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TUNING: Make your Windows XP looks like Windows Media Center Edition
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 22.05.05 - 13:47:10 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 84597x
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Originally this theme was designed solely for Windows XP Media Center Edition (XP MCE) 2005 but later also ported to XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, now all XP users can download this sharp-looking theme from Microsoft New Zealand, which features the new Microsoft Energy style and a few new backgrounds including "New Bliss".

Just download the Royale theme, extract it to the Windows directory and from the Desktop, open "Properties" and select Royale from "Themes".

That's a nice looking sharp theme which really looks like my MCE 2005 theme I've running on my Desktop PC where I evaluate Windows Media Center Edition 2005 at the moment.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Bastian on 22.05.05 - 14:24:45


I've got a TabletPC using the Energy Blue Theme. There was an update for the Them with the Experience Pack running on English TabletPCs only. So I was hoping the NewZealand-Version was the new version of the Theme this time running on all TabletPCs. I installed it and besides generating lots and lots of Rundll32-errors, it did change my theme back to the original XP Theme.

Then I thought a bit and remembered that Royal is the name for the original XP theme. Although the text on the websites makes one believe they had the new ENERGY BLUE THEME, they don't. It's a mistake on the website. What they offer is the ROYAL THEME which is the originial windows xp theme.

So try it if you like but don't be disappointed...
I am just wondering why Arne got the Energy theme. Is it a screenshot of your MCE Desktop?

Posted by Arne Hess on 22.05.05 - 14:38:28

No, this is a screenshot from my US English Windows XP Professional Notebook. Might be the language?
I've installed it this morning and it works perfectly - right after the installation and also after several reboots.

Posted by krypticide on 22.05.05 - 19:05:13

This is a great theme. I've had it for a while on my tablet pc, and it really adds a fresh look to Windows XP, which being released quite a number of years ago has started to look rather outdated in its GUI when compared to say OS X. This is a must-have theme.

Posted by Thomas O. on 24.05.05 - 15:54:16

Works fine on my IBM-laptop, running the en xp version.
But I only got one background, "newbliss"

Posted by Draicone on 15.06.05 - 06:28:24

I think it's great, im running XP Pro and the theme works perfect on my laptop, and my desktop, albeit at a slight performance compromise on my desktop (its a Cyrix 333 with 192 Mb RAM, it was crap anyway)...

Posted by Zac on 29.10.05 - 01:24:16

Of course it isn't media center, look at the start menu. Remote desktop is not a shitiea center component.

Posted by Ed on 21.11.05 - 20:25:54

Actually, Remote Desktop *IS* in Media Center Edition, as MCE is a superset of Professional.

Either way, the link in that Start Menu is the Remote Desktop connector program, not the 'host'.  Remote Desktop  client runs on all versions of Windows, going back to 3.1, and even on Mac.  So having that program in your Start Menu doesn't means squat.

Posted by Mike on 17.04.06 - 20:03:57

Hi, I'm in England. Can someone please e-mail a link to download the media center theme? Is it free? if not, how much does it cost? Thank you

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