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TIP: Personalize your HTC Himalaya right away from a Hardreset
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 20.11.03 - 15:35:47 CET under 11 - Tips and Tutorials - Viewed 16466x
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Based on my previous tip to display/enable the Extended ROM on a HTC Himalaya here's what I did this morning to make my PPCW.Net i-Mate more personal:

Again - please be aware that everything you might do now might screw up your device since the changes you are going to change stays on your device even after a hardreset. That's the fun of this hack but if you make a mistake your device might don't start correct anymore.
I'm not responsible for any damages here and it's just a tutorial what I did with my PPCW.Net i-Mate Phone Edition!

  • After you've installed the Registry hack connect your device to your PCvia ActiveSync.
  • From your PC File Explorer go to Extended_ROM and copy "Config.txt" to your PC.
  • Save a backup and open Config.txt.
  • Now you see a list which applications are installed automatically after a hardreset on your device:
RST: Reset
  • From here you can decide which apps you don't want to get installed by simply deleting the proper line that it might looks like this:
RST: Reset
  • If you have the international i-Mate version I suggest to delete Caller ID only as a maximum. All other files are really required for using some functions like the camera or even the phone.
    In case you have a Arabic version of the i-Mate you might want to delete additional stuff also. Not sure about the O2/T-Mobile version but the files above are the minimum you should keep on the device!
  • If you like you can also copy additional software from your PC to the Extended_ROM which is automatically installed after every hardreset. As I said this is pretty handy for the most used software.
  • Go to "C:Program FilesMicrosoft ActiveSync" or wherever you've installed ActiveSync and find the appropriate cab files. Please use the cab files only!
  • Now copy the cab to the Extended_ROM on your device that the folder might looks like this:
  • Add all new programs you've added to the folder to the Config.txt that it might looks like this:
CAB: Extended_ROMcodewalletpro.arm.CAB
CAB: Extended_ROMMultiIE.arm.CAB
CAB: Extended_ROMPegas.2577.CAB
CAB: Extended_ROMExtended_ROM_on.CAB
RST: Reset
  • Save the Config.txt on your PC and copy it back to the Himalaya.
  • That's it, now you can proceed a hardreset and if you did everything correct first the HTC applications will be installed, after the apps you've added followed by a softreset.
  • The result should looks like that without installing any of these applications via ActiveSync later:

That's it - even after a hard reset you get your most used programs installed automatically. Unfortunately in most programs you have to enter the serial number again after such an installation, so it might be a good idea to have the serial number also stored on the device - as a ASCII file or how I prefer it to do as a Developer One CodeWallet file.

Also I've heard from some users that they weren't able to edit, change, remove or delete files from the Extended_ROM. I can not confirm it personally because on two i-Mate Phone Editions it worked for me; these users used O2 xda IIs and Qtek 2020s; don't know if it works with every device/ROM build out there.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by arebelspy on 20.11.03 - 18:52:26

What is "Extended_ROM_on.CAB" ?


Posted by Arne Hess on 20.11.03 - 19:11:09

It does the Registry hack for you without hacking it by hand... :-) You can download it here from PPCW.Net! See my previous article about it also!

Posted by ikbal on 20.11.03 - 21:06:58

do u have any idea when the unlocked SIM free version will be released of

o2 XDA2 .

Posted by Frank Arnold on 20.11.03 - 21:45:56


you're a maniac smile Well done and very interesting. Since I still ait for the XDA II to touch down und down under and I fear I may forget about that again (Alzheimer's is getting stronger with me smile)... do you plan to make a section like "XDA II Tools and Tricks"? What do you think? Interesting would also be something like: "What do you do once you stuffed it up" - I know how good I am at that...



Posted by arebelspy on 21.11.03 - 03:24:07

Want a tip/trick?  Change the boot image(s) of your i-Mate:


I have the Matrix Code on bootup right now.  big_smile


Posted by Buizerd on 21.11.03 - 08:14:08

@Arne: I eventually bought the Himalaya (Qtek 2020) from Yeti in Netherlands after I missed yours (more expensive than from you unfortunately)
Comment moved to Forum.

Posted by arebelspy on 21.11.03 - 10:40:20


Can you post what is in your config.txt file?



Posted by Arne Hess on 21.11.03 - 10:42:31

See above! :-) It's my config.txt...

Posted by Lvermont on 21.11.03 - 14:31:10

@Arne. I don't see the config.txt on my "modified" Imate smile. I used the Gitex Update to correct the IA picture viewer issue on the imate PPC bought from the PPC shop (More info here http://pocketpcdubai.infopo...) and the ROMwas replaced. So it's the arabic apps that will install after  hard reset. I've cancelled all the arabic apps during install so I have the basic package or so i think. I've attached what's in my extended rom location below. What if anything can be used to modify this since there is no config file in the extended rom folder? Thanks.


Posted by David on 21.11.03 - 17:32:23


I wanted to use the storage to store my applications.   Just saves my main memory.   Otherwise what am I going to use it for?

How would I change the command line for the cab installations to install to this storage?


Posted by Tim on 22.11.03 - 00:15:40

I tried this with the Dubai Arabic Imate version. Initially I had no luck as even though the Config file was changed, when I did the hard reset, IA Caller was still installed.

The additional step that I found I needed to do was as well as changing the Config file, delete the CAB file for IA Caller. Now I have no more IA Caller!!

So now I was hoping that V2R Caller2Picture would work on my device. I had previouly been having problems getting the trail version to work but had thought it was becasue of some conflict with IA CAller. However it now appears that was not the problem.

There is definitely a bug in Caller2Picture Version 2.5.003.

I have totally deleted, IA caller from my device. There is no record of it at all

I have done a hard reset

I have made up two contacts for test purposes. One is my home number and the other is my fax number.

I have installed Call2Picture as the only other additional program from what comes with the machine.

The setup seems to work fine. I can select the ring tone and picture and I can preview both and both are correct and work okay in preview.

I can save the setting and it appears to save okay.

However, when the phone is called from either of the two contacts, it simply rings the Ring tone selected under Settings (i.e. Settings/Phone/) and displays no picture.

Has anyone got Call2Picture to work properly (on an i-mate XDA II)- not just preview! If so what version were you using and was it the Trial or Purchased package (I would think that it would make nay difference).

Posted by lvermont on 22.11.03 - 04:43:12

@Tim. Where did you find the config.txt exactly? I replaced my rom with a modified arbic one and could not find it in the extended rom folder. Thanks.

Posted by Tim on 22.11.03 - 06:59:07

The config .txt was in the Extended_Rom just as Arne describes.

Posted by arebelspy on 22.11.03 - 12:06:34

I don't have it either lvermont.  To customize mine (and you can do the same), rename the autorun.exe (to say, autorun.exx).  Now it won't run after a hard reset.  Then you just apply registry hack to see Extended_ROM, and click on what cab files you want installed (or all of them if you deleted the ones you dont want).  Now you're good to go.


Posted by lvermont on 22.11.03 - 13:48:09

Thanks Arebelspy. So let me get this straight. Rename the autorun.exe in the extended rom folder, then after a hard reset (which hopefully won't have to do) I'd manually install what I wanted from the extended rom folder by excuting those cabs or other cabs that I place there. Anyway to make an auto installer for customized cabs? smile

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