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TOOL: Change the T9 language with T9 Config Utility
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 12.04.03 - 15:31:50 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 13114x
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Based on my "How To", to change the Smartphone input language to another than the UI language, my fellow MVP Marc Zimmermann, developed a small free tool called "T9 Config Utility" which is available from Handango now:

By default, the Smartphone 2002 platform links the phone user interface language and T9 predictive text input language. For example, this linkage effectively makes writing German text with an English language phone impossible.

This program allows you to make these assignments freely and according to your preferences.

T9 Config Utility

Please keep in mind that the T9 Config Utility is neither certified nor signed. Therefore, it can only be used on application certified unlocked phones.

Great work Marc! Something which is really handy! :-)

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by John Douglas on 14.04.03 - 20:40:19

This is great, it's something that we were discussing over at Modaco but weren't sure how it could be achieved without a power down. I noticed that your util requires one, which is a shame from my point of view, I'd like to be able to change languages as often as I write smses... Can you conceive of a way to achieve this without a powercycle?

Posted by Arne Hess on 14.04.03 - 21:27:21

@John Douglas: No, you can't do it without a softreset, not with the manual version I've posted nor with Marcs tool since it required a Registry change which means the phone has to be "soft-reseted". :-(

It's not perfect but better then nothing... ;-)

Posted by Filippo Motta on 15.04.03 - 20:08:18

I need italian .dll for t9 (my unlocked spv have English German and French)...any suggestions?  or can some1 send it to me?

Posted by Andrea on 11.05.03 - 00:50:51

Ciao Ciao, qualcuno ha trovato il file t9italian.dll ???

Hallo, somebody found t9italian.dll ???

Grazie mille, Thanks

Posted by Domenico on 01.07.03 - 19:17:28

Anyone here can help in finding the t9italian.dll for the SPV ?



Posted by Arne Hess on 01.07.03 - 19:22:13

There is NO way (unfortunately) to get a T9.dll from the Smartphone and copy it to another Smartphone.

Several people has tried several ways - all without any success... :-(

Posted by Marco Bauzo on 25.07.03 - 16:18:00

I need to use t9 in Italian - is there any way I can do this on my (English) T68i?

Please help...

Posted by yanglsw on 10.06.04 - 11:42:48

is there any t9chinese.dll? smile

Posted by d@x on 16.06.04 - 15:14:16

please find the way to do it!!!!

Posted by Francesco on 07.07.04 - 17:02:21

Hey guys! I've got the Italian files, the English, Spanish and French ones for Nokia phones. If someone need it E-Mail Me.

Posted by Helena Guerra on 07.07.04 - 18:47:47

Anyone know where can i download a t9.dll for portuguese? I've got a Motorola MPX200.


Posted by renan on 27.07.04 - 15:53:20

[10] Hi, can you send me the french one. It would be perfect. Mail:

Posted by ultimathor on 24.08.04 - 16:23:39

[12] hi, does anybody have a danish t9danish.dll that can be used with a qtek 2020. all tips are welcome.

Posted by Giulio on 08.11.04 - 23:55:23

[6] same problem of my italian friends... need to have the t9italian.dll file.
I've seen there is no way to have it as a specific file, than my question is: is there any alternative way to have my smartphone 2002 software upgraded to italian? Can't I purchase an upgrade kit???

Posted by Stijn Guillemyn on 21.11.04 - 10:36:24

Any dutch T9 files someone? I would like to search for a way to do this, but first I need the necessary dll(s) to begin trying.

I would like to try it on the emulator I have on my visual studio, so I don't mess up my brand new SP3i smile

You can mail the dll to dotnetconsultant AT

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