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UPDATE: Club i-mate released a new ROM for the i-mate PDA2K Pocket PC Phone Edition [UPDATE]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 17.05.05 - 11:41:49 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 24662x
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Club i-mate recenly released a new ROM for i-mate's Xda III/IIs clone, the i-mate PDA2K Pocket PC Phone Edition (aka HTC Blue Angel).

The new ROM version - 1.40.00 WWE - also includes a new Radio in version 1.12.00.
Part of the ROM is an improved Widcomm Bluetooth stack as well as a preinstalled version of Skype's VoIP client for Pocket PCs which i-mate and Skype announced earlier this year.

Since I don't have an i-mate PDA2K I'm not sure if the Windows Media player was also updated to Windows Media 10 Mobile, can someone verify?

As always, the new ROM is available from Club i-mate but for registered Club i-mate PDA2K owners only.

Update: I have received more information about the fixes, the new i-mate PDA2K ROM provides:

  • Upgrade from Microsoft AKU 1 to AKU 2.6 for Windows Mobile 2003SE
    • Includes upgrade from Windows Media Player 9 to Windows Media Player 10 Mobile
  • Widcomm Bluetooth update
  • Updated MMS, CallerID Camera, Album and MIDI Manager
  • Driver modification:
    • Solutions of white screen issue
    • Bluetooth DUN failed issue has been fixed
    • Screen toggle of WMP will work properly with QWERTY keyboard
    •  Audio output has been improved so that music playing will no longer stop after power off/on
  • W-LAN Upgrade:
    • The string of "TX Rate" value in W-LANMgr when coexistence enabled has been modified from "2M" to "11M"
    • W-LAN will auto turn on after device power on/off cycle
    • W-LAN Manager will show empty data when W-LAN disconnects with Access-Point
    • Improved W-LAN at ELP mode
    • W-LAN Manager will show the right SSID value if repeatedly changing AP's SSID value
    • W-LAN will reconnect back to AP while device is timeout off at non-signal place and then power on
    • WPA dynamic roaming works successfully
    • LEAP to other network connection is now working properly
    • Enhanced the system ability when stressing power on/off device with W-LAN on

So the enhancements and fixes above are worth to update your current ROM!

Cheers ~ Arne