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UTILITY: Pocket OOZ released Sketch IT for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 14.07.05 - 21:34:55 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 8460x
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Pocket OOZ has just released their latest creation called SketchIt. Sketch IT is a notes organizer for the Windows Mobile Pocket PC Today screen. Taking notes has to be as accessible as easy as possible but taking notes electronically is very slow and inconvenient as it's not just ink and a piece of paper or Post-it. No, we have to go through a number of menus and dialogs before we can taking notes.
Finally this is changed with Sketch IT - now you can just take your stylus and your Pocket PC out of your pocket and start noting! Whether it's writing down figures, drawing pictures, playing games - everything is possible right from your Today screen.


  • The e-Ink engine which provides the application with a blazing fast drawing engine, even on the Today screen of your device. The application itself is only 32kb, it has been designed to keep the system running stable with no lags or workflow brakes.
  • "Powered by e-Ink" - allows fast writing directly on the Today screen using virtual sheets.
  • Customize it! Design your own background and use them as your virtual sheet.
  • Perfect work flow! Accessible when you need it, no need to press any buttons or perform any other tasks. Turn on your device and you are ready to go.
  • Big when you need it big. Small when you need it small. Change the size of the Today-plugin instantly. No need to go through time consuming dialogs.
  • 9 different pen colors and 7 different pen sizes make your notes readable anytime.
  • Saving? Yes, but quick - save your notes with one click, Just tap the save button to save your current sheet.
  • Unlimited undoing, even if you have saved your work, you can undo anytime.
  • The "Lock Sheet" feature prevents accidental drawing to your note
  • Sheets up to 640 pixels height on your Today screen are supported.

Sketch IT is available from Handango or via PayPal (what the developer recommends) for US$ 10,00 and is also available as a trial version. With the trial version you can only create 3 pages out of 10, undo isn't supported, plus some other limitations.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by PocketOOZ on 16.07.05 - 13:22:49

Thanks for the support arne!

Posted by Karl on 18.07.05 - 00:41:57

Is there any similar software, where you can add handwritten comments on PDF files, i.e. PDF Viewer with comments-function?
That is what we are looking for, to substitute our tablet-PCs by a PPC like HTC Universal that is announced for later this year, since we deal with all our (paper-)mail by scanning it to PDF-files where our employees add handwritten comments on (by using the pen on the screen) and send it back to the office via e-mail.
If anyone knows about such a software PLEASE let us know!

Posted by Arne Hess on 18.07.05 - 09:11:05

Karl, I've never heard of such a PDF version for Pocket PCs. All I have seen so far are "dumb" viewers but nothing you can add comments.
Anyway, a solution could be Cerience's RepliGo which allows you to convert documents like PDF but also add the comments feature:
Unfortunately this means you have to convert your PDF's to RepliGo. sad
Maybe Cerience's RepliGo PDF Mobilizer can help you here:

RepliGo PDF Mobilizer allows organizations to provide unlimited PDF content to their mobile professionals in one simple step.

Using all new technology, PDF documents can be converted and deployed to several mobile device platforms with ease. This includes Windows Mobileâ„¢ Pocket PC and Smartphone, Palm OS 5, Symbian UIQ, Nokia Series 60 and even Windows.

Imagine providing your entire mobile workforce with instant access to reference manuals, sales materials, reports, CAD drawings, spreadsheets, corporate presentations, and more.

Find more information here:

Posted by Karl on 28.07.05 - 11:41:28

Many thanks Arne.

I don´t understand, why no one is offering such software, since it would make the mobile office much more convenient.

RepliGo etc. is to uncomfortable since you have to convert the PDF-Document first.

Well, it seems as if all we can do is wait and hope...


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