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UPDATE: SmartphoneNotes for Windows Powered Smartphone reaches target line
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 19.05.03 - 13:48:26 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 6257x
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Good news reached me on weekend from the developer of SmartphoneNotes, which is an Outlook add-on and will enables you to synchronize your Outlooks Notes with a Microsoft Smartphone (see my Alpha Preview here).
He seems to enter the final stage and the latest version I got from him is signed. This means no more hacks in ActiveSync to get Outlook Notes synchronized; something very important as otherwise it would be useless for most of us since you have to certify the ActiveSync provider with a developer certificate!

Also he is currently working with Orange to get it certified for the SPV which means it will also work with original out of the box Smartphones.

Create new Notes on your Smartphone and synchronize them back to the PC. Also Notes from Outlook are synchronized to the Smartphone.

Also supported now is sending your Notes embedded into an E-Mail or SMS message.

As well as dialing phone numbers, sending E-Mails or visiting web sites right out of the SmartphoneNotes:

SmartphoneNotes is expected to be released soon; right now the developer is figuring out a proper price as well, so I wonder what you would pay for an application like SmartphoneNotes. As he is also reading PPCW.Net, this is your chance to give him some hints what's for both a fair price for could be, take this chance! ;-)

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by joe on 19.05.03 - 14:38:27

... however this function is elemental, and so the price could be a bit higher than normal (market side) prices. I would pay $9.99 for the software, as it is fair.

best regards


Posted by Bullson on 19.05.03 - 16:25:38

I´d "like" paying 10 Euro for this product. I think Joe isn´t able calculating prices with his turkish bid. wink

Posted by Saif on 20.05.03 - 11:28:19

Is there a known limit on how long each note can be? This problem was identified by the Orneta team who are currently working on a fix for it.... If there isn't a length issue then this could be very interesting wink

Posted by Arne Hess on 20.05.03 - 11:41:30

I haven't seen limitations so far. As a test I've copied this story including comments into a new Note in Outlook and synchronized it with SmartphoneNotes. It's 378 words with 2111 characters long and works; completely synced and accessible on the Smartphone.

Don't know if you have longer Notes but for me this is absolutely enough! :-)

Posted by joe on 20.05.03 - 15:05:36

Am I calculating turkish? Don't think so... ;-) *g* But I would even pay €10,00 just to get it, bullson, I would pay also $19,99 cos this thing is a must have, but watch me if I pay this much... grrr...

Posted by Stephan Schmidt ( on 20.05.03 - 16:44:12

I also think €10 would be a great price.

Posted by Norbert Allan Z. Aquende on 24.05.03 - 01:17:36

Does anyone know where i can download the beta?

Posted by NickC on 24.05.03 - 05:54:29

I hope the developer releases it before someone offers to buy it from him. Essential software that I desperately need. I would pay watever was asked! Well, almost anything.

Posted by Arne Hess on 24.05.03 - 17:55:15

@Norbert: As I wrote before, it's not available as public Beta download :!:

@NickC: No, I don't think someone will buys it exclusive from him and even if so - it would be released, I think... But actually I haven't heard from any plans... :idea:

Posted by Matt Stevens on 22.06.03 - 21:35:13

I have been checking the internet everyday scince i heard about this little beauty and therefore would pay a pretty steep price for a quick release!!!!  This is essential for any Smartphone owner - i think the genius who's finishing this should take advantage of Microsoft failiure to include such a feature, and charge whatever they like.

can't wait, can't wait, can't wait


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