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VIDEOVIEW: Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia GUI and Software Hands-on
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 23.06.08 - 00:30:12 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 140822x
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Following the previous Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia Hardware hands-on, this (24 minutes) Videoview of the SGH-i900 Omnia features Samsung's software and Graphical User Interface (GUI) implementation on Samsung's upcoming Windows Mobile Professional smartphone. While running Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, Samsung did a pretty good job to make the not yet thumb-friendly Windows Mobile touchscreen interface thumb-friendly by adding two kind of Today screen implementations (one pretty standard and one unique Widget-based Today screen) as well as an application launcher which completely replaces Windows Mobile's Start menu.

Furthermore, Samsung added a good amount of unique applications which are thumb-friendly as well well as featuring its own design and feature-set:

In combination with the i900 Omnia's tactile touchscreen feedback, Samsung did a pretty good job to make the i900 Omnia pretty good working without a stylus.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by n peters on 23.06.08 - 11:45:02

Hi there.

While using the i900, did you atall feel that the WQVGA screen was lacking in it's resoution especially when you have played with the Diamond VGA and the S.E X1 WVGA screens. Does the fact the screen is physically bigger @ 3.2inches helped overall?

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by Arthur on 23.06.08 - 14:04:33


nice presentation, but I'm missing one thing ...

This device is still a phone, right ? So, what about the calling capabilities ?
I mean, how easy is it to operate the device as a phone : like dialing a number, direct access to contact phone number(s) by typing the first letters, speed dial, ...

How and by the way, you know what will be the accessories provided with the Omnia (like headset, TV cable, ...) ?


Posted by theefman on 23.06.08 - 15:54:03

Arne, is it the light or is that a black case as opposed to the silver on the Samsung branded i900? If so that would make that today theme an O2 customised today theme? The default today theme that has been shown in other pics has coloured icons, can you change back to that theme? Thanks

Posted by the undude on 23.06.08 - 18:14:18

arne - a few questions about this cool device.

1) what is the screen resolution like to look at compared with the htc diamond and se x1?
2) how would you rate the samsung compared to the se x1 and htc diamond?  batery life, keyboard ease, speed/responsiveness,  general cross application integration, ease of phone functionality, "fun" factor, and added onboard programs?
3) which of these three would you pick to use? and why?

thanks!  thesse three devices seem like the coolest of the new anticipated devices that i am aware of.  but, are their others we should be aware of?

Posted by BrianM on 23.06.08 - 23:22:36

Hello and thank you Arne.
Couple of questions if you have time to confirm;
Will the phone operate as a fully functional PDA SIM-less?
Will the phone make Skype calls over WiFi SIM-less?
Will the phone operate with A-GPS SIM-less over WiFi?
Still unclear on some of the Camera specifications - what is the video resolution of the back camera and what is the frame rate?

Posted by ACL on 24.06.08 - 05:32:06

Hi and thanks for the fantastic review!
You answered my questions about how deep the new 'touch friendly' interface penetrates WM6.
Most reviews don't go past the widgets and overall the interface looks really good.
I'm still waiting on a full touch friendly WM GUI but maybe we will see that in WM 7. Thanks again!

Posted by mahony on 24.06.08 - 15:13:36

thx for your review so far.

i discovered most information about the phone at already. but there are some things which realy interest me and i could not figure out.

which gps software will be used at the european samples or at your german sample (i am from germany...)

is it possible to turn of the sound of the camera (shutter sound).

is the framerate at 640 x 480 for videos at 30 fps ? cause in the sample videos i saw it lokked very choppy sad. it runs smooth at 320 x 240 but this is not the resolution i want to use for recording.

ps: the stylus is ment to be attached in the separately sold bag for the omnia. there seem to be different retail packs for this phone in asia.sometimes everything is included (even screen protector from samsung) and sometimes only charger and data cable...

Posted by jason02 on 24.06.08 - 18:55:56

Is it possible to upload a video and picture samples? It seems like no one else is doing this but this is one of the most important features of the phone.

