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UPDATE: i-mate released ROM update for PDA2k Pocket PC Phone Edition
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 29.12.04 - 13:04:51 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 16490x
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After the previously released Bluetooth fixes for the i-mate PDA2K Pocket PC Phone Edition, i-mate finally released a complete ROM update for its Pocket PC Phone Edition (also known as O2 Xda III/IIs and T-Mobile MDA III).

According to i-mate, this ROM build provides some significant improvements in radio, audio, Bluetooth and operating functionality.

The upgrade will erase all existing information on your device. It is strongly recommended that you synchronize your Contacts, Calendar, Mail and Tasks to your PC before upgrading your device. On synchronization, hard reset the device (Press the Power ON button and perform a soft reset simultaneously to hard reset).

i-mate provides two language versions for the PDA2K:

World Wide English
ROM version: 1.22.00 WWE
ROM date: 10/22/04
Radio version: 1.06.00
Protocol version 1337.38
ExtROM version: 1.22.162 WWE

Arabic Build
ROM version: 1.31.00 WWE
ROM date: 12/13/04
Radio version: 1.06.00
Protocol version 1337.38
ExtROM version: 1.31.112 WWE

While these ROM updates are supposed to fix most of the current issues, users already reported that not all issues are fixed. Anyway - as always - the update is recommended.

Please note that this ROM updates are available for i-mate customers only. While they might work with the O2 Xda III/IIs and T-Mobile MDA III you need a valid IMEI (device serial number) to get access to the i-mate download page. Also I'm not recommending cross-updates.

Please be patient if you try to download the ROM from the Club i-mate site, right now they have a higher server load than normally which can cause connection drops or unavailability of the site.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Kuli Maingi on 30.12.04 - 06:38:52


can I ask what ROM Upgrade Utility the i-mate rom update comes with? O2 have released a ROM for the XDA IIs,  but it appears to come with the old utility (for Himalaya - HimaUpgradeUt.exe), which has stuck my XDA IIs into flash update mode, and I can't get out of it  :-(



Posted by Tommy297 on 30.12.04 - 07:20:51

Anyone to know how to up Rom i-mate?? i recieve error " Error 120: Country ID error " help me thankss

Posted by enigma on 30.12.04 - 14:37:05

[2] Tommy
I believe your device is not an i-Mate... check your DeviceData.txt...

For more info visit ( 8O Upgrading OS) 8O

Posted by Devesh on 30.12.04 - 16:22:26

Does this update include WMP-10?

Posted by Christopher Spera on 04.01.05 - 17:22:45

[4] No, this includes WMP 9.0.1, Build 14132.  I don't know that we are going to get a WMP10 update... but I could be wrong.

Posted by maltonbranch on 05.02.05 - 22:35:32

im having the same problems - i updates the rom and i had a system crash on my XP windows system and now my XDA is stuck in rom flash mode and my cradle wont work... im worried that my XDA will stay like this - pleasec an someone help

many thanks

Posted by Rod B on 16.02.05 - 01:47:50

[6] Hi There,  have you been able to fix it because I have the same problem that needs to be resolved.  Thanks Rod

Posted by SK on 10.03.05 - 19:52:25

HI there,

I upgrade the rom on my PDA2k, and now it frequently gets stuck on the IMATE splash screen, and continues to have sync issues! I've redone the rom upgrade twice, but still have the same issues...anyone have this experience...any ideas on how to fix it? Help please!

Posted by Mbb on 13.05.05 - 14:11:43

Think twice before buying an i-mate pda2k as even after the upgrade it crashes twice a day and all the data gets lost once a month

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