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UPDATE: red e SC1100 Smartphone ROM upgrade with major enhancements available
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 28.06.03 - 17:30:14 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 7348x
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Just received some screenshots from a red e SC1100 Smartphone (the Microsoft Developer Kit terminal) updated to the ROM build 1053 which shows some major updates and improvements.

I really hope that other ODMs, like HTC will follow Compal soon (Compal is the Original Device Manufacture of the SC1100 which is market by everlink wireless as the Microsoft Developer Kit) to include some of the new features and updates as well:

  • Updated MoU table:

    Finally it seems that the latest and correct carrier names are used.
  • "Radio off" is replaced through "Airplane Mode":

    I wonder if this is a change by Compal or from Microsoft?
  • The Windows CE 3.0 Build Version got a major update:

    All HTC Smartphones I've seen so far are using 13.37.
  • Preinstalled into the ROM is a File Explorer now:

    Finally it seems that the ODMs starts to realize that leaving it out of the devices doesn't makes sense.
  • More languages than English only are supported now:

    Nothing against Portuguese but why no support for German also?
  • SIM Manager preinstalled:

    I wonder who made this design? Something HTC terminals already includes.
  • SIM Application Toolkit (SAT) support:

    Since SMS is still the killer data application and SMS Info-Services are widely used and supported, the support of SAT still makes sense. SAT is also already supported by HTC.

Overall the SC1100 got some important updates and improvements. I like the new name for "Radio off", even if I still doubt that a flight attendant will currently accept the use of cell phones in the "Airplane Mode" anyhow. ;-)
Also great is the fact that the SC1100 comes with a File Explorer now while I still wonder which impact the Windows CE Build update has on the overall performance of the whole device.

Cheers ~ Arne

Related Links : [Microsoft Developer Kit] [everlink wireless] Source : [M. Zimmermann]


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Posted by jpzr on 28.06.03 - 18:18:35

Wow! PPCW writes now more about smartphones. Much more. It is very good!!!!

Hopefully the file explorer and SMS tools will be preinstalled also in SPV phones...

Posted by Charlie on 29.06.03 - 08:54:00

Great, upgrades are always needed.

Ive got the HTC Qtek 7070 and the three (I think) have included Airplane mode and more language settings and I think Sim tools is the same as STK service?!. File explorer is still missing though :'( Build 3.0.13101.0 ( + Radio 1.35). I will keep an eye out for it in the next upgrade!

Best regards

Posted by Chris on 29.06.03 - 20:30:10

I have Qtek 7070 and I'm waiting for the update too :-)

Posted by Pablo on 08.07.03 - 05:55:51

Hey guys !!

I'm curious as to this device since I've been wanting a smartphone for some time now... I wonder if I could buy the developer's package and register this phone with my SIM Card from T-Mobile.  I mean, I don't see why not since it is unlocked and all... oh by the way, do you have any idea if the phone ringer is loud on this device?  I am looking for something fairly loud like the Pocket PC Phone Edition.

Thanks again  ~~Pablo

Posted by Pablo on 08.07.03 - 05:58:29

oh, I forgot to mention about the GSM services on the phone... does this mean that it won't work outside the local area?

Posted by Pablo on 08.07.03 - 06:21:50

Disregard that last message, I read that the SIM card included will not work with GSM... I guess my main concern is if will work with my carrier and how this phone compares to the HTC Tanager since I've been reading alot about that phone.

smile   Pablo

Posted by Arne Hess on 08.07.03 - 12:10:21

@Pablo: I've tried the Compal AR11 wich is basically the same as the SC1100 and it works with the 900/100 GSM network.

Why wouldn't it work?

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo

Posted by Steve on 01.08.03 - 16:48:17

it works fine with tmobile

Posted by Fabian on 12.08.03 - 16:36:36

Is the upgrade available for download anywhere?

Posted by Cyberdim on 29.08.03 - 02:29:01

There is a newer ROM (1055) on the everlink ftp for Compal smartphone.

Posted by DImitar on 18.07.04 - 11:55:45

its super tphone I am from BULGARIA and its soooooper

Posted by Nick on 08.08.04 - 21:44:33

I have ar AR11 or SC1100 phone. I have ROM 1021 currently on it. It seems as though I need to upgrade the firmware to 1049, then 1053, before I can upgrade to 1055 for the 2003 install. Does anyone know where I can find these binaries. They aren't available on the everlink site any longer. Thx in advance.

Posted by rui on 06.09.04 - 01:32:09

I like to now how can y put  t9 portuguese  in my QETK 7070 i already updated the rom  but i don't have  portuguese can you help me

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