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UPDATE: i-mate released ROM update 1.66 for PPCW.Net i-Mate Phone Edition devices
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 04.04.04 - 17:15:37 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 9075x
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Club i-Mate today released the expected and previously in the Forum discussed ROM update for the i-Mate Pocket PC Phone Edition. This update is now available for download in both English and Arabic versions! It includes the security fix for MSN Messenger, configuration settings for the Bluetooth Serial Port profile, improvements in handling SMS and the latest radio version but also reduces the number of processes started if you switch on the device and much more.

The update will erase all existing information on your device. It is strongly recommended that you synchronize your Contacts, Calendar, Inbox and Tasks to your PC before updating your device. The details of the ROM image are:

  • Rom version: 1.66.00wwe
  • Radio version: 1.10.00

English Language Version and Arabic language version are both around 25 MB.

Also please make sure you have the latest ActiveSync version (3.71) as well as your device is connected to your PC without a USB hub in between. This can causes updates failures!

I've seen a confidential list of all the improvements and it's really worth to update to 1.66

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Matt M on 04.04.04 - 17:53:19

Arne, I've been testing the update for several hours, and it seems that the ROM is far less polished in comparison to the recent O2 XDA II updates. Bluetooth Serial Port Profiles are extremely problematic with the built-in functionality  - and even with Pocket Bluetooth Tools. Bluetooth Headset profile is much slower to respond than the O2 update - although it does by and large fix the same problems.

In addition, the device runs much, much slower than what O2 delivered. Oh, and battery usage  (or should I say drain) is also ridiculous by comparison.

Almost certainly one to think about very, very carefully before applying. It is much less satisfying than the O2 update.

Posted by Arne Hess on 04.04.04 - 18:00:48

Weird... Honestly I haven't noticed your points (except Bluetooth but since I don't have a Bluetooth GPS receiver (anyone wants to sponsor me?) I wasn't able to test that). I have it running for several days now and I'm satisfied. Also spoke with another MVP yesterday who was pre-testing it also and also he is satisfied.

But anyway, PPCW.Net customers still have the option to download 1.60 from PPCW.Net again, so if you are not happy with 1.66 you can easily downgrade again. :-)

I for myself are pretty happy (but never satisfied anyway ;-))

Posted by Matt M on 04.04.04 - 18:26:24

Fair enough - I actually doubt you will notice it, at least without playing with the O2 update - except perhaps the BT GPS issue when you find a sponsor.. it worked perfectly under O2's 1.60, even without PBT).  I'm much happier with that one and have reverted to it now.

Posted by starly2004 on 04.04.04 - 22:49:17

is it window mobile 2003 second edition with the landscape view ?

Posted by Matt M on 05.04.04 - 08:14:46

No, it isn't

Posted by yoss P on 05.04.04 - 15:23:07

hi matt

can I put 1.60 on my I-mate since this one is an o2 one?

and can i go down from the 1.66?


Posted by Juan on 05.04.04 - 15:58:48

Mat, could you compare version 1.66.00 WWE with version 1.52.00 WWE.  Could you also provide a screen shot of the "Bluetooth Settings" in 1.66.00.  Are there different profiles in version 1.66.00?



Posted by Herve on 06.04.04 - 00:29:10

Earlier today I upgraded my XdaII device that I bought while in Thailand with the upgrade that was available on  The process took about 30 minutes and everything went according to the available instructions.  The Bluetooth issue that I had with my headset (Jabra BT200) has been corrected and the unit seems faster.  I run several applications including an application we developed for our business and they all seem faster.  The only problem I've noticed is that the unit has done a soft reset twice today while in the cradle.

Posted by Edgar on 06.04.04 - 10:26:21


Where can we get the 1.60 upgrade from your site? I'm still running 1.52. Thanks.


Posted by Matt M on 07.04.04 - 04:04:45

Juan, I don't think there's facility to provide screenshots here :-) But the Bluetooth settings applet features the Serial Port Setup (inbound and outbound ports, COM4 and COM5 respectively), as well as Bluetooth ActiveSync setup.

Both Bluetooth ActiveSync Setup and Outbound COM port operate in similar fashion, you select them and are then transferred to the Bluetooth connection screen where you can bond with a compatible device.

For me, neither Pocket Bluetooth Tools or the built-in SPP operated correctly using the 1.66 ROM. Built-in SPP works fine using the O2 supplied 1.60 ROM, but I haven't tested Pocket Bluetooth Tools (haven't needed it).

I believe some people have been applying the old Bluetooth patch for 1.52 ROM over the 1.66 ROM with results, but I didn't test this.

Yoss, you could go to the O2 supplied 1.60 ROM with a bit of help over at XDA Developers, but this isn't a path I typically recommend - warranty issues, and a possible risk to your device.

You can downgrade from 1.66 to 1.52, if you can get hold of 1.52. It's no longer available for download from Club i-mate, it seems.

Posted by Mohd on 07.04.04 - 08:49:59

Juan you can check it here

Posted by Mohd on 07.04.04 - 08:53:49

Matt M Thanks for the info.

I noticed i-Mate with the new ROM update is slower and battery drains faster compared with the old ROM.

Posted by Matt M on 07.04.04 - 11:59:22

Thanks for the confirmation Mohd - didn't think it was just my imagination.

By comparison, the 1.60 ROM is definitely smoother. Standby time with GPRS and Bluetooth enabeld is actually pretty great assuming low usage - much better than before. Not that battery is magically fixed altogether - but the improvement is noticeable :-)

Posted by Craig Shields on 07.04.04 - 20:20:43

I just upgraded my ROM to this latest rev (1.66.00WWE) and I have the two complaints as most:

1) ClearType fonts are misaligned so you get a greenish tinge to all letters. Really looks bad.

2) My iMate XDAII runs slower than previous rev.

Check the forum at the Club iMate site for more details.

Posted by Hienrgy on 09.04.04 - 18:51:29

Hello Matt .. I have upgraded from 1.52 to the new ROM 1.66 on my IMate, and you are absolutely right ...  programs run slow and the battery drain is unacceptable ... and also, I don't see any improvement on the radio version, it still drop calls like hell. Could you direct me to where I can downgrade to the 1.52 ... actually the 1.52 works great comparing to the 1.66.

Thanks alot ..

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