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VIDEOVIEW: T-Mobile Germany's Digitaler Bilderrahmen aka MMS Photo Frame
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 22.12.08 - 19:25:22 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 14248x
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Two weeks ago, I've mentioned T-Mobile Germany's new digital picture frame (called "Digitaler Bilderrahmen") which went on sale right before Christmas and this videoview shows you how well it's working. Unfortunately available in Germany only this picture frame, manufactured by Chinese ODM Huawei, isn't just a 7" WVGA picture frame which also supports SD card, no it also features an embedded GSM/GPRS module which allows to receive photos via MMS or Web-upload. The picture frame comes preconfigured with a SIM card and MSISDN and after it is switched on and the picture frame automatically connected it to T-Mobile's GSM network, it's ready to receive photo uploads.

Running on Linux, the photo frame measures 20 x 13 cm and is backed-up by 100 MB of memory which allows to store around 600 photos which can be up to 2 MB or 10 megapixel. The frame itself supports JPEG photos only but unfortunately no videos.

At a one time price of 149 Euro, there is no monthly subscription required but for sure photo uploads costs the price of a simple MMS message. Additionally users can buy credits to upload photos from a Web frontend. In addition to the send or uploaded photo, the picture frame also shows the MMS message text which gives the photo an even more personal note. Photos can run either as a slideshow or can be selected one by one.

The frontend also allows the owner of the picture frame to administrate the device and it's even possible to create closed user groups where only registered MSISDNs can send photos to the picture frame while all others will never make it to the eyes of the owner.
There's nothing else the owner can configure on the picture frame, for instance it's not possible to turn on/off the photo frame automatically but all a user can do is to either switch off the whole device or turn of the screen.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Nils on 23.12.08 - 17:44:27

Arne, thanks a lot for your video! After I saw it this morning, I bought the last photo frame from our local T-Punkt. Like you I will give it away tomorrow also but I had to try it today and next week I will buy a second for my wife and me!

Have a merry Christmas and keep up the great work!

Posted by corey on 25.12.08 - 14:42:09

I ordered one the T-Mobile Bilderrahmen last week and it arrived and the
SD Card slot didnt hold cards. So T-Mobile sent me a replacement, and
when the box arrived, the box was empty. So then I went to T-Punkt on the
23.12 and bought one there, and brought it home, and resent several more
photos on there via SMS because the Bilderrahmen wouldn't read my 4gb SD card.

So then my grandparents opened it last nite on Xmas eve, and we sent photos there
to show them and nothing arrived on the frame. There was reception, and pictures
were being "received" according to the Message Received Confirmation Message, but
the Bilderrahmen never received anything.

Then online, none of the pictures were there, and none of the changes I made
online were being reflected on the frame. So I called T-Mobile today, and they
said there is a problem. for 2 days now!?
Great - T-mobile markets this as a xmas present and doesnt even plan enough resources
for it to be used on Xmas.

Posted by Nils on 27.12.08 - 13:44:50

Hi Corey! Thank you for the confirmation! I had the same problem on Heiligabend and on the 1. Weihnachtstag! Yesterday, some photos came but not all! Since I'm not a T-Mobile customer I feared it has something to do with my Vodafone contract but now I know it was the service himself. Too bad that it failed, I sent several MMS, paid for them but never received them!

Arne, is it possible for you to check with T-Mobile what's wrong and when the service will be back? At the moment I don't want to send more MMS, making Vodafone rich but don't getting the photos. :-(

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