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UPDATE: Orneta Notepad for Smartphone 2002 is now on V1.14
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Monday, 07.04.03 - 22:01:20 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 6711x
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Orneta has been updating their Notepad application for the Smartphone 2002 at a blazing speed. Version 1.14 has some new features that make this Notepad application an indispensable add-on to your Smartphone. Text can now be attached to email ad there is an option to set the Font weight too.

Other notable features of Notepad 1.14 are as follows:

  • Send files/text as SMS (the program can determine the number of SMS a concatenated SMS is composed of)

  • See size of the text in title bar dynamically

  • You can set the left margin size

  • You can now change “Weight” in “Font Settings” so that you can set bold or light font styles if you wish

  • Send as an Email Attachment: Menu>Misc.>Send via Email

  • Editing functions: Copy/Paste/Delete/Undo

  • Selection mode where you can select text for editing purposes

  • Searching functions: Search/Search Next (the text that has been found will be highlighted and the window will be scrolled to the position of this text so that it is visible)

  • Use font of any size you want - very big or very small - this allows the user to see much more information at once (small font) or read from a farther distance (big font)

  • Word wrap

  • Recent - list of files recently opened - so you can rapidly open recently edited files without browsing for them each time

  • Opening/saving of files at any location is possible due to the integrateed mini-explorer

  • All settings are saved to the registry so that the next time the application is opened, the settings are remembered.

  • The option to turn the filename on and off in the title bar, so if you have a longer filename the chars (number of characters/size) get hidden, or beyond the edge of the screen, in Menu>Misc.>General Settings there is a checkbox to turn the filename display on or off.

  • The possibility to specify a file to be opened as an argument: create shortcuts or associate this program with some file types (txt or any other) and then you can access this program with a command line argument, for example content of shopping.lnk can be such:
    56#“IPSMWindowsStart MenuAccessoriesOrnetaNotepad.exe” Storage Cardshoppinglist.txt
    and thus you will be able to start program with the text opened inside - immediately.

This application is available for free. The application is not signed and will require an unlocked Smartphone 2002.

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