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UPDATE: Pocket Bluetooth Tools for HTC Himalaya released in version 1.1
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 14.04.04 - 18:32:00 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 7766x
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As announced earlier, Pocket Bluetooth Tools adds the missing Bluetooth functions to the O2 XDA II (and similar Pocket PC Phone Editions, like the T-Mobile MDA II or i-mate Phone Edition).

The current version includes a couple of interesting updates and enhancements:

  • Support for Bluetooth Headsets and Car kits (Headset and Handsfree profile). You may use up to 9 devices at the same time and you do not need to bond the again.
  • Support for the SSP profile (serial port), e.g. for GPS receivers or modems.
  • Support for ActiveSync (synchronization with Outlook and Internet connection).
  • Switch Bluetooth on and off automatically.

The current version 1.60 of the ROM already includes a virtual serial port but unfortunately it is a dynamic port, which is not visible to many applications. Also the ActiveSync support is difficult and complicated to use and if you want to synchronize with different computers you always have to bond the device again.

For future releases the developer plans the following improvements:

  • Support for Bluetooth network access points.
  • Send contacts and files through Bluetooth.

I've already used the serial "modem" functionality of the previous version with my 3G/UMTS devices which made my i-Mate Phone Edition the fastest Pocket PC Phone Edition, currently available - pretty handy and also the Handsfree profile is highly appreciated. However, I'm not sure why to add send contacts/files too - this is working for me anyway or does I missed anything?

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by smx on 15.04.04 - 10:04:05

Are there any light in supporting STEREO bluetooth handsfree? It's just  quite strange why nobody did it yet. Did U heard smth about it?

Posted by Helio Diamant on 16.04.04 - 06:10:10

Careful, I have had 2 problems with this version:

1. When I am NOT using a headset and Bluetooth is turned of, every time the phone rings the drivers turn Bluetooth on and begin looking for the headset, what makes the call get "stuck" for 2-3 seconds in which both sides are shouting "Hello" but not hearing one another. It also doesn't turn Bluetoth off after the call is finished when this happens.

2. On uninstall, Activesync kept the "Sync via bluetooth with..." line in the menu, so when I re-installed version I go stuck with two similar lines there, one working and the other one not.

I have contacted Tobias Valdwogel on these issues and I am waiting for his response.

Best regards,


Posted by Fidel on 16.04.04 - 10:06:50

So far, I had all sorts of problems. I installed the new version very happy to think that FINALLY my carkit problem was solved and...guess what? Of course, it doesn´t work!!!

Moreover, my i-Mate no longer syncs over BT. At least the modem feature works perfectly.

I´m SO FED UP of Bluetooth...I can´t understand it. I believe is one of industry's biggest failures all over the world.

Posted by Chris on 16.04.04 - 11:40:17

No, bluetooth worked fine on my old Nokia 7650 and I loved it. It's just broken on Smartphones...

Posted by beecher on 16.04.04 - 15:02:04

Does anybody know how to setup the new today battery icons?

On Tobias pages is info: "The two battery icons on the right side let you switch between two profiles for auto power off of the PDA and the back light. For example you may switch to the second mode and adjust the settings to "always on" and "never switch back light off". Thereby you can switch the PDA with one simple to "always on" when you are in your car and want to use GPS navigation."

I'm not sure, I understand well, but where can I setup that profiles?


Posted by Matthew on 22.06.04 - 02:01:50

Having installed the program I never get prompted for which profile I want to use when I setup a new BT connection (Using XDA II, 1.60 ROM). Am I doing something wrong? I know the programs installed because I get the toolbar on the today screen. My GPRS modem is as unstable as ever :-(

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