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TODAY SCREEN: ThemeMakerPro Plus with Windows Mobile 2003 support released
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Sunday, 03.08.03 - 11:32:23 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 18325x
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Creating Today Screen themes has been one of the greatest hits of Pocket PC 2002. For Windows Mobile 2003 for the Pocket PC, Microsoft has improved the implementation of themes with the inclusion of the ability to change font color in the Start Menu.

Kamware, the makers of ThemeMaker, and ThemeMakerPro has recently released ThemeMakerPro Plus which adds numerous functions to the typical ThemeMaker application and the support for Windows Mobile 2003 Today Screen themes.

ThemeMakerPro-Plus comes with a built-in image editor which allows the theme creator to modify images prior to using it for the theme. Aside form the basic image editing capabilities, it also includes advanced image effects like Posterize, Mosaic, Blue, Sharpen, Add Noise, Emboss, Gradient Filter, and Intensity Detect. Color adjustments are also possible and support Grayscale, Invert, Brightness, Contrast, Histogram Contrast, Hue, Saturation, and Gamma Correction. Fundamental Paint functions include Brush, Pen, Eraser, Fill, Gradient Fill, and Color Picker.

ThemeMakerPro-Plus also has the ability to adjust Today Screen text for screen captures for posting on web sites. The Menu and Main Image transparency can also be controlled and even adds a feature of setting the base color of the transparency. A Color Picker tool allows for easy setting of colors for Today Screen elements. There is also a nifty setting which allows for user defined colors to be used as default colors for a theme.

The Auto Color feature automatically sets the colors for the Titlebar, Titlebar Text, Commandbar, Today Screen Text and lines and the Menu Transparency to match the basic colors of the Main Image with the click of a button. ThemeMakerPro also has numerous I/O features such as screen captures of themes for web posting, saving of images of an opened theme, both main and menu, the ability to acquire an image from any TWAIN compliant device such as a scanner or digital camera and the ability to transfer themes to and from a PocketPC that is Synced with the computer that has ThemeMakerPro installed on.

With ThemeMakerPro Plus frames can be captured from Video Files or a Video source like a Video Camera VCR or any other External Video source; from AVI, MPG, WMV and MOV files.

ThemeMakerPro Plus is also Windows Mobile 2003 ready with the ability to set Menu Text Color and Dialog Text color for Windows Mobile 2003 Themes!

ThemeMakerPro Plus can be evaluated for 14-days here. Register ThemeMakerPro Plus for only $34 with PayPal through the Kamware Website.

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Posted by Alvin on 02.04.05 - 16:43:02

The program is interesting. Usefull and complete of tool. Initially the program is not intuitive, but  with a bit of pratice it's easy to use.

A problem is the switching from portait to landscape: is not possible to personalize disctinctly landscape view and portait view.

Really good is the "capture" tool, to get immages from a video or from a twain device.

Generally speaking the program is nothing special; to have the same result you can use a free tool; the payment is too much if the final result is compared.

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