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UNVEILED: O2 Germany to release the HTC Hermes as O2 Xda trion [UPDATE]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 23.05.06 - 13:49:43 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 39524x
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While it's neither official released yet nor O2 Germany has given a press release, the device, formerly known as "O2 Xda Hermes", appeared now in O2's own web shop as "O2 Xda trion".

So what's the hard facts now? It's coming with a Samsung ARM CPU with 400 MHz (instead the previously by T-Mobile announced 300 MHz only), it's quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and UMTS (with a later upgrade option to HSDPA). It's sporting a 2 megapixel camera on the back (with photo light) and a QCIF camera on the front for UMTS video telephony and for sure it comes with Windows Mobile 5.0 including AKU 2 which supports the Microsoft Messaging and Security Feature Pack (push E-Mail with Exchange) and - as far as the::unwired heard - A2DP Bluetooth stereo! Also it is expected to support the SIM Access Profile. Talking about Bluetooth, the O2 trion will supports Bluetooth 2.0 and W-LAN/WiFi g. Last but not least, it has 128 MB ROM and 64 MB RAM which can be extended with microSD memory cards.

And indeed, as you can see above, the O2 version is confirmed now to have this two extra buttons around the d-pad, one for the Start menu and one for OK/closing applications.

While the Xda trion isn't available for order yet, it's just announced at O2 Germany's web shop as a "coming soon" device but you can register for an E-Mail update. Neither a price, nor a release date was given yet.

So yes, the device above looks like the earlier photos, the::unwired received exclusively from an anonymous friend before and the O2 version is indeed this grey/silver design with the silver/blue thumb keyboard, similar to the UK version of the HTC Universal (aka O2 Xda Exec). Looks good. The only disappointment might be the QVGA screen. I wish it would has a VGA screen like HTC's first UMTS device, the Universal.

UPDATE: As O2 Germany confirmed now, the Xda trion will costs - with a 24 month contract O2 Active 100 - 299,99 Euro. A price without a subscription wasn't given yet but I expect something around 699 - 799 Euro. According to O2 Germany, it can be expected for early July!

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Adam Lein on 23.05.06 - 16:43:46

I think the lack of a headset jack is another disapointment, since then I'd have to get a Bluetooth A2DP thing for the car stereo and the bone conduction headset. I wonder if it will work with one A2DP stereo device and a separate Handsfree headset at the same time... you know, switch to the handsfree headset when a phone call is in progress or Voice Command is activated. Hopefully that's how it will work.

Posted by Sackbauer on 24.05.06 - 10:20:03

I agree, the lack of a headphone jack is really annoying. I have modified a Brodit Holder for my MDA compact so that it includes the connection from headphone jack to AUX in of my car stereo.
So I would need a new solution with HTC Hermes, because I listen a lot to music in my car.
On the other hand, here is the first car stereo which supports A2DP: … ar-stereo/


Posted by Arne Hess on 24.05.06 - 18:53:58

Adam, Mundl - I can reassure you! The device *has* a wired headset jack and you have already seen it - it's the USB jack!
As you might have seen in my Hermes photoview, the mini USB port looks a little bit different to what we now. That's because you can plug-in a special headset, similar to the Qtek 8500 headset and basically the same as used by Motorola for the V3-series mobile phones.
I hope I can upload a photo of it later today and I will post the link here in the comments!

But at elast you know now that the wired headset option isn't gone, even if this is the::unwired and I prefer the unwired headsets! ;-)

UPDATE: Here we go with the promissed photo you can find in the Photo Album now: [selfurl=][/selfurl]

Posted by Olivier on 25.05.06 - 16:08:58

I can't see it clearly in your photo: is this a MiniUSB-to-jack adapter with a normal headset connectd to it? If it's not, that means you are limited to accessories compatible with that new connector, which is still annoying to me (can't output to the line-in of a HiFi system or of my car system), unless someone start selling a NonStandardMiniUSB-to-jack adapter (does this kind of thing exist already?).

Thank you anyway for the good news, at least we won't be *forced* to use Bluetooth!

Posted by Arne Hess on 25.05.06 - 16:31:10

Olivier, you are right. It's the standard all-in-one Hermes headset with the appropriate/required jack, not and adapter so you will have to use - in the beginning - this headset.
But I think we will see appropriate adapters from 3rd party accessory manufactures soon after the device is launched. A kind of "mini USB" to 3.5mm jack adapter.

Posted by Hannah on 28.05.06 - 19:37:04

Any new of an o2 UK release date?

Posted by Arne Hess on 28.05.06 - 21:25:16

No, nothing yet. Sorry...

Posted by Oliver Berliner on 29.05.06 - 10:36:31

Yeah, I've rung and emailed o2 UK. Both know nothing about this phone. Pity, as my upgrades due next month and I'd love this phone! I think I can hold out if it's due in July...August at latest. My XDA IIi is growing old with only PPC2003, I want push email smile

Posted by Hannah on 29.05.06 - 13:29:43

Yeah same, going to try to hold off til August too, this PPC phone looks ace.

If not, i'm gonna see if o2 UK are releasing the Nokia E70, tis my 2nd choice.

But i want the trion!!! I've been waiting for months

Posted by masterjelion on 29.05.06 - 16:52:02

I'm master jelion,I'm working here in htc,for now the hermes is in pilot run.its a very good product ,for now we are doing a lot of htc prodigy,maybe you can search it with your google.for now I don't see any problems on their pilot run.because now we are concerned with the htc prodigy.its a good better than the htc galaxy and htc beetles.I hope I gave you some ideas on selecting your best pda/phone.

Posted by masterjelion on 29.05.06 - 17:06:28

htc hermes is my first choice among our product ,I guarantee you that,this is a very good product .instead of nokia n70 this is much cool pda/phone for me.

Posted by Oliver Berliner on 29.05.06 - 17:36:34

The htc prodigy is just the HTC Wizard rebadged under T-mobile? Or so google says. Are you saying the hermes isn't even out of trial runs yet?! We'll be waiting ages for it at this rate in the UK.

Posted by master jelion on 29.05.06 - 18:11:38

htc hermes is is the process of pilot run here.for me it is very good product because it doesn't have too much defect.unlike the other product that are been pilot run.also htc prodigy is a good pda/phone because I'm the ..............of that model unlike the htc galaxy and beetles .there is a lot of defect,especially in rf and gps.that all I can share to you.

Posted by Arne Hess on 29.05.06 - 20:00:38

Hi Master Jelion! Welcome at the::unwired. Always happy if one of the ODMs comes here to post (while I know most ODMs read the::unwired).
Basically two things are clear today: O2 Germany and T-Mobile Germany are currently testing and trialling the Hermes while we haven't heard a single word from O2 UK or T-Mobile UK (which you can not comment - for sure not beside that you can say that O2 is piloting it, right).
Regarding the Galaxy: It hadn't had GSM/GPRS RF, therefore - while an interesting product - it's less interesting for most of us here. An interesting product would be a Charmer or Prophet with GPS, I think. :-) Maybe even thinner!? ;-)

Posted by masterjelion on 30.05.06 - 04:10:37

htc galaxy doesn't have rf because it is only a pda,I'm talking to the htc beetles ,it is a pda/phone with gps,it is a hp product .I will not say the Negative part of it because I'm still working here. for now I'm using htc ibage ,it is a pda ,for me it is very good compare to others.if u asked me I'm not impress to htc prophet.its up to you to found hermes is in pilot run,maybe one month or two months it will reach the uk.

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