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UPDATE: E-Ten releases ROM update for the E-Ten M600 with Bluetooth Stereo Headset support
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 27.01.06 - 15:52:13 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 21131x
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Last night I got an E-Mail from E-Ten regarding a "new" ROM (version 0171) for the E-Ten M600 Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition, E-Ten is providing to the media but the ROM isn't anything secret at all, it's even not that new (but from 26th December last year). Therefore it's already available from several E-TEN distributors.

ROM version 0171 contains some major radio improvements and fixes but is still based on Windows Mobile 5.0 AKU 1.1 which - as we know - supports Bluetooth contact synchronization with car kits (see my previous review here) but not Bluetooth stereo through the A2DP profile.

While the two most important ROM updates, E-Ten provided so far were the ROM versions 0161 and 0170, which fixed at least the following issues (from ETEN Pocket PC User Forum):

  • Added GPRS modem by USB
  • Added Voice Commander through Bluetooth Headset
  • Fixed CALL log IN/OUT/Miss icon in Today screen go always to Missing calls
  • Fixed Remove SD card from M600 lag in Explorer
  • Fixed 40% turn on WIFI and unable to turn device on, only turn on when you put it back to AC power
  • Fixed STD
  • Improved in Bluetooth GSM quality (distorting)
  • Fixed Backlight can't turn on after sleep mode

it seems that ROM version 0171 also adds the Bluetooth A2DP and AVRCP profiles and this without having Microsoft's AKU 2.0 on board. Even more interesting is the fact, that the propriety Bluetooth manager even not informs you, that the (A2DP enabled) headset you are going to pair with the M600 supports A2DP stereo profile but it just pairs like a "regular" headset:

However, for a short time the headset icon with the note icon in between appears in the task bar and stays in the connectivity bubble and from the AKU 2.0 we know what it means: Bluetooth stereo support!

That's a clear indication that the connected headset is seen by the device as an A2DP enabled stereo headset. Therefore the next test is to verify it with the Windows Media Player on the E600 and guess what happens: no more system sounds from the device's inbuilt speaker but all the system sounds comes through the headset , including the music playback from the Windows Media Player:

And yes, the E-Eten M600 Bluetooth implementation also supports the AVRCP Bluetooth profile to remote control the Media Player which includes pausing/resuming playback as well as jumping to the next/previous song in the playlist.

So the E-Ten M600 is the second device with Windows Mobile 5.0 which supports Bluetooth stereo even without having the (according to Microsoft) required AKU 2 on board. The first one, I was aware of is the T-Mobile MDA Pro (HTC Universal) which is also Bluetooth stereo enabled after the latest ROM update from last week.
However, while the Universal is a little bit bulky to carry him as a MP3 player, the M600 is just perfect!

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by frank on 27.01.06 - 16:34:08

thanks for the follow up! now i know which device i will buy as my next and this is not from t-mobile. either the m600 or the atom while i don't like to use an tom with my t mobile sim.
any information if a2dp is also present in the g500? this might be another alternative for me.

Posted by Mobile Phone Fan 3 on 27.01.06 - 20:38:03

I installed 0171 in my E-TEN M600 but sometimes I have problems to start headset operation - do you know how to initiate headset operation? Sometimes when I have Bluetooth on, stereo headset on, and I start Windows Media player then it doesn't play through headset but through speakers of M600...

Posted by Arne Hess on 28.01.06 - 15:17:32

Mobile Phone Fan 3 wrote:

I installed 0171 in my E-TEN M600 but sometimes I have problems to start headset operation - do you know how to initiate headset operation? Sometimes when I have Bluetooth on, stereo headset on, and I start Windows Media player then it doesn't play through headset but through speakers of M600...

I've noticed the same, from time to time. For me it works to press the play button on the headset, than the headset pairs with the M600 and stays paired (it's the right Moto key on your Moto headset). Same for the Globalsat headset.

Posted by endam on 07.02.06 - 21:11:34

I have the same version. I'm using the regular telephone BT headset to talk on the phone. The voice is too poor and with some noise. Also the calling party hears me very bad. Is the problem in the driver or the BT stack of the phone?

Posted by Chris Byrne on 08.02.06 - 07:38:19

I can't find anywhere else on the web that details T-Mobile MDA Pro German ROM upgrade including A2DP support - have you been able to test this yourself?


Posted by Arne Hess on 08.02.06 - 12:07:36

You mean if I have tested the T-Mobile MDA Pro ROM with A2DP? Yes, I did last Friday at the Munich User Group meeting. (Find my findings here (auto translated from German to English via Google).
Indeed, the latest MDA Pro ROM includes the A2DP stereo profile including AVRC profile functionalities without being an AKU 2 ROM at all.

Posted by Chris Byrne on 14.03.06 - 22:31:20

Following up...

I have installed the UK version of this ROM (A2DP but no AKU 2) from T-Mobile and confirm it works mostly well for me.  Two things:

1  A2DP does not co-exist with WiFi at all well (but seems OK with GSM/GPRS/UMTS) - possibly just a 2.4GHz thing
2  AVRCP seems to support track fwd but not back, and play but not pause

Above both tested with iPhono mini (now without dongle smile)

Posted by Mel on 12.05.06 - 17:51:47


i just installed the Tornado Patch on my G500.
Now i can listen Music in Stereo with my Motorola HT820.

The Quality is absolut greatly.
I use the PocketPlayer for my MP3s.


Posted by Raja Zahid on 14.05.06 - 02:28:33

i have spv m600 that is in dutch i want to change it into english version i don¨t find it and do not know how to change from dutch to english , plz tell me from where i can english software for m600

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