enable automatic connection to frequently used WiFi networks based on a user-defined priority sequence with automatic WEP key configuration.

  • Automatic detection of all available WiFi network details including SSID, BSSID, channel, MAC address, signal strength and WEP details, route tracing and ping features - for mobile network diagnosis.

  • Manual release and renew IP address feature.

  • Automatic client-side Support for WiLan Manager.

  • Simplifies support by enabling all WiFi cards in an enterprise to be supported with a single client solution

Because an error in the iPAQ H5400 Registry, WiNc will not detect a network card as long as you don't fix this value by yourself:

The original value which can be found under "HKLMCommvntminiLinkageRoute" contains for any reason this garbage:

You need to change the "Route" value to "vnetmini1":

Please note that even with the latest iPAQ H5400 W-LAN Driver Update, this bug isn't fixed; so you need to do it by hand under any circumstances. After you changed the Registry, don't forget to soft reset your device.

From now you can use your H5400 as a perfect WiFi sniffing gadget but please don't abuse it. ;-)

Enjoy the wireless freedom. If you need a Registry Editor, I suggest the PHM Registry Editor (free). pocketWiNc is available for free from Cirond Technologies.

Thanks to my fellow MPVs Giorgio Cifani for pointing me to pocketWiNc and David Hettel for reminding me to modify the Registry!

Cheers ~ Arne

Related Links : [Download pocketWiNc] [Download PHM Registry Editor]


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Posted by akey on 28.03.03 - 02:35:50

I did the registry edit as outline above; did a soft reset and when I run PocketWiNc I get a messege box say it can find adapter. I have a iPaq5450. Anyone get this to work?

Posted by Kassio on 28.03.03 - 05:29:36

Turn on the Wifi before starting the program.

Posted by Arne Hess on 28.03.03 - 12:16:20

@Kassio: Yes, this is important to do first!

@akey: “Anyone get this to work?” Yes, me as the screen shots above shows! ;-)

Posted by martback on 28.03.03 - 12:19:14

I get the same error message with ipaq 3900 and it does not help with strting and restartin adapter or which adapter i use.

Posted by Arne Hess on 28.03.03 - 12:21:24

@martback: But which WiFi card do you use!? The tip above is for the H5400 only which includes WiFi!

Posted by akey on 28.03.03 - 16:33:00

My bluetooth was enabled for I started the program. I had the blue flashing light on the 5450. Still got the message. Again, has anyone with a 5400 series iPaq got it to work?


Posted by Arne Hess on 28.03.03 - 16:50:51

@akey: It's for WiFi aka IEEE 802.11b not for Bluetooth! This is something completely different! You don't need the blue flashing light but the amber/green light!

Posted by gadget girl on 28.03.03 - 18:50:48

I have a 5450 and followed your directions, step by step. I continue to get the error message. any solutions? thanks for your help.

Posted by timtini on 28.03.03 - 19:01:23

I have a Compaq 3955 with a Symbol SPS3046 and can not get it to see the card. Keep getting message that it can not find the adapter.

Posted by akey on 28.03.03 - 19:34:25

Sorry, I ment the green wifi light. I have been working on a seperate issue with bluetooth lately.

Posted by Arne Hess on 28.03.03 - 19:41:08

@gadget girl & akey: I have no clue why it isn't working for you :?: I got three E-Mails from user users as well as the feedback from fellow MVPs that it worked for them so I'm completely lost why it shouldn't works for you if you did it step-by-step as described above! :?

@timtini: I don't know how or if it is working with the H3900 using the Symbol SPS3046 as I don't have the h3900 or the Symbol card here for testing. The tip above is for the H5400 only because it already includes a wireless LAN adapter!

Posted by gadget girl on 28.03.03 - 22:01:05

Hi Arne -

I found the solution  — for your readers who are interested in running this program, in addition to doing the registry hack, they must  first download and install the  new WLAN driver patch, and then install pocketwinc. Now it works!  Hope this tips helps those of you who were having difficulties

best regards


Posted by martback on 28.03.03 - 22:47:01

I understand that the registry hack and the startup process is for the 5400. It would however be nice if it worked with the 3900. which it does not. I have tried Netgear CF, Symbol CF and Linksys PC-card. Always the same error message when you start the programme.

Posted by Arne Hess on 29.03.03 - 16:23:46

@gadget girl: Ah, okay! This might helps, thanks for the tip :!: For everybody how is searching for the W-LAN update, get the link here: http://.../

@martback: Sure it would be nice, however I don't know why it isn't working with your configuration. Maybe anyone else found a solution :?:

Posted by not_me on 29.03.03 - 19:06:18


Same probs with my HP5450. My solution: I did install pocketWiNc a second time. Now the adapter card is being recognized. First of all a connection was still not possible, an error something with “Windows is busy with DHCP” appeared all the time. After a further reset everything worked fine and I got an Internet connection.

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