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UPDATE: Samsung releases the first ROM Update for the Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 06.08.08 - 17:12:20 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 45044x
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Samsung Singapore just made its first ROM update for the SGH-i900 Omnia Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional smartphone available which can now be downloaded from the web.
This self-service ROM update (no more service center returns) should include new functionalities like new widgets for Samsung's custom Today screen and a brand-new Hanyu Pinyin text input method for typing in Chinese characters as well as several bug fixes. Other changes and enhancements are unknown yet because Samsung doesn't published a detailed change-log.

While the mentioned update is for Singaporean users only it might be a good idea to bookmark the site anyway since it seems to be Samsung's site, where i900 Omnia updates will be published. It's the same Samsung Mobile promotion server which is also used for the SGH-i600 Windows Mobile 6 upgrade and the country selector for the Omnia download (at the moment only Singapore is offered) indicates that further countries will be added as soon as the Omnia is launched across the world.

Anyone update the Omnia already? If so, please let us know from which version to which version your updated and if you noticed any changes.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by theefman on 06.08.08 - 18:35:20

First reports are not good, seems at least 1 person has bricked their phone due to a failed update and 1 other user reports haptic feedback is gone after updating.

Posted by SHC on 06.08.08 - 20:48:54

I wonder if the UK version will ship with this ROM? Actually I wonder  when this device will ship to the UK?

Posted by theefman on 06.08.08 - 21:14:08

More reports coming in and it seems the update problems are due to Vista as users using XP are having no problems. So far reported are new widgets, the Samsung Today 1 plugin and a world clock.

Posted by theefman on 07.08.08 - 03:47:04

Done the update myself with no problems on XP, still exploring but as posted a few new apps and more options.

Posted by hlov on 07.08.08 - 08:01:24

I have done the upgrade in Vista, no problems, the ROM is ok but I was waiting for the european one.

Posted by bern on 07.08.08 - 13:23:49

just updated the phone in vista... here're the issues: haptic feedback is gone! (in most places, and most importantly typing. still present inside opera and home screen buttons). key lock by pressing the end key is gone even with the setting enabled. finger scrolling in menus still doesn't work.
here's what worked: 3 new widgets present (but imho not useful...), phone seems faster (especially browsing files). the silly rhythmic vibration options now down to 5 instead of 20!?! (duh). screen rotation faster and with a less annoying animation.
will find out if the phone will switch off on its own...

Posted by Pam on 09.08.08 - 03:06:13

Updated yesterday, push email no longer works.

Posted by dave on 09.08.08 - 08:13:36

in canada: just did stupid update and wish i hadn't! haptic feedback is gone as written by others! ssssoooooo frustating!!! what's the point with this phone...might as well get iphone...omnia has so many issues since i have had it. it seems everyday that there is a new problem to stress me out! samsung better fix this soon with a new update or i'm done with this thing....HTC or Apple will get my money!

Posted by dave on 09.08.08 - 08:16:51

btw...i did my update with XP and i still have the "no haptic feedback" problem.....

Posted by ronaldb1 on 10.08.08 - 21:19:10

Update (win xp) worked. Just go slow and wait between steps. haptic feedback has stopped.

Posted by Tom Tan on 12.08.08 - 03:12:05

My Omnia died on me after trying to upgrade the firmware. Service Centre says it's motherboard corruption and now I am waiting for it to return to me sad

Posted by MICHAEL Unhappy on 13.08.08 - 08:33:38

Having bought Samsung"s new Omnia I have experienced SO MANY PROBLEMS ..

(1) the camera function fails to work kept warning insufficient memory when I havent even downloaded anything. Many of my friends experienced the same problems. Need to power off and on again to get camera working.

(2) now failing to transfer recorded video from Omnia to my pc. Both cable and bluetooth failing to transfer.

(3) WiFi doesnt connect.

Worse still, I have been waiting 48 hours to get a return call after I asked for help on the Samsung Omnia Hotline 6513 3260 [SINGAPORE]

I have also called the Samsung Main Hotline 1800-SAMSUNG (726-7864). Staff says I will get a reply soon. After 4 calls to them, I asked to speak to the Customer services manager. That was 24hours ago. Still no reply from both The Omnia guy or the Manager.

Anyone else experiencing these poor services from Samsung Singapore ? 

Posted by rhylton on 14.08.08 - 00:47:36

Same issues.  Upgraded using Vista, haptic gone, memory error often when opening camera (even without other apps open), etc.  Horrible update.

Posted by BassamAlharbi on 18.08.08 - 11:26:05

I didn't do the update yet, do you recommend not to do it??

Posted by bern on 18.08.08 - 18:58:09

after some days with the upgrade, i gave up and sent the phone in... the same issues in my prev post still exist. phone still switched off on its own (i'm hoping this problem will warrant a replacement of sorts!). service center confirmed: LOSING HAPTIC FEEDBACK and LOSING KEY LOCK are known issues!! duh?!!! did they test this ROM at all??
YES my recommendation is to NOT update to this ROM!

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