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UPDATE: i-mate released another ROM update for SP3i including Windows Media 10
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 08.10.05 - 19:55:32 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 21930x
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Finally! I knew it a little bit longer but it took even longer for i-mate to make it available. Anyway, finally it's here - the latest SP3i ROM update for i-mate's HTC Feeler version and this ROM update comes with many improvements, most of us have waited for.
No, it doesn't contains a Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrade (otherwise it would be and upgrade, not an update) but some other important upgrades and fixes:

Upgrades and Fixes:

  • Multimedia
    Windows Media Player 10 for Smartphone
  • Operating System
    Latest build of Microsoft Windows Mobileâ„¢ Smartphone 2003 Second Edition operating system
  • File beaming over Bluetooth
    It is now possible to beam files over Bluetooth using the file manager
  • Improved radio functionality
    • Call audio quality is improved
    • Speakerphone function is now included in the menu for each call
    • The user can choose after how many seconds a call is sent through to voicemail
    • Sometimes the phone would say "Unable to answer call" if the user tried to answer the phone while the call was being forwarded to voicemail. This functionality has been corrected
    • USSD service support is upgraded.
  • Ringtones
    MP3 ringtones can now be used
  • Updated MMS
    • Input phone numbers in "To" field using T9 "abc" mode, MMS cannot be sent while last number underlined
    • After capturing picture, the device might go to album or other photo review option instead of returning to MMS client this has been corrected
    • Sometimes, after capturing a video for inserting into an MMS, the wait cursor would cycle and it would not be possible to insert the MMS. This has been corrected.
  • Updated T9
    • 10 x 10 symbol table introduced
    • Launching symbol table could delete words. This has been corrected.
    • When browsing to the web pages with text input field and keying in words, the very first letter might appear as a number. This has been corrected.
    • Sometimes requesting a capital letter would result in a lower case letter being displayed. This has been corrected.
  • Bluetooth
    Bluetooth serial port functionality has been improved. Users will need to install devices that use the serial port (GPS for Tomtom, Destinator, Copilot etc.) in a new way and these instructions will be posted on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.
  • Java
    Updated Java client to latest version

The ROM update is available free of charge via club i-mate for all i-mate SP3i owners. However, the download requires a login which is available for i-mate SP3i owners only! And, it's for the GSM 900 MHz version only (which is the SP3i which supports GSM 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz).
Since I can not register for the i-mate SP3, I'm not sure if the same ROM update was released for this device also but I expect so. If anyone of you with an SP3 could check and confirm in the comments?

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Tim1 on 08.10.05 - 20:31:20

Cool, thanks for the update. Awaited the Windows Media Player 10 update forever and had the fear already to never see it released on my SP3i I bought from you some months ago.
Going to update now.

Posted by Tizianos on 08.10.05 - 23:42:31

Yes, it's available also for Imate SP3 (just installed!)

Posted by Arne Hess on 09.10.05 - 12:58:49

Tizianos, thanks for the confirmation. Definitely good news for SP3 & SP3i users. Just updated my SP3i and it's working even greater with the new ROM now. Most of all I enjoy the WMP10... smile

Posted by Pennan on 10.10.05 - 11:07:13

I'm interested in all information found in the About page for both the SP3 and the SP3i. The Windows Mobile build numer (4.21.1088 build xxxxx.x.x.x) and the other version numbers found there.

Posted by a-andre on 10.10.05 - 20:00:20

I've downloaded the new Sp3 rom for my T-mobile SDA (I don't have an I-mate device so I can't register on the I-mate website) and I can't use my joystick. Does anyone can give me the direct link to download the SP3i version ?


Posted by Arne Hess on 10.10.05 - 21:23:59

You did what? You've installed the SP3 ROM on your SDA?
Even the SP3i wouldn't work 100 % for you since it doesn't has the t-zones and messaging key. Better try a "downgrade" to the original T-Mobile ROM.

Posted by a-andre on 10.10.05 - 23:21:13

Yes, the Sp3 rom is on my SDA and is working well excepted for the joystick. My prévious Rom was designed for the Qtek 8020 and excepted for the messaging and the t-zones keys, everything was working well. I can still downgrade for any rom but none has WMP10 and the bluetooth transfer.

That's why I'm asking my question again, Does anyone can give me the direct link to download the SP3i rom ? Because I can't access to the I-mate downloading site.


PS: My mail in case of confidentiality (

Posted by DonCarlos on 12.10.05 - 21:35:05

New SP3 ROM in German


Any can send new Rome update for the I.Mate SP3 in German or multi language to me.  Me does not registrien to leave my Handy can do there pre owned a i-mate Handy is alleged.  Ask for forwarding of the new ROM, thanks


Posted by MORPHy on 17.10.05 - 01:54:37

I have a little problem. I buyed my phone I-mate sp3i from second hands and i can`t register on the I-mate website. Does anyone may send to me new sp3i rom?

Posted by MORPHy on 17.10.05 - 01:57:40

I have a little problem. I buyed my phone I-mate sp3i from second hands and i can`t register on the I-mate website. Does anyone may send to me new sp3i rom?

Posted by EYAD on 10.12.05 - 09:17:36

Dear Friend,

Can you please help me to download the update for my SP3i as the site is telling me I have to be current user or by the softeware

Posted by Fatos on 14.12.05 - 17:32:35

Can someone help me on my sp3 Imate , i need to flash my Imate with  a new rom where do i find it and how do i do it ?

am new on this IMATE , it is my first phone/Pda

my Imate it says No Service... i have no idea why ?
please contact me on my e-mail ( )

thanks in advance . people

Posted by Dimitrij on 12.01.06 - 10:29:21

Is there any ROM updates for QTEK 8020 model. I found update for IMATE SP3I, but it says it can't upgrade because it's not imate phone. Is there any tools to change vendor? Thanks.

Posted by NasaRAFE on 23.02.06 - 01:29:46

Here is a web like for I-Mate SP3i Rom Update.
(change _ttps://... https://... before download)

I'm downloading it now and I have used O2 xphone II. I may try and let everyone know about it.

Posted by Zeeshan on 01.03.06 - 09:48:52

I recently bought a used imate SP3 and didn't get any CD, club imate says the device is pre-owned. Is there anyways I can get the ROM update? the link in the last message is for SP3i, will it work on SP3?

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