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UPDATE: HP iPAQ H5400 series ROM update with Wireless Pack support
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 06.06.03 - 10:56:54 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 16783x
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Finally HP released a complete ROM update for the iPAQ H5400 series Pocket PCs which comes around with a lot of improvements and the long awaiting Wireless Pack support for the iPAQ GSM/GPRS Jacket, I've written about and promised you some weeks ago! :-)

In detail the version 1.11 fixes and adds the following problems and enhancements:


  • Improves Virtual Memory utilization for both WLAN and Bluetooth Software
  • Updates Expansion Pack manager driver to support GSM/GPRS Wireless Pack
  • WLAN Software and driver improvements:
    • Improves WLAN performance
    • Adds LEAP authentication client support (requires firmware update)
    • Reduces memory footprint
    • Improves IP address connection
    • Fixes lockup caused by multiple instances of UI
    • Adds support for NDIS OIDS to simplify connection manager
    • Allows co-existence between the WLAN utility and a Wireless connection
    • Fixes profile bug in WLAN for first time setup
    • Updates Fingerprint SW to prevent potential security problem
    • Adds support for Multicast
    • Enables connect with a WLAN Access Point that supports both 802.11b and 802.11g (requires firmware update)
  • Updates Battery driver to improve battery performance
  • Updates ROM lock code to prevent ROM image from being written over improperly during debug (Developer issue)
  • Updates SD driver to support additional cards
  • Updates the bootloader to enable automatic flash mode entry during a ROM update


  • Adds SDIO support
  • Updates IPSM driver to latest version
  • Updates iPAQ Image Viewer to latest version (display large picture files)
  • Updates iPAQ Backup to latest version
  • Updates iTASK to latest version
  • Updates Bluetooth Software (UI and Bluetooth ActiveSync improvements)
  • Updates Nevo Software components to enable web download

This ROM version also contains the following previously released updates:

  • iPAQ Pocket PC h5400 Series ROM Update v1.10
  • iPAQ Pocket PC h5400 headset volume improvement
  • iPAQ Pocket PC h5400 Nevo Update
  • iPAQ Pocket PC h5400 Battery Driver
  • iPAQ Pocket PC h5400 WLAN Driver Update

Unfortunately I can't test the Wireless Pack right now because I have to give away my H5400 for some days, so maybe anyone else with a H5400 and Wireless Pack can update us if it works proper now?

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by adamz on 06.06.03 - 13:44:54

I'm surprised they didn't just wait to put Pocket PC 2003 on it.  Hopefully the GSM/GPRS Wireless pack will still work with a Pocket PC 2003 upgrade!

Posted by Richard on 06.06.03 - 14:22:50


     Just thought you would like to know that the GSM / GPRS pack works fine on my 5450 with Rom 1.1.19 upgrade. As I understand it we should have an update for the pack itself fairly soon. Lets hope so this things always had so much promise but been let down by poor software. (Well to be fair its better under the 829 build than it used to be)

Posted by Arne Hess on 06.06.03 - 14:34:00

Richard, thanks for your confirmation! :-) So finally good news for H5400/Wireless Pack owners!

Even if the Wireless Pack still needs an update (you are right) it's not a useful peace of plastic anymore for H5400 owners. big_smile Anyway, it tooks long enough... :-(

Posted by Richard on 08.06.03 - 12:01:22


I'm afraid I was a bit too quick to say that the wireless pack works fine with the 5450 under the new rom. There is still a problem in that although everything works fine when the iPAQ is on it won't wake up the iPAQ when its switched off. I didn't nottice this untill I just went out as I normaly have mine on in its cradle--- Sorry

P.S I have a 3970 as well and it works OK on that so its not a deffective wireless pack


Posted by adamz on 08.06.03 - 16:04:31

Wow, a 5550 with GSM/GPRS pack is going to be the ultimate!  I wonder if the Bluetooth headset profile on the 5000 series will work with the GSM pack?  Doubtful, huh?

