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Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 21.03.03 - 03:05:53 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 6310x
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JGUI is currently working on a Today screen replacement which allows you to have and use more than one Today Screen of Pocket PC.

MoreTodays! Now! increases the default Today Screen to the four independent desktop screens. Each desktop displays so called Today's items as on the default one, you know well. Now you can keep many items, even tens. You organize your items to be use in any of that desktop and in any order.

MoreTodays! Now! displays a small icon on the bottom bar, beside the default "new" menu. This icon indicates which desktop is displayed. And you can change the desktop, just by the touching this icon. It replaces the desktop in the loop: from 1 to 4 and again from 1.

The program's icon indicates the number of desktop and allows you to change the desktop: just touch the icon.

You can use one of 3 pre-configured icon's style, or you can make and use your own. This icon can show the number of current desktop, but it does not need. You can use icon which shows common pictures indicate the purpose of desktop.

For example: Personal, Business, System, Private, and then you can organize (group) your items.

You organize all items (previously downloaded and installed) independently for each desktop. You can set up any item(s) to show on any desktop and in any order. This program do not install any new items, it only allows you to use and organize all your items in bigger number.

Planed Features:

  • 4 independent Today Screens - desktop screens

  • Unlimited number of Today Items (Today plug-ins)

  • Unlimited arranges of each item on any desktop

  • 3 icon styles pre-configured

  • Customized icon allowed

  • Force to show specified desktop on the power up

  • Force to show specified desktop when you back to Today Screen

  • Works from main memory or Storage Card (not recommended)

  • Works on any Pocket PC 2002, 60kB of free space

I must admit that this idea seems to be perfect for my Today screen requirements as well as for many of you, I'm sure. Most of us have to much Today plug-ins installed and sorting it in a smart way on different screens makes pretty much sense!

MoreTodays! 1.0 is now available through PocketGear for $9.95. A full featured 7 days trial version is also available.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by JGUI on 21.03.03 - 16:41:31

As I know Dashboard (years ago I bought it), it is a complete engine to replace all Today's items, because it is overwrite completely the screen and do not allow to use together with other items in one time. As far as you do not install a special add-in for Dashboar called module and change one of Dashboard's screen to use with your Today's item - but only ONE - a typical Today's item.

My software do not overwrite Today Screen and allows to use as many items as you only want. Tens! In any number on each “desktop screens”. And this is not an one more today item, but only allows you to organize your installed items and split to 4 different screen. Easy and conveniently.

I hope, this explained a little.


Posted by Oliver T on 21.03.03 - 10:37:25

What a bunch of copycats ! This was just implemented a few months ago in the latest Dashboard beta ...

Posted by Arne Hess on 21.03.03 - 10:44:57

@Oliver T: But as I understand Dashboard and More Todays! it's different.

While Dashboard is a complete Today replacement More Todays is a Today screen enhancement without installing it as a real replacement or plug-in.

Please correct me if I'm wrong since I'm not participating on the Dashboard Beta.

Posted by ppcsurfr (PinoyPocketPC-Mobile Computing on 24.03.03 - 07:20:34

I agree.  I for one am not too much of a Dashboarfd fan.  I'd rather have plug-ins for my basic Today screen.  I think JGUI has come up with smart ideas that make use of the standard Today screen.

I'd say JGUI has done a really good job.

Posted by Oliver T on 24.03.03 - 10:25:00

Just to clarify: The latest beta of Dashboard allows you to display ANY today plugin in any place. I had a look at JGUI's “new” app and I think Dashboard is still more flexible because it allows you to additionally skin the whole look of your today screen, also you can easily navigate through your different today pages with your navigation keys.

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