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TWEAK: Make your Windows Mobile 5 device Bluetooth Stereo A2DP enabled
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 25.04.06 - 09:32:05 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 42001x
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The guys over at did it again and found a way to enable A2DP on Windows Mobile AKU 2 updated devices, even if your operator left out the A2DP and AVRC Bluetooth stereo profile out!
Sure, this is neither a supported tweak nor an official way to get A2DP enabled on your Windows Mobile 5 device and therefore everything you do, you do on your own.
Basically, the original way "sas90850" and "kyunga" posted contains 4 files (3 DLLs and one CAB file) and a Registry modification you have to do on your own.
However, "Khuanchai" packed everything in one CAB file which installs all DLLs and the CAB on your device and modifies the Registry on its own, no need to modify it yourself anymore.

I've tested the "all-inclusive" CAB on my i-mate SP5 Windows Mobile Smartphone (even if the CAB was designed for Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PCs) but since the core of both Windows Mobile 5 devices is the same, it also works on Smartphones:

I haven't tested it yet with my non-A2DP enabled Windows Mobile Pocket PCs but will let you know later. However, since the original all-inclusive CAB file was developed for the Dopod 818Pro it should work, as it is also confirmed on

Again, everything you do on your Windows Mobile device, you do on your own but from my perspective I can say I got working everything: Bluetooth stereo from my Windows Media Player (A2DP) and Windows Media Player remote control with play, pause and next/previous track (AVRC).

Please not, you have to be a registered member of the forum to download any files from over there.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Hulk on 26.04.06 - 08:57:27

O2, listen, see and read! It's so easy! Now do it too! Can do?!

Posted by Thomas Chan on 20.07.06 - 10:21:44

Just installed the A2DP hack CAB on my MDA without upgrading ROM at all.  No dll copying nor reg hacking, sweet.  It pairs with my Jensen WBT212 and wireless stereo works well, with minor click sound occasionally, which is more apparent with WMP than TCPMP.  This could be an issue with my mp3 files as well, so need to investigate further.  With TCPMP, volume of the click sound is too low to bother me and overall sound quality is good.  I could not get handsfree to work at all with the Jensen.  Not sure whether it is an issue with the hack or the headset itself.  Will need to try other A2DP headsets.  I was not able to pair with my other BT wireless stereo headset, which is the Logitech iPod BT headset.  I was very happy to get wireless stereo to work with the Jensen though.  My next quest is to find a less bulky A2DP wireless headset.  Looking at HS-12W (yes, read the review here smile) or Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970.

Posted by Arne Hess on 20.07.06 - 12:10:09

I really love the Nokia headset. Since I've [selfurl=]bought my new bike[/selfurl] I haven't used my car too much but was mostly biking through Munich. The HS-12W is always with me since it is perfect for making phone calls as well as listening my music from either my Smartphone or my Bluetooth enhanced iPods. No question, this is one of the finest headset's I've used so far. If only Nokia would enhance it to work with 2 different Bluetooth sources in parallel.

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