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UPGRADE: Siemens released free WM 2003 upgrade for its SX56 Pocket PC Phone
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 31.01.04 - 15:52:01 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 19788x
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Siemens seems to be the first company which released a Windows Mobile 2003 upgrade for a its Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition and best of all - it's available for free!
While we still wait for the WM 2003 upgrade for the T-Mobile Phone Edition (US and Europe) from today the Siemens upgrade is available from its website:

This free update contains the following enhancements:

  • Call mute
  • Suggest feature to show e-mail addresses
  • Signature feature
  • Auto-correct feature that corrects common spelling errors
  • Call barring to control incoming & outgoing calls
  • New connectivity notification provides more information and commands for phone and data connections
  • Character counter in SMS
  • Windows Media Player 9 Series
  • Pocket Internet Explorer improved display and access to websites
  • Advanced ActiveSync scheduling option
  • SMS Caller ID and contact list are integrated
  • Separate volume control for ringer and system sounds
  • Auto band selection when traveling overseas

This ROM software is version A.30.09:

Please note - even if Siemens is suggesting a Windows 98 or higher for performing the upgrade I seriously want to warn you trying such kind of ROM upgrades with Windows 98, ME or NT! Please - only use Windows 2000 or XP PCs for ROM upgrades! Also note that it is designed for the Siemens SX56 only and I can not recommend any cross upgrades - under no circumstances!

The enhancement Siemens announced as new above are the standard Windows Mobile 2003 enhancements and really worth to use! I already run an old xda for a couple of months with Windows Mobile 2003 now and it works faster and more stable, not to mention the feature enhancements!

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by marco on 02.02.04 - 12:41:19

I'm owner of O2 XDA I with GSM/GPRS connection.

I' just installed the WM2003 PPC version (ROM 4.00.05 ENG, RSU 4.21.00) from

Is this Siemens version newest of my version?

Can I install the Siemens upgrade, or can't run on my XDA?




Posted by smittyofdhs on 02.02.04 - 22:13:19

BTW... this update also updates the radio stack.

Posted by smittyofdhs on 04.02.04 - 22:15:36

what a piece of crap!!! If you haven't updated the ROM...DON'T!!! it's sucks badly. THe device is not as stable as it was running 2002 OS. I've already tossed mine in the drawer and went back to my MPX200. I can't believe how bad it is, I've had to reboot about 10 times now and 1 hard reset too. ATTWS just ruined their PPCPE for good.

Posted by Trudy on 05.02.04 - 20:58:23

I have tried to download the upgrade three times. The first 2 times (Netscape browser) it freezes at 51%. The third time (with Internet Explorer) it froze @ 83%. Any suggestions?

Posted by Nghia Vo on 08.02.04 - 09:41:01

I tried to install WM2003 on my SX56, downloaded the execute file and get an "error 012" ; ROM image incompatible with mine.  It shows

my current info. : Model: PW10A1, ROM version: 3.17, Language: English

the new ROM info: Model PW10B1, ROM version A.20, Language: Enlgish.

I called the customer care, they asked me to soft reset but the problem still. I called back and was told to install the activesync 3.7 (instead of 3.7.1 - current ver.)  and the pocket pc version 2002, then upgrade to WM2003.  The same error message came up. 

Does anyone has the same problem and figured how to solve it? if you do please help this fellow.

Posted by CHUY ATILANO on 08.02.04 - 17:39:24

I have a siemens SX56, i was upgrading to WM2003, followed all instructions, msync 3.7.1 needed to upgrade and I have been getting this error 009 UPGRADE ROM IMAGE ERROR, I already uninstalled msync 3.7.1, install it back, I started with msync 3.5, then msync 3.7, got same error, then again msync 3.7.1, got same thing. did soft reset , hard reset, I just ran out of options...hopefully somebody has the cure for this.

Posted by Dutchie on 12.02.04 - 09:05:24

Use for model PW10A1 the program "adaptROM.exe". This program pathes the NK.nbf file.

Posted by Phoenix on 23.03.04 - 03:46:39

Your version of the pocket pc is for the t-mobile rom version.  Go to their website and download theirs.  I found out about it because my rom doesn't match any t-mobile rom.   Mine was A.30.09 eng.  I found out myself that the seimen one works with mine.  Your version will work with the t-mobile one.

Posted by Corey on 30.03.04 - 22:59:27

I have the same problem -  ERROR 009:  UPGRADE ROM IMAGE ERROR.   It's a T-Mobile pocket pc phone edition,  and I downloaded the update from T-Mobile's website ( -  If anyone has any information,  please email me.   Thanks!

Posted by Corey on 31.03.04 - 02:11:20

Just got off the phone with T-Mobile regarding the ERROR 009 -  they said that during the upgrade process,  the ROM must have become corrupted and can't be flashed via the USB cable/cradle anymore,  so they did an exchange.   I hope this helps!

Posted by sam on 09.04.04 - 13:19:04

Siemens SX 56 Pocket PC Upgrade will work for Qtek 1010 Pocket PC? Please help me in how to upgrade Qtek 1010 to WM 2003

Posted by Stacey on 12.07.04 - 02:45:37

[9] Does anyone still have to upgrade program for WM2003 for the T-Mobile pocket pc?  I can't find my file.

Posted by Jack on 13.07.04 - 15:43:12

[12] File is no longer available as a download from Siemens. My service is AT&T wireless and I want to try and update this phone. Does anyone have the ROM or a link to where it can be downloaded?

Or what is the ROM files name? Maybe I can find it on a P2P site.

Posted by Jay on 14.07.04 - 20:27:34

[13] Does any one know where we can find the download file to upgrade from 2002 to Windows Mobile 2003?

Posted by Arne Hess on 14.07.04 - 20:56:13

[13]  [14] From the Siemens web site:

"SX56 Pocket PC 2003
We are sorry. This Free Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 Update is no longer available from Siemens."

So all the places where you can find it now distribute it illegal!

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