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UTILITY: SyncData is close to release SmartphoneNotes 2 Beta
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 03.03.05 - 21:19:06 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 8576x
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SynData, maker of SmartphoneNotes (which is IMHO the best and only true Notes "plugin" for Windows Mobile Smartphones - something Microsoft should consider to license ;-)) seems to work on a new version: SmartphoneNotes 2.0.
At least it appears on SyncData's Beta software page with a screenshot - however, right now there is now download available.

Nevertheless the screenshot already provides a good hint what SmartphoneNotes 2.0 will provide:

  • Color support in overview and as background (as we know from PC Outlook)
  • Categories support
  • Sort & Filter
  • Much more

The current SmartphoneNotes version is one of my most used applications on the Smartphone (because I've changed from Post-It's to the digital version - Outlook Notes) and SmartphoneNotes allows you to sync you Outlook Notes to your PC as well as you can create new Notes on your Smartphone to sync it back to Outlook (see my SmartphoneNotes 1.0 preview here).

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by JF on 04.03.05 - 09:55:15

SmartPhone Notes isn't the only Notes sync for the SmartPhone. Phatware's PhatNotes has a SmartPhone version also. Neither are particulary impressive though I must admit.

Posted by Arne Hess on 06.03.05 - 01:30:09

[1] But does it syncs the PC Outlooks Notes? I'm not talking about a note taking application but about an application which syncs down my PC Notes to my Smartphone.
In addition to the Smartphone application, Syncdata also provides an ActiveSync plugin which syncs between the Smartphone and Outlook - that's unique! ;-)

Posted by roma on 07.03.05 - 15:21:44

[2] Not unique, PhatNotes does the same. I don't know what's so good about SmartphoneNotes. All it does is sync between Outlook and your handheld. It doesn't have any options and links every stupid digit in a note as if it's a phonenumber. PhatNotes does a bit more, but is twice the price of SmartphoneNotes. Maybe because of the extra desktop application that you don't need if you use it to sync with Outlook.
I am curious though what the new build has to offer.

Posted by chucky.egg on 14.03.05 - 12:55:10

Gotta agree with roma on this
SmartphoneNotes (when I got it) was the only option, but it's hardly a winner.  Adding colours?  whoo hoo. not.  Categories might be useful, but how about importing SMS into notes, or changing font size, or matching names (not numbers) to Contacts, or saving Notes as text files... there are loads of things they *could* do to make it more useful.  Colours is not high on my list.

Posted by Arne Hess on 16.03.05 - 20:29:19

[3] As you say, Outlook is my single point of information for contacts, appointment and notes and therefore I prefer SmartphoneNotes over PhatNotes.
It's the simplicity it offers which makes it so valuable for me.

For me, my Outlook notes are like digital Post-it's, I write down a lot of stuff (including phone numbers) and getting it synchronized in both directions is the most important for me, especially because I sync my Smartphone with Outlook with Pocket PC and back.

[4] If you check the features again, it adds more then colors only which is handy anyway since I'm sorting my notes with colors also.

Posted by roma on 08.04.05 - 16:37:43

[5] Well, my trial of Smartphone Notes ended today. I hope v2.0 comes out soon since the added categories might be enough for me to buy it, I realy need categories to find notes back on my phone. Colours is nice. I work with them in Outlook as a first sorting option. Option to change font is necessary and matching numbers and names to contacts, like chucky.egg suggested, would be a great option.... well, my 2 € cents.
Lets wait a little more......  neutral

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