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UPDATE: Pocket PC Bluetooth Tools for HTC Himalaya
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 25.01.04 - 20:34:31 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 12975x
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In December I've reported about "Pocket PC Bluetooth Tools" for the HTC Himalaya platform and since the first version, it made some serious progress I want to follow-up now.

Pocket Bluetooth Tools adds the missing Bluetooth functions to the HTC Himalaya Phone Edition which was pretty weak with the first ROM but updated with the later released ROM update. However, this Bluetooth implementation is far away from a perfect solution and therefore Pocket PC Bluetooth Tools still has its right to exist:

The current available version from 11.1.2004 includes:

  • Support for the SSP profile (serial port), e.g. for GPS receivers or modems
  • Support for ActiveSync (synchronization with Outlook and Internet connection)
  • Switch Bluetooth on and off automatically

As I said before, the latest available Himalaya ROMs includes a virtual serial port which is unfortunately working dynamically, which doesn't works for many applications. Also the ActiveSync support is difficult and complicated to use and if you want to synchronize with different computers you have always to couple the device again.

For future releases following improvements are planned:

  • Support for Bluetooth headsets
  • Support for Bluetooth network access points
  • Send contacts and files through Bluetooth

I'm not sure why to add the Bluetooth headset and file/contacts beaming support because this is - as weak the original stack is - already supported with the current Bluetooth implementation.

After you've installed the fix, you will not find a new program icon on your device but next time you bond it with a new Bluetooth device, an additional dialog will pop-up (see screenshot above).

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Dave on 26.01.04 - 14:27:49

Is it possible to upload this to  I've just grabbed the other update via a mate's internet, but it seems 1/2 the internet providers can't reach the official download site.  I recall people having similar complaints last time the utility was reviewed here.

I'd recommend the tools to everybody.  I spent days mucking about with bluetooth and activesync to no avail.  It was a while before I gave this solution a go because I couldn't get hold of the installation file.  It fixed ALL of the problems I was having with activesync.  I was so annoyed I'd wasted so many hours trying the various "solutions" etc on the net when this fix was so easy.

I'm impressed with the automatic bluetooth on/off feature, very handy.

Posted by Tobias on 26.01.04 - 18:09:36

I recognized that my page is sometimes hard to reach and I have set up a mirror long ago. Currently there are two URLs:   (english by default, fast) and (german by default, sometimes very slow)

I am sorry for any inconvenience.

Posted by Oliver Schivelbusch on 26.01.04 - 21:02:21

As far as I found out, the BT Headset profile of my MDA2 supports only one headset. When I connect to another one, I cant use anymore the first. This might be something, the guys are going to fix..

Posted by Fidel on 28.01.04 - 18:56:38

I can't believe no one is really working on a solution for the PPC Phone Edition i-Mate to support Bluetooth car kits!!!

Is anyone even worried about it? For me is really a disaster because I used to make lots of phone calls while driving and now that I have a far better device than my old Nokia 6310i, I can't!!!

Any one has my same problem? Any solutions so far? I didn't have time to update my i-Mate yet, but I don't believe it will solve the problem...

Posted by Arne Hess on 28.01.04 - 19:04:35

No it's not supported because you need the Bluetooth Car Profile but the Himalaya supports the Headset profile only!

And this have to be updated within the Bluetooth stack of the device because it's Bluetooth profile related, like the HID (Human Interface Device) profile for keyboard and mouse!

Posted by Fidel on 28.01.04 - 19:17:49

Sorry Arne, I don' t follow you.

Does your answer mean that the i-Mate will NEVER support the BT Car Profile???

If the answer is no, which I hope, do you have any estimation of time or cost for this problem to be fixed / updated?

Thanks, Fidel.

Posted by Arne Hess on 28.01.04 - 19:24:13

I don't know if it is added to a later version. It depends on many factors I'm not all aware of. However, I know some folks which are using it with free speaker systems but these Bluetooth systems also supports headset profile.

Posted by Adamz on 29.01.04 - 17:08:08

How does the Bluetooth automatic On/Off work?  There doesn't seem to be info about that on the site.  Mine still seems to be always on, but I do have it connected to the BT headset.

Posted by Fidel on 29.01.04 - 18:46:50

Be careful with this SW, I installed it hoping I would find a way of solving the carkit problem and...instead of that, I got perfect Activesync configuration but NO possiblity to use the iMate as a wireless BT GPRS modem any longer. Then, since there is no way of configuring nothing because the SW does everything by himself (you can only switch options if you bond your device one time after another) I tried to configure the wireless modem accepting no BT Activesync, and wasn't able either!!!. I don't think it is such a good SW, not for me at least.

Posted by Fidel on 29.01.04 - 18:54:52

Arne, can you tell me if you refer to devices like ECHO's SFK306 which supports hansfree and headset profiles?

I'm really decided to buy it and avoid waiting for my Nokia Carkit to work with a possible future update of the iMate...but need to be sure first.

Thanks, Fidel

Posted by Arne Hess on 30.01.04 - 10:18:52

Fidel, I don't know the manufacture but have to ask  next time I will see them. However, you are right and you might find a shop where you can test it first with your Himalaya.

Posted by Dennis on 12.02.04 - 17:19:20

Hello Arne, I have purchased recently a MDAII and cannot get the activesync to work with the Bluetooth, do you know of a way to change the com port on Active sync, it only allows for Com 3 or 9, and my bluetooth driver only allows for 10 or higher...  Dennis

Posted by Simon on 16.02.04 - 06:08:52

So, if I were to get a Bluetooth Access Point for my PC, could I (or could I not) receive hi-speed internet on my imate? Thanks

Posted by Bader on 22.02.04 - 11:25:31

I have the most recent Imate Pocket PC, and i was wondering if its possible to connect to my university WiFi Network in order to browse through the internet from the WiFi. If u can help in any way, plz email me. Thanks loadz

Posted by Arne Hess on 22.02.04 - 11:29:53

@Bader: If you want to go with Wi-Fi, you need a Wi-Fi adapter. Please see here for my review of the SanDisk SD card:

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