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VIDEOVIEW: Samsung Omnia II Windows Mobile Smartphone Software Hands-on
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 15.07.09 - 20:11:02 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 23325x
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Like the Samsung Jet, the Samsung Omnia II is featuring Samsung's brand new TouchWiz 2.0 graphical user interface but unlike the Jet, which is running a Samsung propriety OS, the Omnia II is running Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 (and later 6.5). This means, Samsung had to overlay TouchWiz 2.0 on Windows Mobile and Samsung did a pretty good job. As of today, I haven't seen a GUI which hides Windows Mobile that much as Samsung's TouchWiz 2.0 interface.
While the original Omnia already ran on TouchWiz, version 1.0 was basically a Today screen replacement with some added applications. Now, with v2.0 Samsung went even further and replaced Microsoft's original but aged Windows Mobile user interface as much as possible. The result? A fresh UI on one of the most powerful operating systems.

This includes a brand new Today screen, Samsung Cube UI as well as a different Start menu which isn't a Start menu anymore but more a traditional grid-menu as known from today's mobile phones.

Furthermore original Windows Mobile applications were replaced by Samsung's own applications to make the use of the Omnia II even more finger friendly.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by xdil on 16.07.09 - 12:03:11

Does Omnia2 have proximity sensor, and if yes how does it work?

Posted by ironic on 16.07.09 - 15:36:16

Is it possible to add/develope more gadgets for the home screen?


Posted by MyFender on 16.07.09 - 19:06:23

Great overview and video, I would be interested in more of the useablity of the device, especially the phone functions. I have issues with my current WinMobile HTC Touch Pro, where the screen doesnt lock during a call so I am constantly opening programs or muting the call while talking. Also some more shots of the side view, storage compartment, how it handles the headphone jack, what the charging /usb interface is (did they standardise on mini USB?)


Posted by yuki on 16.07.09 - 21:24:14

hi, can i switch today plug-in off? and have wm original there??? thanks

Posted by johnnny on 17.07.09 - 09:38:19

i think you should also focus on media gallery and touch player.

Posted by Paul on 18.07.09 - 13:25:59

What are the photos & video like are they better than the i900 in daylight & lowlight, can you please upload sample photos & D1 Video.

Many Thanks

Posted by Arne Hess on 19.07.09 - 14:58:57

@xdil: No, the i900 doesn't have a proximity sensor but indeed it looks like the i8000 has! However, I need to get this confirmed/double-check it again (EDITED).

@ironic: Yes, as far as I know Samsung offers tools to develop homescreen gadgets. Check out the Samsung developer program for more information

@MyFender: In terms of more photos from the side, the microSD card slot, the headset jack and micro USB port I recommend the previous photoview and hardware hands-on videoview.

@yuki: Yes, you can turn of all TouchWiz 2.0 functions and make it a pure Windows Mobile device again.

@johnnny: The Omnia II offers so much, I could easily do a 2 h videoview. Will follow-up with more as soon as I can.

@Paul: What do you mean with better? Do you think the i900 wasn’t good at all? IMHO so far it was one of the best Windows Mobile smartphone in terms of photo quality.

Posted by Paul on 19.07.09 - 15:19:12

When taking photos outdoors in daylight the photos are fantastic but taking indoors in low light or with the flash they are very grainy & if someone moves the photo blurs easily.  When using the highest quality settings on the omnia i900 the video stutter alot on mine.

Posted by xdil on 19.07.09 - 16:35:57

What??? i900 has a proximity sensor too???
Didn't noticed before!!!
I was aware of brightness, optical (mouse/pad) and accelerometer sensors but not proximity.

I need to look into it again then smile

Thanks Arne!

Posted by Arne Hess on 19.07.09 - 21:44:55

@xdil: Sorry, my fault (still had to much French red vine this morning). You are right, there's no proximity sensor but just the accelerometer!

Posted by xdil on 20.07.09 - 12:51:44

@Arne: Ok no problem smile well, important thing is that proximity will be into i8000 big_smile wink

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