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UPDATE: T-Mobile Germany now offers BlackBerry support for the MDA III
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 26.01.05 - 13:28:04 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 7729x
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In addition to the MDA II, T-Mobile is offering another multimedia device in the shape of the MDA III that supports the BlackBerry e-mail push service. Additional models will be launched in the near future. As with a BlackBerry handheld, e mails are also received automatically in real time on the MDAs while attachments such as Word files, Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations can also be displayed. Corporate customers with their own e mail server can integrate the MDA III just like a BlackBerry handheld into the BlackBerry Solution. Additional functions such as automatic calendar synchronization and mobile access to the corporate address book are also supported. And, of course, residential customers who have set up their e-mail access with a provider such as T-Online for instance can also use the MDA III with the e-mail push service.

To use the BlackBerry e-mail push service, devices that have already been purchased must be retrofitted with special software. The program can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet at The user then needs to worry only about the normal online connection charges. From the beginning of February 2005 a CD-ROM including the software for the e-mail push service will be bundled with the MDA III.

Whether you're looking at BlackBerry or BlackBerry Solution - from the beginning of February 2005 the monthly charge for the e-mail push service including data option will be a standard €17.40 (€15 net). This charge is made up of the basic charge for the service of €12.40 (€10.69 net) plus the additional charge for the new Data 5 option of €5 (€4.31 net). From February 1, Data 5 will be replacing the existing Data 2 option and for the same monthly basic charge now comes with an inclusive volume of five instead of two megabytes. The inclusive volume is enough to transmit up to 2,500 e-mails each two kilobytes (KB) in size using a mobile device. E-mail attachments are only downloaded where required and are highly compressed. As a result of the price reduction and increased volume from two to five megabytes, most BlackBerry users will in future be able to
complete all their e-mail communications on the move for just €17.40 (€15 net) more per month.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Arne Hess on 26.01.05 - 18:32:54

[1] Since it is released by T-Mobile Germany, it's most likely that it is German (which is our main language here ;-)).
There are no news for an iPaq ROM update and RIM will not deliver it separately, HP have to cooperate with RIM to integrate it into the ROM. So it's up to HP.

Posted by David on 26.01.05 - 17:59:40

It looks like this is a rom update does anyone know if it is English or German.  I am using a 6315 and a BB and would love to diitch the BB, any news about software for the iPAQ.  If this rom update works for us I'll just get the MDA III.

Posted by thefa on 01.02.05 - 11:01:50

[2] Anyone can explain how this works? Does this require installing a specific software on the MDAIII? Where do we get the emails? In pocket outlook or in a third party apps to be installed?


Posted by Changejt62 on 01.02.05 - 22:05:37

[1] My question is .... when would RIM be available for the US or AP market?

Posted by Changejt62 on 01.02.05 - 22:08:26

[2] Someone....Please help....  I am loosing my eyesights from reading the puny Blackberry screen/fonts....  My company would not support any other device to tap into the corporate network....  If someone knows whena nd where I can purcahse a MDAIII with RIM capability..I am all for it!

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