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VIDEOVIEW: HTC TouchFLO Touch Screen Experience [UPDATE]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 05.06.07 - 13:40:39 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 101549x
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Following HTC's earlier HTC Touch announcement and the introduction of TouchFlo, here we go with an exclusive video walkthrough which shows it better what TouchFlo is and can provide. TouchFlo is definitely groundbreaking for Windows Mobile devices since it offers a new and unique way of controlling touch screen-based devices by recognizing and responding to the sweep of a finger across the screen. TouchFLO, the new underlying touch screen technology developed by HTC allows consumers to simply sweep their finger up the display to launch an animated, three-dimensional interface comprising three screens: Contacts, Media and Applications.

The interface can be spun by swiping a finger right or left across the display, providing efficient access to the features consumers use most. TouchFLO also enhances finger touch scrolling and browsing of Web pages, documents, messages and contact lists.

TouchFLO in Action:

Contacts and Internet Explorer Mobile Navigation:

More videos to come soon - stay tuned and bookmark the site or subscribe the RSS feed.

UPDATE: I got some feedback and questions regarding the responsibility of the screen. Please note, that normally the device is used with the thumb but for a better video recording, I've used the forefinger in the videos above. If you use the thumb, the screen is way more responsive because you have a better pressure point/angle.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Fuller on 05.06.07 - 15:27:56

brilliant, thanks for the videos! is always the best and trusted source for the latest info! wonder how you guys manage to get your hands on all this stuff! anyway, I appreciate it.
no to the touchflo: while it looks like a great add-on, I definitely dislike that it jumps from the touchflo gui to the standard win mobile gui. this breaks the whole experience since you have to use the stylus in the end anyway. sad htc should better cooperate with spb since these guys know how to develop guis!

but ok, it's just the start. any feedback from apple yet? wink

Posted by hani on 05.06.07 - 21:07:36

trying too hard to be an iphone. they should create their own thing!

Posted by bazza on 05.06.07 - 23:13:21

then why dont you do it, if its so easy.

Posted by AlesE on 06.06.07 - 06:31:35

Not impressive.
Poor HW, with some launcher SW and different screen.
Want's to compete with iPhone, but can't.

I really hope HTC is developing better things for the future, because repackiging of Wizard HW can only last for a while...

Posted by Taylor on 06.06.07 - 09:18:25

Hey arne, how is test inout on the touch?

HTC is one of my fav companies, but they are showing their stupidiy with the release of this. The main thing i am upset about is the fact that they had the opportunity to utterly destroy the iphone, but instead they just ripped it off!!!! This interface could be implemented on any win mo pro phone so why not make the htc kaiser or advantage have an unraised bevel and touch flow, they could have put so much better hardware in this thing, even with the addition of 3g they could have totaly destroyed the iphone, but no, they just stick their head up their butts and release a half baked idea like this. Love ya htc, but im disappointed with you.

Posted by cr0ft on 06.06.07 - 10:43:21

It's pathetic to watch. The touch screen is obviously the plain old one that works pretty poorly with finger presses, it really needs a stylus. You see the guy pushing at the screen, it doesn't register, he pushes again, it doesn't register, then he pushes a third time and finally it registers.

Everything is slow with the usual Windows Mobile visual lag, and it is clearly a half-baked shell on top of the usual WM shell.

Gag. It's such a pathetic attempt at copying the iPhone without getting the whole point - speedy response, seamless GUI, great hardware. Instead you get hardware that isn't optimized for touch (and forget multi-touch), software that isn't optimized for the task and essentially a pretty embarrassing and brazen attempt to copy the iPhone paradigm.


Posted by Ryder on 06.06.07 - 17:18:14

Guys, come on, tap the brakes a little. 
You're talking about the iPhone like you've got one in your hand.
The iPhone has been so overly hyped that there is no way that it can live up to its expectations.
All I ask is patience.  Wait, and you will see tons of criticism over this phone, just like any other phone.
User interface is one thing, and I can't deny that eye candy is great, but functionality is another. 
The iPhone does not have the functionality that a WM phone does.
The WM phone may be more utilitarian, but I bought it because it can do just about anything.
Per press releases, the iPhone is at a great disadvantage because it does not have the ability to sync with outlook, and exchange, nor
does it allow you to install 3rd party applications. 
Hey, I own a mac and I think it's cool, but I must have the ability to sync with outlook/exchange.

