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UTILITY: fit4cat Hermes Tweaker for HTC Hermes Pocket PC Phone Edition
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 16.08.06 - 11:01:46 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 44872x
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Most of us advanced Windows Mobile users are tweaking the registries of our devices to get more out of it. Sometimes because the ODMs and OEMs either have disabled some of the features or because you want something different than Microsoft or the ODM has predefined. However, tweaking the registry always causes the risk to damage the device which can result in having a hard-resetting to get it back alive again. Easier and more convenient is the way to use an application which does the changes for you - like fit4cat Hermes Tweaker which was recently released for the HTC Hermes (aka O2 Xda trion, T-Mobile MDA Vario II, Orange SPV M3100 or HTC TyTN).
Basically it's a compilation of known registry hacks as you can find it over at but as I said, it's all together in one handy application and you don't have to fire up your Registry Editor.


  • Enable GPS Settings
  • Enable and show the Wireless plugin in Today screen
  • Disable the OEM/Carrier Phone Skin
  • Remove Battery and Wireless Manager from Tray Icon
  • Disable SMS Sent Notification
  • Show Cap/Shift State
  • Enable and Mount Extended ROM
  • Improve Bluetooth Stereo A2DP Sound Quality
  • Enable/Disable HSDPA

fit4cat Hermes Tweaker is available for free from the developer page but requires a forum registration. However, at the moment the site is available in German only, including the registration. But you only have to fill out the first 4 forms: "Benutzername" (User Name), "eMail Adresse" (E-Mail), "Passwort" (Password), "Passwort wiederholen" (Repeat Password). After you get a confirmation E-Mail with a link you have to follow to activate your registration. After you've followed the link you can login and download fit4cat Hermes Tweaker.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by BongoUser on 16.08.06 - 16:36:30

Hi Arne,

thanks for testing and for this News Post !

Posted by MarcTGFG on 16.08.06 - 18:07:25

Enhancing stereo bluetooth? That implies bad quality without the program, right?

Posted by Arne Hess on 16.08.06 - 18:39:58

Well, not sure if we can say "bad quality" but it looks like we have several options available:

Microsoft suggests the following bitpool values for optimal buffer sizes.
30 - Low audio quality
40 - Medium audio quality
48 - High audio quality
58 - Excellent audio quality
Chose one you like. I think 48 is good enough.

For UseJointStereo: use 0 instead of 1, then you got the real stereo.

I have tried some but haven't heard a big difference yet (maybe I have a Tinnitus). Also I'm not sure what's this "Real Stereo" vs. "not Real Stereo" is...

Nevertheless, I think these different options are also CPU speed related and might helps to improve Stereo Bluetooth on "underpowered" TI OMAP devices.

Posted by need help on 21.08.06 - 21:02:55

hi guys (n gals) im new to this so bare with me....

Ive recently bought an spv 3100 on orange (aka HTC TYTN), i read about the tweaker n downloaded from fit4cat.

What i need to know is how to install the files i recieved onto my unit to be able to adjust my handset.

Ill admit im a novice so a step by step guide on installation would be a great help.

With thanks in advance


Posted by Arne Hess on 21.08.06 - 22:04:10

* First you have to download the *.CAB file to your PC
* After you have to copy it from your PC to your Hermes device using ActiveSync on your PC (which allows you to drag and drop the file to your device)
* Now open the folder on your device you've put the the file (using the inbuilt file explorer on your Pocket PC)
* Tap the *.CAB file and it installs on your device
* Now you can open the Start menu and you get a shortcut to fit4cat in the Start menu
* Tap on the fit4cat shortcut and it opens
* After you've made your changes, don't forget to save the changes

That's it! smile

PS: *.CAB files always needs to be copied and installed on the device. You cannot execute them on your PC but you always need to copy them over to your Windows Mobile device. CAB files are a kind of installation files for Windows Mobile devices (just as a tip for future downloads).

Posted by with thanks on 22.08.06 - 00:44:28

id like to say thank you for you help, i have now installed fit4 on my spv3100 and it works perfectly.

As im here, i was wondering if you knew of any software similar to agile meseneger which would allow use of the VGA cam (video call cam)as a web cam whilst i chat online?

Also, as you can fathom my fone has been branded by Orange so i am stuck with an operating system which looks how my "network" wants.

Now by law im tied into an 18 month contract which i dont mind but i want the fone to be fully unlocked (to be able to use any SIM and to look as per windows 5 should) without Oranges branding basically lol, is there any advice you could recomend or software i should be trying to seek?

Again, any help would be greatly appreciated.

With Thanks


Posted by Frederico on 22.08.06 - 03:27:04


Just a quick question: does HSDPA activation works with HTC TyTN? or only with Xda trion?

Thanks in advance for the reply.


Posted by BongoUser on 22.08.06 - 13:22:08

Frederico wrote:


Just a quick question: does HSDPA activation works with HTC TyTN? or only with Xda trion?

Thanks in advance for the reply.



on TyTN HSDPA is enabled.
Only on XDA trion is it disabled at the moment.

Posted by Arne Hess on 22.08.06 - 14:35:33

Just a small addition: Also on the Orange SPV M3100 it's disabled and not sure if it is enabled on the TyTN all the time by default.

Anyway - as BongoUser told me in a chat, you can check yourself if HSDPA is enabled already:

Open "\Windows\PreConfig.txt" and  check the HSDPA status - it's either "SetHSDPA.EXE /Disable" or "SetHSDPA.EXE /Enable".

Posted by Frederico on 23.08.06 - 01:25:25

Thanks. The HSDPA is enabled. It is strange that the official specs of the HTC TyTN I have bought do not mention anything about HSDPA. How can I know that the connection is using HSDPA and not only UMTS?



Posted by BongoUser on 01.09.06 - 18:54:47


i have updated my Tweaker:
Release 1.1 can download here:

English peoples can register now here:

Have fun !

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