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UTILITY: Spb Software House released Spb Clone for corporate roll-outs
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 26.01.05 - 11:53:14 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 8340x
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Spb Software House, a leading Pocket PC software developer, released Spb Clone - an application that allows you to clone and restore applications, files and registry settings onto several Pocket PC devices.

Spb Clone software allows you to quickly deploy your business solution onto a huge number of Pocket PC devices. Only one device is wholly configured, and the rest are clone copies. The support solution has never been this simple. Your employees can quickly repair the software crashes by simply inserting a storage card with a self-extracting seft-starting clone image on it. Additionally, this software can provide some unique settings (like device names and IP settings) for the clones.

This program was being developed with enterprise scenario in mind. Spb Clone was initially supposed to be applicable for two major use-cases:

  1. Deployment of a solution involving many identical devices
    Suppose, your solution has in service many (maybe hundreds) identical Pocket PC devices. All these devices are supposed to be used in the same way, and have identical software and settings configuration. It takes a lot of time to configure necessary registry settings and deploy desired applications to a device that must be configured from zero. When one needs to configure a new device, re-configure the old one, or reconfigure the whole pack of devices he must perform all the same operations, like installing programs, changing registry, adding files, etc. This often requires attention to details, good memory and, last but not least, some skills and knowledge. All this procedure can take from 10 to 30 minutes for one single device. Therefore if you need to configure the whole set of devices, the entire process could take up to several weeks. And you may not be sure that you made no mistakes and did it all right for each device.

    If you use Spb Clone, you will have to configure only one device and clone it to other ones. The whole process is performed automatically, all software is installed accurately configured, free of errors, with minimum human intervention and as fast as possible.
  2. Deployed solution support
    Suppose one of your devices, equipped with your application and used in another city, crashed. Your main application deployed on the device doesn't work and it needs fast repair. You could waste a lot of time going there and restoring its functionality or trying to solve the problem by phone.

Instead you use Spb Clone, create several storage cards with clone images of a configured Pocket PC, and provide your employees with these cards. In any software crash case your employee can hard-reset the device and plug the card in. The clone image will be restored automatically.

Software Features

  • Easy restoration (just insert the storage card)
  • Optimized restoration speed
  • Data security (password protection supplied by AES algorithm (Rijndael))
  • The clone devices should not be wholly equal. In most cases they should have different names and IP settings in order to avoid conflicts. Spb Clone supports an administrative tool for providing both customizable names and IP addresses for the clone devices. This can be done by means of an initiation file, which contains templates for names and IP addresses. This feature does not affect the restoration simplicity.
  • Finally, it should be mentioned that Spb Clone and Spb Kiosk applications used in one business solution are a most effective combination. You can use Spb Kiosk for deploying your custom kiosk-mode application on a Pocket PC device and clone it onto several enterprise Pocket PC devices.

Pricing and Availability
You can download a demo or a full version of Spb Clone. The demo version provides the same functionality, but on the clone copies from time to time there will appear demo version notifications. You can purchase the full version for an unlimited number of Pocket PC devices for USD 299 from (affiliate).

Cheers ~ Arne

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