It's limited.  Plain and simple. 
Is it cool?  Absolutely.  Innovative?  You bet.
$500.00 and a 2 year contract??  I can't get that excited.

Posted by Mike on 07.06.07 - 01:35:12

Ryder, good comment regarding not really knowing what the iPhone will turn out like and that it will have a hard time living up to expectations. There will be criticism for sure. The real test will be if people buy them and love them like their iPods, which received a lot of post release criticism.

Regarding not being a WM phone: I don't think Apple is trying to target the smart phone market nor the pda market. Rather they are making are trying to combine 3 killer apps or killer implementations, i.e., phone/internet/iPod, all done in Apple style. So, yes I plan to buy one. Why? Years ago, I wanted an iPod combined with a phone combined with basic PDA functions. I even held off buying an iPod because that would be just too many things to carry around. Now I will get what I needed and it is being done right (it appears). At least it is being done better than anything else I've seen or used.

Yes, the iPhone doesn't *currently* support 3rd party apps (syncing with outlook/exchange is necessary for many). However, Jobs recently came out and said that Apple is working on 3rd party app support. If I have to wait on 3rd party apps so that my iPhone doesn't crash (like my Palm does!) then I will be patient.

Yes, it's limited. But we may end up calling it focused. We'll see.

Regards - Mike

PS - HTC interface definately looks half-baked. Good WM phone? Maybe. iPhone killer? Not.

Posted by Klaus on 07.06.07 - 02:49:24

I think the misleading notion here is "iPhone killer". Forget that and many WM/PDAler will be happy with the HTC Touch, probably in addition to a UMPC, eg the forthcoming HTC Shift.

Posted by Kevin D on 07.06.07 - 03:20:25

After some thought, several things hit you:

The iPhone has the equivalent of a Start Menu as its Home page.  WM phones have a customizable Today page as their Home page, showing clocks, appointments, weather, etc all in one handy default location.  The latter is more what people expect from their smart phones these days.

The lack of hardware Send / End buttons on the iPhone is eventually going to get old, methinks.  What good is a headset, for instance, if you have to pull your phone out and look for the buttons?  Also, touchscreens are a little hard to use with gloves in the winter, and sometimes with long nails on women.

On the good side of things, the demos show that the iPhone usually has a less touchscreen-centric way of doing things, to speed up the interface.  Fingertip scrolling of Contacts gets old quickly if you have a lot, but there's also an alphabetic rolodex scrollbar for jumping straight to a letter.  Same for showing multimedia, it appears to have gesture-based, plus more normal forward-back buttons.   This is an acknowledgement that what looks cool isn't always the best method.

Posted by Jeff on 07.06.07 - 15:49:20

An ugly interface wrapped up in a transition Apple pioneered four years ago…. Yeah, that’s an iPhone killer.

Posted by Namarrgon on 08.06.07 - 08:20:50

Oh, Apple pioneered the rotating-cube transition? I'm sorry, I thought that was SGI, 20 years ago.

Posted by akuma7703 on 08.06.07 - 12:51:43

This is what all the hoopla was about? BORRRRRRIIIIINNNGGGGG! There are MANY standalone freeware apps that accomplish the same things BETTER: Wisbar Advance Desktop, iContacts (freeware), SSContacts (freeware) etc... this is nothing revolutionary: merely another skinned app that sits atop WM6.  Touch problems still exists, nothing new here. Extremely BORING! Then again maybe it was the general public that overhyped it. You guys should check out iContacts ( SSContacts in the same forum.

Posted by Klaus on 09.06.07 - 12:54:56

Hi folks,

We are waiting anxiously for evaluation reports of new Touch owners. I beg!


Posted by pikachu on 22.06.07 - 19:21:42

love such thing!!!

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