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VIDEOVIEW: HTC TouchFLO 3D User Interface for Windows Mobile Professional
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 06.05.08 - 13:09:08 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 137216x
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Together with today's HTC Touch Diamond announcement, HTC also announced a new version of its HTC TouchFLO UI - previously codenamed as "Manila UI" and now called TouchFLO 3D - which follows the first TouchFLO UI which was initially introduced last year with the launch of the HTC Touch. Like last year, we already had some quality time with HTC's latest GUI development which we tested on a preproduction unit of O2 Germany's upcoming O2 Xda diamond. Unlike the first TouchFLO, TouchFLO 3D is now part of the Windows Mobile Today screen or better - it completely replaced Microsoft's Windows Mobile Today screen.

Therefore, TouchFLO 3D isn't launched anymore by flickering the finger from down to top but it's already there, right after the device is turned on:

HTC's TouchFLO 3D features a new Start-screen which includes a clock, information about missed calls and about the next appointments. Furthermore it includes a smart-dial list which is customizable and where you can add you favorite contacts. Next is a SMS and MMS overview followed by an E-Mail overview. Photos and Videos is the next screen and finally, TouchFLO 3D is also able to play videos without opening Microsoft's Windows Media Player. Next to it is the Music screen which shows all your available tracks with cover-art followed by a shortcut to the Internet which either starts Opera Mobile or predefined favorites (in this case shortcuts to O2 services). Next is the Weather information which now shows a forecast of up to 10 selectable cities, followed by Settings and the Programs menu which is also partly customizable as well as gives a direct link to all available applications without using the Pocket PC typical Windows Mobile flag anymore.

As you can see in the above video, the HTC Diamond includes an orientation sensor/accelerometer which rotates some predefined applications automatically, like Opera Mobile or the photo viewer.

TouchFLO 3D will be part of all new HTC Touch devices (but carriers are free to exclude it from their own devices). However, a TouchFLO 3D upgrade for current HTC Touch smartphones (like the Touch, Touch Dual or Touch Cruise) isn't planned due to increased and changed hardware requirements.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by MTM on 06.05.08 - 13:41:34

How did you manage to get your hands on one so early?

Anyway, the swiping action seems a bit slow. I hope it will be fixed before release.

How's the touch screen? The same as in the old Touch or are they (hopefully) moving to some capacitive technology instead (like the Prada and the iPhone)?

Posted by npeters on 06.05.08 - 14:57:09

How did you find the sensitivity and responsiveness of the screen? Have they improved it to almost Iphone level

Posted by Nima on 06.05.08 - 17:07:38

Your reviews are excelent but unfortunately I just can see 30 secs of your video review.
can u help me?

Posted by Arne Hess on 07.05.08 - 08:36:06

@Nima: Hm, for me the video works fine. Maybe the server was a little bit busy when you tried yesterday (because some sites unfortunately deep-linked to the video and embed it into their sites). Can you try again?

@npeters/MTM: I would say, from what I was able to test, that it's still the same as with the previous Touch smartphones. And please keep in mind that Apple and HTC are using different technologies (because HTC has to support stylus as well).

@MTM: Just got my hands on one... ;-) The slow actions seems to come from the early device I used for the video. Yesterday's devices on the press event worked way faster, so there is hope! :-)

Posted by guruWW on 07.05.08 - 14:57:58

Hi Arne,
was it able for you to find out, if the opera browser has integrated flash support? or will it be the same kind of solution like apple with only a seperated youtube application?
greez guru

Posted by Andy on 07.05.08 - 18:57:06

Great! Thank You!

Posted by MTM on 08.05.08 - 01:00:39

I was kind of hoping this device would have a capacitive (iPhone'ish) touch screen. It just works much better for finger-based navigation.

I know HTC is using resistive touch screens for their support of styluses, but isn't this new device supposed to be used (almost) exclusively with your fingers?

Anyway, keep us updated wink

Posted by McStarr on 11.05.08 - 20:16:41


It's a very beautiful phone, I hope to get one in june if the price is not too high.

I like the video, what is the song?

Posted by thorsten on 12.05.08 - 11:07:16

Do you think it will be possible to change the blue O2- Skindesign into the original black from HTC without changing the Rom or something else?

Posted by Arne Hess on 12.05.08 - 13:13:51

@McStarr: I got the song from a label for the::unwired's videoviews.

@thorsten: By default, you wont be able to change back to the black HTC skin but I'm sure, as soon as HTC's Diamond is on the market, someone will extract TouchFLO 3D and will provide a cab-file without the need to flash the whole ROM.

Posted by McStarr on 12.05.08 - 20:30:04


How can i download this video?

Posted by Arne Hess on 13.05.08 - 01:00:36

I'm sorry but the videos are not designed for download.

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