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UTILITIES: Xetra's Xbar and Thermo reached version 1 - Xmail available in Beta 2
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 25.08.03 - 19:55:49 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 8276x
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Xetra recently informed me that his Xbar and Therma utilities for Smartphone 2002 reached version one stage and are available for free download from his homepage!

Xbar is a graphic oriented task switcher for Smartphones which lets you switch between tasks and close open tasks/applications as well as it provides you information about phone memory used and since Beta 4 also information about your battery health as well as the current temperature.

Thermo shows you the current battery temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit and while this might be relative inexact as long as you hold the Smartphone in your hands its working not that bad if you put it for a while onto a table.

In addition Xmail is in development. It enhances your Inbox to be used with more then one account only by adding a script engine to Inbox which lets you select/switch between E-Mail accounts with two clicks only. However, it doesn't adds multiple accounts to Inbox but changes the account information only.

I've tested it in Beta 1 and I lost all SMS as well as all synchronized mails from my Desktop Outlook and not this only. Because for ActiveSync the synced mails was deleted it also removed all that E-Mails from Outlook with the result that I lost 5 days of E-Mails.
Thankfully I had a 1 hour old backup of my Outlook PST file which enabled me to recover all mails. So if you try Xmail, be very careful with it!

All Smartphone utilities are free of charge but Xetra asks for a small PayPal donation so please be so kind if you like what he developed so far.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by robert johnson on 26.08.03 - 19:00:14

xbar looks great.  any way to get documentation / instructions in english?

Posted by Xetra on 26.08.03 - 19:25:45

Bug in beta 1, in fact beta must be install when inbox was empty.

This bug is corrected in beta 2.

Sorry for this sad

Posted by Xetra on 26.08.03 - 19:27:50

Xmail enable you to use multi inbox/account information.

But all account have one inbox "folder".

Posted by Arne Hess on 26.08.03 - 19:33:20

@Xetra: So you mean I will not lose my SMS messages anymore with Beta 2 AND I'm still able to send and receive SMS messages!? I wasn't able to do it when I installed Beta 1... It completely screwed up the Inbox...

At least I don't care if I have to switch between the different accounts and will lose that E-Mails in the Inbox but my SMS and ActiveSync'ed messages should stay on the phone as well as I would like to send and receive SMS.

Is there a dedicated English Beta Forum for your developments available?

Posted by Arne Hess on 26.08.03 - 21:13:47

@robert johnson: Unfortunately not; haven't seen it so far. Google's translation is your friend like my (my school French is super rusty).

Posted by Xetra on 27.08.03 - 19:23:22


Last beta will not delete all your mail.

And you can send and receive sms (but when receive an sms, it will be stored in the active account.

BAckup your mail and try it smile

Any bug can be reported in the modaco thread

Posted by Xetra on 27.08.03 - 19:25:09

@robert johnson

I will translate all my docs when i have more time smile

@aren : xmail is in beta status, xmail will be 100% free even in the xmail final 1.0 version.

Posted by Arne Hess on 27.08.03 - 19:28:50

@Xetra: Hey - yes I already did after I've commented it yesterday here.

I took a fresh, blank, virgin i-Mate and installed it. Works good so far but still seems to have some configurations limitations. At least the Xmail screen looked weird first time I've opened it. For any reason it didn't found the original account.

Any thoughts about adding a kind of "remove account" option also? Also I would prefer if the account names would stay fix let's say 1 cemail, 2 mail_a, 3 mail_b, etc... right now it's always rotating/floating... ;-)

Anyway - great work so far :!: Keep up your good work!

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