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TIP: Use your Symbol Wireless Networker with Socket's Pocket PC 2003 driver
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 02.07.03 - 16:35:48 CET under 11 - Tips and Tutorials - Viewed 14651x
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Today I got my iPAQ back, upgraded to Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC (no, not an official upgrade from HP but at least one benefit of being a Microsoft Mobile Device MVP) and for sure I wanted to test the build-in W-LAN functionalities of Pocket PC 2003.
Since Symbol hasn't released any Windows Mobile 2003 compliant drivers so far for their Wireless Networker I've took the chance to tried the Socket drivers. Socket has already released Pocket PC 2003 drivers for most of their CF cards and here we go - it worked; like before with their latest Pocket PC 2002 driver! :-)
So if you are happy enough as well and already own a Pocket PC 2003 like the HP iPAQ H2215 and you own a Symbol card also - go for the Socket driver!

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Helio Diamant on 03.07.03 - 14:44:45

Well, I guess this was expected, since the only difference between the two cards is the color of the label :-)

I am happy you've got your upgrade from MS. I skipped this one (my Ipaq is dead) and went directly to the Axim Upgrade... hope to get it by the end of the month.

Posted by Arne Hess on 03.07.03 - 20:35:04

It's nice it isn't similar to the Nokia BT Card and Socket CF BT card in which both hardware are actually identical except for the device ID... which then required a registry hack to get the Nokia CF BT Card to run on the Socket Drivers... :-)

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo

Posted by Helio Diamant on 03.07.03 - 22:09:43

Just to update: Socket has released today an update to their 2003 WIFI drivers. It is posted at their site for download.

Posted by Arne Hess on 03.07.03 - 22:57:51

Yes, I've already dl the "new"driver as well but don't any real differences. Works great like the version before.

Any information what was changed/updated?

Posted by bill on 19.07.03 - 19:17:27

Thanks for the tip saved me $150 on a new card!

Posted by Blaine on 11.10.03 - 04:00:41

Hi I just got the HP iPAQ H2215 and I have a Symbol (Wireless Networker) card . Installed the driver's above, but when I put the card in I get a single green light (on card), then just freezes. Any ideas. Can you tell me your steps to get it up and working? Do you think I should just do a COLD reset (BTW - Downloaded PPC2002 drivers from Symbols site and tried to get that working - but no luck - that's when I found this thread). Appreaciate any thoughts or comments.

Posted by Paul on 17.12.03 - 22:39:56

May I ask how you got it to work?  I have a Dell Axim (Pocket PC 2003) and a Symbol Wireless Networker.  I tried downloading and installing the Socket Drivers but it still does not work.  Any help would be appreciated.



Posted by Eduardo Garcia on 24.12.03 - 17:13:05

I've tried with the Socket drivers, but I cannot connect to any webpage in my iPAQ 2215. Some especial configuration missed?

Posted by newbie2 on 30.12.03 - 22:33:52

No need. Hard reset your PPC. Download 2003 socket driver and install.

Connect using 'internet'. Enable WEP. That's all.

Good luck!

Posted by M@rtin Hébert on 28.01.04 - 02:54:52

Hello Arne, do you still have the driver (Socket Com) you had used to install a Symbol Wireless Networker card on a PocketPc 2003? The one that is available on SocketCom's website doen't work. (They only permit us to dowload the latest not the one before. I should probably need the or but not the



Posted by First_major on 07.05.04 - 13:11:01

Hello guys, i am quite a newbie, i have am I-mate witch is teh same as the new XDA 2 02 . as i recall, i have a Bluetooth, but i cant get the PDA to use the BT Lan. so is this Socket file usefull to me?



Posted by Nasko on 16.07.04 - 04:19:31

I tried to use the latest Socket driver with my symbol cf card with no luck. Can somebody help me out? I am using Jornada 547 / PPC2000

Posted by Henry on 21.10.04 - 18:37:32

[12] Nasko,
Have you have your Jornada 547 wifi working? If so, can you also give me the details, I just have a symbol wifi that I also would like to use in my 547. Thanks.

Posted by sarah on 07.04.05 - 19:26:18

Anyone looking for a PPC 2003 Symbol driver can find one at:


It's a beta, but it was the only one I could get to work!!

Posted by flex on 03.10.05 - 12:56:56

I too have been looking high and low for a PPC 2003 compatible driver.  I finally found one here

Thank god I found it - I've been going crazy

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