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VIEWER: Adobe released Acrobat Reader 2.0 for Pocket PC
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 04.10.04 - 09:59:53 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 13185x
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As seen on Pocket PC Thoughts, Adobe recently released an updated version of its Acrobat Reader for Pocket PC as version 2.0.
Like the previous Reader versions, it is free and still large. The English version is 13.5 MB. 8O Beside English, Reader for Pocket PC is also available in other languages like German but not all the desktop language-versions are available for the Pocket PC platform.

New features includes:

  • Faster performance
  • Mobile data entry: Submit form data using handheld devices over a wireless connection. If you are working offline, the data is temporarily stored, then submitted once a connection is established. Send forms by e-mail or directly to the destination server using a cradle or cable.
  • Wireless printing: Print directly from a handheld device to a remote printer.
  • Slide show viewing: Easily share Adobe PDF slide shows generated by Adobe Photoshop Album software on handheld devices in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Downloading digital editions: Download digital editions of your favorite books in PDF format to handheld devices and read them anywhere. I would assume this means you can now buy DRM locked Reader ebooks from online retailers and read them on your Pocket PC.

Acrobat Reader 2.0 for Pocket PC is available from Adobe.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by jayson on 08.10.04 - 03:58:49

13MB? I don't think the file size doesn't justify the features.  I already have the older version and it works fine with me and I don't think it is as large as 13MB

Posted by jayson on 08.10.04 - 03:59:51

Oops sorry for my grammar.
I meant: "I think the file size doesn't justify the features."

Posted by Andrew Gough on 11.10.04 - 11:12:10

Anyone tried to activate this yet??

I downloded and installed it to read an pdf ebook I have.

I read the user guide which said to read digital editions you had to:

In Adobe Reader, choose File > Digital Editions > Authorize Devices.

4 On the Adobe DRM Activator website, log in with the same Adobe or .NET ID that you used when activating Adobe Reader or Acrobat on your desktop computer.

5 When the Activation web page appears, click Activate Pocket PC Device. After a short time, a message appears stating that your Pocket PC has been activated.

6 Sign out. You’re now ready to send Digital Editions to your Pocket PC.

well not sure about anyone else but my version of Acrobat Reader on my PC doesn't have an Digital Editions option under the file menu. And if I get to the DRM activator via the Tools > ebook webservices > Adobe drm activator option there are only options to activat my PC (done) or activate a palm OS device!!

Anybody any sugestions??

Posted by Alan Anthony on 17.10.04 - 03:39:07

[3] I have tried to activate mine and have the same problem.

Posted by Terry on 20.10.04 - 20:01:46

[3] I've got the same exact please!

Posted by Rohan on 06.11.04 - 13:56:45

[3] Wish I could help you all but I'm afraid I'm in the same boat also

Posted by Tim on 15.11.04 - 02:42:16

[6]  Likewise and ditto. For once, Microsoft behaved much more smoothly than its competition. Frustrating

Posted by Angela on 09.12.04 - 18:48:24

[3] Well I have the same darned problem as everyone else... spent 2+ hours on this, couldn't figure out what was wrong... now I see that perhaps DRM activation is not yet available for Pocket PC.

Posted by Mike on 18.12.04 - 06:07:47

[8] I have just spent the morning looking for a fix to this. NO LUCK. It seems that the Adobe help file for pocket PC is ahead of its time!

Posted by Michael on 18.12.04 - 15:46:15

To Activate DRM eBooks for Adobe Reader Pocket PC:

1) Download Adobe Reader Full Beta v.7.0. from:

2) Login as Administrator on your computer
3) Install the Adobe Reader 7.0
4) Run Adobe Reader 7.0; go to File>Digital Editions>Authorize Devices...once your reader is activated/authorized, closed it.
5) Connect your Pocket PC via ActiveSync
6) Install Adobe Reader for Pocket PC 2.0
7) Leave your Pocket PC connected via ActiveSync
8) To  Activate your Pocket PC:
a.  On PC Open Acrobat Reader 7 beta
b.  File -> Digital Editions -> My Digital Editions
c.  Choose or add your ebooks, if none has not been added yet.
d.  On the top of the dialog you should see a button "Send to mobile device" (This Button is shown IF Pocket PC is connected via ActiveSync BEFORE Acrobat Reader is started !!!)
e. Click this button, your asked to choose a Device.
f.  Click on the button "Prepare".
(Acrobat Reader recognizes that your Pocket PC has not been activated and asks, if you want to activate it, DO THIS NOW, there's no Webpage where you can do this !!!).

After Activation (takes only seconds) you're able to prepare and transmit ebooks (DRM-protected) to your Pocket PC and you can now READ THEM.

Posted by purington on 16.01.05 - 00:48:16

[10] Well, I did all that and it seemed to go fine.  But when I tried to open my ebooks on my Ipaq it said that my permission to use this document had expired.   What do I do now?

Posted by Bob Danker on 22.01.05 - 00:10:41

I installed Adobe Reader 2.0 for PPC on my iPAQ 4700, which has VGA screen. The software does not appear to support VGA on the PPC, as the resulting resolution of even a text-only document was very bad--not clear and crisp at all. Anyone know anything about Acrobat Reader VGA support on the PPC?

Posted by Rich on 13.03.05 - 02:28:04

This version of acro reader is not doing well at all. You should go to the acrobat reader forum here   

and check the Reader for Pocket PC forum out....just about every message with the same problems. Pretty useless software...certainly not worth the time and effort it seems to be taking most people.

Makes me wonder how these reviewers actually write their reviews...did Adobe set a ppc up for them, hand it to them, and say "" ?  Or did they just supply the text with a nice check attached...

I can't believe it's even the same software...considering all the hassles we went through...

Posted by Jaime Medina on 10.04.05 - 18:12:13

[10] Unfortunatly the activation software for Pocket PC generate the error:

"A bad session ID was used in the header"

Server Code 24, failure location 3.

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