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UPDATE: Orange released the long awaiting SPV and SPV E100 ROM update
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 09.12.03 - 20:13:07 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 8979x
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Orange recently released its HTC Canary (SPV) and Tanager (SPV E100) ROM upgrade which is available for download now:

Performing this update will erase all of your personal data from your SPV. Orange has developed a Backup and Restore tool that will allow you to protect your data and ensure that it is still accessible on your SPV following the update.

Unfortunately, this tool will not be available from this site until the week commencing 15 December 2003. Orange recommends that you do not perform the update until this time, unless you are prepared to lose the personal data and settings you currently store on your SPV.

The latest ROM update to will provide you with the following key benefits:

  • MSN security fix
  • Improved performance
  • Enhanced battery life for SPV E100

Before you continue with the update please check that:

  • Your PC is running Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP
  • You have installed ActiveSync 3.6 which was supplied on the companion CD in your SPV box
  • You have synchronized your SPV with your PC using the SPV cradle or USB cable

When you click on the link below to start the download, the update file will be placed on your PC first, and then automatically start the upgrade process. We have included simple instructions within this program to guide you through this process. The estimated download time is between 15 to 30 minutes. We advise that you use a minimum modem size of 56K.

Please connect your cradle directly into the USB port of your PC before starting the update, and ensure that your SPV is also connected to the power supply throughout the process.

Orange offers updates for UK, French, Swiss and Danish customers.

Great news and no - I haven't forgot you. The PPCW.Net i-Mate Smartphone ROM upgrade is coming soon too! ;-)

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by taasadi on 10.12.03 - 06:59:50

they releas fro the old one they should release update for the new onr SPV200 !!!!

Posted by Bazsy on 10.12.03 - 16:04:39

Hi Arne,

Do you think there will be a ROM update available for I-Mate users to upgrade the op sys to SmartPhone 2003. Of course this might be a license issue, but I belive we would pay for that too.

Kind Regards

Posted by fowljr on 11.12.03 - 08:54:22

Hi Arne, I just carried out the English upgrade from the Orange site, now instead of Radio on/off, my smartphone now says Aeroplane on/off, which is a bit strange. Also the version that my phone is upgraded to doesn't match what Orange say it should be, my phone states, where Orange say it should have upgraded to! Anyone else had similar results??

Posted by Giacomo on 12.12.03 - 14:48:41

I'm I wrong or they forgot the Swiss Upgrade ROM!?! I have an SPV with Qtek 7070 rom whisch does not allow me to make the upgrade with the UK rom...

Posted by andrew on 02.01.04 - 04:15:37

doing the upgrade only made my phone crash, now when i turn my phone on it just keeps on coming up with the bootloader screen!!!!

Any help?

Posted by yi xiao on 14.01.04 - 22:58:32

hello, andrew, I had the same problem like you . follow these steps carefully :

1.    Remove the battery for 30 seconds again and replace.

2.    Place your SPV back into the cradle

3.    The SPV should boot up and display three colours.

4.    Rerun the update program.

if it fails again, change to another pc and do the same. good luck !!

Posted by dennis on 17.02.04 - 16:48:49

anyone try to use spvunlock with orange and get error setting link parameters?

Posted by Murat on 26.02.04 - 13:40:04


i have the same problem. Did you solve it yet?

Posted by murat on 26.02.04 - 13:42:25

Hi Yi Xiao,

I have the same problem. Now I can`t get connected with my PC via Active Sync. What can I do?

Posted by nauman on 07.04.04 - 16:03:44


i have spv classic (the first one). i was changing the gprs/wap settings on it 2 those for the o2 network. After completing this i was accessing wap on the phone.After i finished using it i disonnected it and the fone hanged for a short period. It then started working again. I decided to re start the phone and when i turned, it remains on the orange screen and doesnt start. Now I cant use my spv as it doesnt boot up.  can sum1 please please please help me. Thanks alot. Hope 2 hear from you soon

Posted by Eli Fung Cheung on 20.05.04 - 17:39:51

Hi! Where can i get the latest ROM Upgrade for E100?

Posted by jephri on 18.06.04 - 03:08:37

i did have the canary screen problem but removing the battery and restarting the phone resolved that problem for me, but the problem i am having is the keys lock after a few seconds and do no respond at all. tapping the on/off button brings them to life, but only momenerily.

is anyone else having this problem or does anyone know of a solution. ideally i would like to go back to rom 1.6

Posted by David Hamer on 30.07.04 - 21:32:51

Hello there.
I have just purchased the first edition of the Orange SPV phone.
I've just tried to log into msn messenger. But when I log in, it says I need to update msn with a newer version.
The problem is: I am having problems connecting the spv usb cradle to my computer. Whenever I connect it to my computer it says the device isn't recognised.
I build computers for a living, so I know it isn't an error with my computer.
But how can I enable winxp to recognised the usb cradle??

Thank you so much for your help in advanced!!

David Hamer

Posted by Kamil on 21.09.04 - 11:18:51

is it possible, that new upgrade kill my spv????? I've got a problem with my device. I tried to upgrade my phone, the program give me the answer error 113. Now i cant turn on my device. There's no answer when i plugin the charger (led no lighting). Phone is dead. Whatcan I do???? Plesae help!!!

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