Posted by Richard on 09.06.03 - 01:03:53


The wireless pack does not hand voice over to the iPAQ It has its own speaker and microphone so no joy there I'm afraid that is unless HP can route it to the iPAQ with a software update.


Posted by Dr.Gadget on 10.06.03 - 20:19:05

More Bad news:

After a few uses, the wireless pack cripples the use of the buit-in WiFI.  Nothing short of a hard reset will get it going again.

Posted by Arne Hess on 10.06.03 - 20:28:32

WHAT!?!? :? Have you tried to remove the battery for 10 seconds only!? Doesn't it fix it, do you really have to hard reset the device!? Argh... :evil:

Posted by dr.gadget on 11.06.03 - 20:20:14

yes Rne you were right.   Removing the battery did spare the hard reset although, the unit will not wake up if shut off necessitating the iPAQ be on all the time so as not to miss calls.  A pain.

Posted by Andy on 25.06.03 - 03:00:17


Just to let "adamz" know that HP have no immediate plans to support the 5550 with the Wireless Pack - So don't get too excited just yet - They tell us that support for these new models will "come later".  The "wake-on-ring" issue on the 5400 series has been resolved internally at HP and is in final testing.  Hopefully we'll see a new release there soon.  The interim support without WOR support was just a Bonus - The next ROM update will have full Wireless Pack support.

BTW: As soon as HP release new firmware updates to us, we post them (or links if they're public) at http://.../

If anyone's looking for a DECENT headset for their Wireless Pack, Press Digital sells them at http://.../ - Their in the Headsets / Mobile section.  I use a Plantronics one and it's brilliant compared to the original heap of *COUGH* smile

Have fun


Posted by adamz on 25.06.03 - 13:58:13

Thanks Andy!  Any news on GSM/GPRS expansion pack support for iPAQs upgraded with Windows Mobile 2003?  There will probably need to be a firmware/ROM update for that on the expansion pack, huh?

Posted by No WLAN on h5550 on 08.07.03 - 08:28:14

I just received my h5550 today.  Despite claims that it supports Cisco's wireless LEAP protocol - the package includes a slip that indicates you need to download a SoftPAQ from HP's site to enable it.  However, HP tech support has no idea when/if HP will ever post a LEAP SoftPAQ for the h5550.

LEAP aside - I have not been able to connect to _any_ wireless access point.  The configuration dialogs for Pocket PC 2003 have changed.  My h5550 recognizes my access point and SSID, but doesn't provide any way to contect to it.

If anyone has been able to figure out how to connect an h5550 to a WEP access point, let me know.  HP hasn't been of any help.

- Bob

Posted by New 5550 owner on 25.07.03 - 08:30:19

How do you hard reset a 5550!!! Please help me!!!!  I hold the 2 left buttons and hit reset and I just get a white screen withe HP logo, forever!!!  Until the batteries are flat, and then I charge them up, and my data is still there!!!!  Whats going on????

Posted by Tom DeMicke on 03.08.03 - 07:24:48

Can anyone help me please.  I have been desperately trying to update my ROM Bios on my HP5455 PDA and it simply does not update.  As soon as it goes into flash mode, the sync disconnects.  I have a direct connect (not via hub) and have ensured I am synchronized before starting.  I've tried about 50 times for 2 weeks to no avail.  Please let me know how this is supposed to work.  Thank you.  Please reply to  I have NOT been able to get thru HP for support...impossible!!

Posted by Deepak Gandhi on 25.08.03 - 09:02:56

Hi all I am planning to buy a 5550 soon. I have been getting conflicting reports on whether the GSM jacket is supported by this model or not

Can someone please tell me if they have tried this

The local HP call centre seems to think it works. I don't want to experiment with this and would go in for the 5440+ what is more attractive about the 5550 is the additional 64 mb and the pocket pc 2003

Please HELP !

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