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VIDEOVIEW: Samsung SGH-i780 - Optical Joystick
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 16.11.07 - 18:04:25 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 28411x
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In this video view I will take a closer look on Samsung's Optical Joystick which quite new for Windows Mobile devices from Samsung. Unlike previous Windows Mobile smartphones, the SGH-i780 isn't featuring a traditional D-Pad but this - as Samsung calls it - "Optical Joystick" or "Finger Mouse" which is a kind of 4-way touchpad. In addition to use to it to navigate, it also acts as the action button to start applications. If used in the 4-way navigation mode, it emulates a standard D-Pad while, if used in the mouse mode, it shows a mouse pointer:

Coming next, a closer look to the 320 x 320 pixel touchscreen and the inbuilt standard applications and features.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Travis on 16.11.07 - 19:37:11

It looks cumbersome, like it's more work than a 4-way D-pad. And why use it as a mouse when you have a touch-screen? What is your opinion?

Posted by Arne Hess on 16.11.07 - 19:52:32

It looks more cumbersome than it actually is, because of the position I had to hold the device to make the video.
But, and there is always a but (if someone asks me ;-), personally I would prefer a standard D-Pad. I wasn't a big fan of the JOGGR HTC used for the Excalibur and I'm not a big fan of the Optical Joystick while I have to admit that the Optical Joystick works for me better than the JOGGR ever worked.
Nevertheless, maybe it's the tribute Samsung paid for the extra large screen. If you look at the design, there isn't too much space to use a D-Pad instead of the Optical Joystick while keeping the extra keys around the Joystick. Anyhow – as you said – it has a touchscreen as "fallback". ;-)

Posted by Dash on 16.11.07 - 23:39:17

great vid!

now we just have to have a shortcut/app to map the changing of the mouse modes via a hardware button.. i like it though, something new and i hope itz some to get used to:)

Posted by J King on 17.11.07 - 22:31:31

I think if they implemented the joystick into WM standard, it would be a real asset.  Seems like more of a gimmick when you can just reach up and touch the screen.

Hey Arne,
any chance you were near an 850MHZ area with those full bars?  Many of us are really bummed it's not a quadband.

Posted by Arne Hess on 18.11.07 - 13:39:42

Well, I think that a WM Standard smartphone works fine with D-Pads since it is optimized for non-touchscreen use and therefore I don't see a benefit of having a mouse pointer there. IMHO it makes more sense for touchscreen devices as the i780. But anyway, it's always a question of taste.

Regarding your 850 MHz question: I'm located in Germany where we have 900, 1800 and 2100 MHz only, so I hadn't had the chance to test any U.S.-American networks. But since 850 MHz isn't supported anyway I can tell you it wont work in areas with 850 MHz coverage only.

Posted by Travis on 19.11.07 - 06:27:33

Yeah, the JOGGR on my Dash was terrible. I ended up turning the volume up to 100% and then disabling it. Now I have the HTC Mogul/6800 on Sprint. Love the touch screen, but don't like the slide-out keyboard/slow orientation switch. This device looks like everything I want! I hope it shows up on a network that has better than EDGE (in other words, not T-Mobile).

Posted by kotler on 21.11.07 - 08:05:15

Wow, that's awesome thing.
I googled about it. u gyus should check this web.

it is very interesting & innovative concept. it might be novel alternative of touch screen.
that company developedd this input device. it seems like moving very fluently.

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