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USABILITY: First hand impressions of the SPV E200 by MoDaCo
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 10.10.03 - 18:37:27 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 5989x
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My fellow MVP and MoDaCo webmaster Paul had the chance to play with the Orange SPV E200 during Microsoft's möbius conference and here what's his first impressions:

It's VERY nice, apparently has the same processor as the e100:

  • But is noticeably faster, probably due to the additional RAM (32MB).
  • The camera is 640 x 480 still, but the picture taking application is excellent, with the update being very fluid, as you would expect from an internal camera.
  • The phone includes a 'Camcorder' application which records at QVGA, and is suprisingly effective.
  • The new joystick is a definite improvement on the old one, being very simple and smooth to use.
  • I haven't had a big play with WMP, but it does have WMP9 codecs, and allows WMA format ringtones too.
  • I haven't seen the egg timer at all in the period I had to play with it.
  • Here is what I think is the best bit... MS have provided a native MMS client in Smartphone 2003! This means no more EZOS client, and the MS client is a vast improvement.
  • Activesync over Bluetooth is supported in the base OS, so that will work, but the Headset profile needs to be implemented by the OEM - I think it's safe to assume that HTC have implemented this, although I haven't personally tested it.
  • The E200 includes the new enhanced start menu previewed in the Orange presentation some months ago, which works pretty well.
  • All in all, the E200 is a pretty exciting bit of kit, and something I'm definitely looking forward to getting my hands on for real testing!

Read it - "but is noticeably faster" [...] "I haven't seen the egg timer at all in the period I had to play with it". So as I said in many comments before, it's not because of the CPU only but also because of the OS support and integration. For me it means that even if the SPV E200 uses a "slow" CPU (only) like the SPVs before it runs faster and works more stable.

Beside this the specs are nothing really new as it was already known that the SPV E200 will use Windows Mobile 2003 and therefore will has a new Media Player as well as the hardware specifications like Bluetooth and camera was already known.

Now I want to see it finally released... ;-)

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Tommy Watt on 10.10.03 - 19:22:39

Cant decide....

Can someone help!

I have $200-$300 to spend on a PDA Phone...  I am interested in either Pocket PC Phone Edition or a Microsoft Smartphone like this one.  I'd give computers up before I used Palm, so don't go there.  <grin> [...]

Comment moved to Forum and can be found there

Posted by Corey McLaughlin on 10.10.03 - 22:07:20

OK Where can I buy one??

Posted by Arne Hess on 11.10.03 - 09:03:09

What would be interesting to know is how much RAM it takes up to run the whole Smartphone OS and its accompanying applications.

Windows Mobiele 2003 is supposed to have been enhanced to run in different ROM types, this being NOR Flash and NAND Flash... Another thing to look at is the implementation of the IPSM which is basically ROM allocated for the user's use and how much RAM it takes to run user installed application... Remember user installed applications are located in ROM but need RAM to run them.

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo

Posted by Rocker on 11.10.03 - 13:07:29

Lame. I've been waiting for an exciting Microsoft Smartphone but the more I wait, the clearer it becomes that it's not the form-factor that is putting me off, it's that lame, slow processor and MS software.

Forget this rubbish, either get a Treo 600, SonyEric P800 (new P900 about to be released), or for more features, a Tungsten T3 and a bluetooth mobile phone.

This post is from a former Ipaq lover, so don't write me off as a MS hater. Don't waste your money.

Posted by Aye on 12.10.03 - 15:04:14

When will it be available to Thailand?

I really want to buy it because I do not want to carry Palm Zire 71 and my phone together. Just carry this stuff 's great.

Posted by JJ22 on 12.10.03 - 15:35:27

As I know, the Oragne shop at Rama IV said it's probably launched by Jan next year.  I'm looking forward to seeing it too.

Posted by Majid on 13.10.03 - 01:56:52

I am wait in sweden!realy i like to have one.

Posted by Kevin Mulgrew on 13.10.03 - 10:08:43

I'm looking to buy a SPV 200 mobile. Who can help me out as to where I can go to buy on e Sim Free ?

Posted by Walter Anderson on 13.10.03 - 19:24:30

Does anyone know if an SPVE200 fits the existing SPV Carkit or do I have to buy a new one?



Posted by Aye on 14.10.03 - 03:51:57

Thanks JJ22

Posted by bluelight on 14.10.03 - 07:56:44

when will Smart Phils launch this Baby?

Posted by Hassan on 19.10.03 - 16:58:45

i'd really love to have my hands on one of these

i have the I-Mate smartphone

Arny do you know when will i-mate release this model?

and if you will sell them over your site?

Posted by Benj on 19.10.03 - 17:41:55


            Kabayan, i think you are in the position to tell me... when will SMART

launch the Voyager in our country. It is already hounding me in my sleep so

im begging you to please tell me  when ? ,when ? when ?.....

Posted by Benj on 19.10.03 - 17:41:54


            Kabayan, i think you are in the position to tell me... when will SMART

launch the Voyager in our country. It is already hounding me in my sleep so

im begging you to please tell me  when ? ,when ? when ?.....

Posted by Taasadi on 22.10.03 - 19:29:55

this mean that we will have i-mate smartphone 2003 if anybody heard about that just tell me when it will be available


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