Posted by Arne Hess on 24.06.08 - 19:13:08

Okay guys, that's a lot of questions for a device I hadn't had the chance to review yet but I just got my hands on. Anyway, will try to answer your questions as good as I can:

@n peters: While I definitely would prefer a VGA or WVGA screen, the WQVGA screen isn't that bad at all. Sure, you get less pixels on the screen but since it is more, thanks to the Wide QVGA screen then you have on most other Windows Mobile devices, it's not too bad. However, having (W)QVGA only means the display isn't as crisp as a physically smaller VGA screen is. On the other hand, the larger screen makes finger use more comfortable.

@Arthur: You get access to you contacts list as I demoed in the video. Furthermore you can press the call button to get the phone interface which also gives you access to all your contacts by simply entering the name on the dial pad. Works as good as on all Windows Mobile Professional smartphones and since Windows Mobile 5.0 this becomes really good. AFAIK the i900 comes with a charger, a USB sync cable and a stereo headset adapter incl. the microphone and a separate stereo headset you can replace with any other (3.5 mm). I'm not yet sure regarding the TV-out cable.

theefman: Yes, it's the light and the O2 version has a silver body as well. For some reasons this device is hard to photo- and videograph with this silver finishing. I expect you can change it however, I'm not sure if the design is carrier dependent (which I also expect). So it's hard to say which designs carrier versions will have but I think the retail Omnia will have different skins you can change.

@the undude: For 1) see my first response. 2) For battery life it's too early to say anything. The keyboard but especially speed and responsiveness are great and in terms of speed and responsivness, the i900 might be one of the best Windows Mobile devices out there. Furthermore I always appreciate Samsung's cross--platform integration like their MMS client and so on (for instance SMS and MMS is the same client and depending if you only send text or add and attachment, it's either a SMS or a MMS). un factor depends on what you understand under fun, for me it's fun to surf the web with HSDPA and Opera 9.5 and there are a good amount of onboard apps available as you can see on the video. 3) Hard to say which one I would choose but most likely the HTC Diamond or the Samsung i900 because I'm not a slide-out QWERTY guy. And yes, you forgot one, the HTC Raphael which is the HTC Diamond with slide-out keyboard.

@BrianM: Yes, the the phone will operate as a fully functional PDA SIM-less; I expect the phone will make Skype calls over WiFi SIM-less but I'm not sure if the phone will operate with A-GPS SIM-less over WiFi; Most likely not. The video resolution is up to 640 x 480 but I'm not sure about the frame rate.

@mahony: I know that Route 66 will be used for some versions of the i900 but I'm not sure if all carrier and retail devices will include it by default or if some carriers and retail version will drop Route 66/use something different. AFAIK it's not possible to turn off the shutter sound;especially because at some countries it's requested by law that a shutter sound is done with digital cameras (Stichwort "Spanner"). Unfortunately, as I mentioned above, I have no idea yet what the video frame rate with VGA videos is.

Hope this answers most of your questions. Feel free to drop further questions.

Posted by jason02 on 24.06.08 - 19:28:39

Will it possible to do another video showcasing the media player with actual music and video files?

Posted by jay on 25.06.08 - 01:52:52

will this phone be on the US tmobile line up? i mean will they be sold for cheap with a 2yr contract? im out of my contract now, and i really love tmobile customer service. so id like to stay with them. thanks.

Posted by BrianM on 25.06.08 - 04:36:00

Thank you Arne - appreciate it very much.

Posted by tony on 25.06.08 - 15:11:32

thks for the wonderful review Arne -- i got the omnia and am loving it!
Pls tell me where you got the beautiful black and white skin/theme for this phone. thks!

Posted by Paul on 25.06.08 - 17:37:51

Tony, Please its not to much trouble can you upload a few videos taken by the Omnia up onto Youtube, I realy want this phone but would like to see the quality of the video in the day light & at night.  Thanks, Paul

Posted by vvv on 25.06.08 - 18:32:53

Arne Hess, how many MHz have CPU in i900?

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