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UPDATE: i-Mate Phone Edition ROM upgrade available
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 02.06.04 - 23:44:15 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 16824x
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The latest upgrade for the i-mate Pocket PC Phone Edition is now available for download. It includes Bluetooth and battery life enhancements, the latest fixes from Microsoft and the latest radio version.

The upgrade will erase all existing information on your device. It is strongly recommended that you synchronies your Contacts, Calendar, Mail and Tasks to your PC before upgrading your device.

The details of the new ROM image are:

  • Rom version 1.72.00wwe
  • Radio version 1.14.00


  • Improved Battery Life
  • Improved MMS client
  • Headset Bluetooth bonding improvements
  • Bluetooth throughput improvements
  • Latest Service Pack 2 from Microsoft
  • Service codes added to Speed Dials
  • Call Waiting sound
  • Latest Radio version

The upgrade is performed in two parts. Firstly upgrade the Operating System and Radio of the device as shown in Step 1. Then apply the customization to populate the device with your regional settings and new version of the software applications, like MMS.

The ROM update is available free of charge for i-mate owners, like PPCW.Net i-Mate customers and can be downloaded from Club i-mate! I haven't tested it so far because I'm currently playing with a different ROM... ;-)

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by haseeb saqaf on 03.06.04 - 16:14:54

Dear sirs,

I am Haseeb Saqaf from India,I bought an imate pocket pc from Jackeys Dubai on November 2003 ,everything was working  fine till last week.but now I am facing some troubles.

Commet moved to the Forum here:

Posted by Thomas O. on 03.06.04 - 20:36:14

Will You bring one imate with the new ROM to PPC usergroup tomorrow?
Pleeease ! ! !

Posted by Arne Hess on 03.06.04 - 21:08:35

[2] Yes, I will bring that i-mate also - for sure! Together with the x-box...  big_smile
See you tomorrow!

Posted by CraigO on 04.06.04 - 04:56:36

Arne, is this rom update only valid for imate? do you know what the latest rom version no. is for the xda2? is it the same as the imate?

Posted by David McGhee on 08.06.04 - 01:57:00

Be careful. When I upgraded my machine I received after a reset "the phone is not ready please try again in 15seconds"

Posted by Denis on 08.06.04 - 05:32:39

[5] I had the same problem as David after upgrading from 1.66 to new ROM 1.72.
The upgrade seemed to go smoothly and the phone worked fine. Except that I couldn't send SMS and when I tried to access the Phone configuration  option, it said for ever to try again in 15 seconds.
I checked the upgrade, and found out that the Extended ROM wasn't upgraded and was still on version 1.66 (I didn't figured out why).
I performed a new upgrade and this time it went OK.
After the upgrade, I could send SMS and access the Phone configuration option. No more waiting 15 seconds!
I then restored my software and data (with Sonnysoft Backup) from a before-upgrade backup and had the same problem again.
After a hard-reset and a clean install (not from backup!), my i-mate runs smoothly: no more problems!

Posted by Gaurav Udani on 16.06.04 - 16:52:15

[6] hi denis....i too faced similar probs like u ...except that my ext rom is 1.72 but the prob still persists....i have already performed the upgrade twice...dont know what to do now...can u pls help me???

Posted by iliri on 19.06.04 - 18:24:03

Arne How can i update my o2 xda to i-mate ? is there an update or what.
Kind regards

Posted by David Underdown on 28.06.04 - 00:28:02

Hi Arnie, I installed both ROM updates from the Club i-mate site. 1st one went OK. But on the 2nd one it just locked up. Now my unit says USB v1.06 and I can't turn it off. I've tried hard resets and taking the battery out for 5-10 minutes but nothing happens, the USB v1.06 screen stays there when power is restored. Anybody have any ideas?

Posted by sid on 24.08.04 - 23:52:29

Hello, Is there any body who can help me get my dear Xda2 interface back (rom 160.50WWE) ive got rom 1.72 now and its a load of nothing. i never should have checked out xda - developers. so if there is any genius out there pls help me i keep getting error code crap

Posted by Brian on 22.11.04 - 15:42:19

Hello there. Can I download this upgrade and install it to my O2 XDA2? Won't there be any conflicts or problems with my O2 with an I-Mate upgrade? Thanks

Posted by Alvaro Behn on 23.11.04 - 19:36:27

Hi Arne, you probably have been asked this question many, many times before. if you have time please write an answer.

So, I have been waiting, like many others, the new ROM update for my QTEK 2020. I bought my device in Germany but now i would like to change the ROM to english. After reading many posts im still not sure if i can use an i-mate update for my QTEK. I know its the same device with different names (XDA, MDA i-mate and QTEK) but i heard that you can not switch between languages and carriers.  is that true?? thanx

Posted by Allan Chua on 07.03.05 - 09:55:22

where can i can i downloads latest rom version for my 02 xda2? my current version is:

rom: 1.66.00wwe
rom date: 02/20/04
Radio Version: 1.08.00
Protocol version: 1337.18
ExtROM version: 1.66.165

is there a version newer than what i got?


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