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UPGRADE: HTC releases Android 2.3/Gingerbread for the HTC Desire - kind of
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 01.08.11 - 10:25:04 CET under 04 - Android News - Viewed 23764x
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Early July, HTC promised the long awaited HTC Desire Android 2.3/Gingerbread upgrade for end of July and now, HTC has released something which seems to be the promised update. However, it neither comes over the air nor is it free from footnotes. As a matter of fact, HTC says that the Desire upgrade is only recommended for expert users who want to experience Android 2.3 and understand the limitations which apply to this update. Due to memory constraints several applications have been removed from this update and HTC is only offering the ROM upgrade utility (RUU) for customers to download. Furthermore HTC says that this Rom update is for development only and not for general public use.

Since it's flashed the traditional way - from a PC - this ROM will erase all previous customizations, including any messages, E-Mail, contacts and other personal information. However, the SD card will not be erased or modified.

The major changes in this update include that all customizations, including operator applications, will be removed; all wallpapers, except the default wallpaper, will be removed and placed online on the HTC Developer website;s everal HTC applications will be removed and placed online on the HTC Developer website; the official Facebook application will be removed and is downloadable on the Android Market.

While it makes sense that upgrades to non-authorized phones may result in loss of functionality it's unclear what HTC mean with "certain functions may no longer be usable after re-flashing the ROM, including but not limited to MMS and SMS"? Is this just a general warning that it could - very theoretically - happen or is HTC expecting that it happens on most of the flashed Desires?

Anyway, it looks like a couple of HTC partners aren't too satisfied with the Android 2.3 build and there fore, due to concerns raised from partners, the following regional variants are not-compatible with this upgrade: Germany (Deutsch Telekom), North America, South America, South Korea, and Japan.

However, if you still feel that you want to upgrade your HTC Desire to Android 2.3 now, you can get the 161 MB download from HTC's Developer site.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by scott8094 on 01.08.11 - 12:21:43

This is great! But how do I upload it to my HTC Desire handset?

Posted by John on 01.08.11 - 14:43:32

scott8094 wrote:

This is great! But how do I upload it to my HTC Desire handset?

You need HTC Sync on a PC and download the update from HTC; you then connect your Desire in HTC Sync mode and run the update. It'll wipe everything on your phone (SD Card is not touched, but take a backup just in case).

Posted by giant-awake on 01.08.11 - 15:43:28

anyone tried it yet? hows it with sms and mms. is this working or not?
thx a lot! cheers

Posted by cmhh on 01.08.11 - 16:07:58

Works perfectly fine for me. Nothing really too different, though.

Posted by rob on 02.08.11 - 06:31:20

works fine here in Australia

Posted by dave on 02.08.11 - 20:22:14

seems to work fine, have recieved sms, never use mms. can send recieve emails, and chats, wha I do most, so all good

can not pick up anything new though

Posted by heliod on 04.08.11 - 06:49:05

Nothing really changed. Not enough memory left, battery time not good enough, and the phone is not really much faster than with FroYo.

I am back to the REDUX ROM, which gave me 100MB free main storage with the Dalvik2SD option, twice as much battery life between charges and a device which runs like a rocket. I am ready to give up on Sense for that.

Posted by onetom on 07.08.11 - 07:23:44

just did an upgrade on a singaporean desire z from thailand *over the air*.
the upgrade was ~107MB and took around 2hours to download via an edge connection.
the flashing and rebooting took around 10minutes.
everything went fine.
it's not slower than before.
notification area is better, since there is a tab for frequently used features, like wifi/bt/hotspot on/off.
i hope the otherwise not very good battery life wont be worse, but will see.
the application manager says 161MB used 159MB free.
im wondering what ppl mean by "not enough memory left"...

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